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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC144751997Optically Active Components and their Relationship with Mesoscale Features in Baltic Coastal ZoneDOWELL Mark
JRC354662007Optically Based Technique for Producing Merged Spectra of Water-leaving Radiances from Ocean Color Remote SensingMELIN FREDERIC; ZIBORDI GIUSEPPE
JRC578062010Optically Black Waters in the Northern Baltic SeaBERTHON Jean-Francois; ZIBORDI Giuseppe
JRC323812005OPTICORR Guide Book: Optimisation of In-Service Performance of Boiler Steels by Modelling High Temperature CorrosionBAXTER DAVID; HEIKINHEIMO LIISA
JRC1010402016Optimal allocation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in cities and regionsGKATZOFLIAS DIMITRIOS; DROSSINOS Ioannis; ZUBARYEVA Alyona; ZAMBELLI Pietro; DILARA Panagiota; THIEL CHRISTIAN
JRC112571995Optimal Control of Above-Ground Pipelines under Dynamic ExcitationBANIOTOPOULOS Charalambos
JRC707822012Optimal docking pose and tactile hook-localisation strategy for AUV intervention: The DIFIS deployment caseSOTIROPOULOS Panayotis; TOSI Niccolo; ANDRITSOS Fivos; GEFFARD Franck
JRC882932015Optimal energy use of agricultural crop residues preserving soil organic carbon stocks in EuropeMONFORTI-FERRARIO Fabio; LUGATO EMANUELE; MOTOLA VINCENZO; BODIS Katalin; SCARLAT NICOLAE; DALLEMAND Jean-Francois
JRC832512013Optimal Global Navigation Satellite System pulse blanking in the presence of signal quantisationBORIO DANIELE; CANO-PONS Eduardo
JRC368032007Optimal Integration of Maintenance Programs with other Safety Related Programs in a Plant Life Management FrameworkCONTRI PAOLO; VAISNYS POVILAS; AHLSTRAND RALF
JRC376142008Optimal Location of New Forests in a Suburban RegionSAVEYN BERT; MOONS Ellen; PROOST Stef; HERMY Martin
JRC220982002Optimal Merging of LAC and GAC Data from SeaWiFS.MELIN Frederic; STEINICH Christiane; GOBRON Nadine; PINTY Bernard; VERSTRAETE Michel m.
JRC205962002Optimal Merging of LAC and GAC Data from the SeaWifS.MELIN Frederic; STEINICH Christiane; GOBRON Nadine; VERSTRAETE Michel; PINTY Bernard
JRC610242011Optimal Planning of CO2 Transmission Infrastructure - The JRC InfraCCS ToolMORBEE JORIS; CORREIA SERPA DOS SANTOS JOANA; TZIMAS Evangelos
JRC567662009Optimal Power and Bit Allocation Schemes for Ultra Wideband Cognitive Radio SystemsZENG Liaoyuan; MCGRATH Sean; CANO PONS EDUARDO
JRC271882004Optimal Removal of Spurious Pits in Grid Digital Elevation Models.SOILLE Pierre
JRC749512013Optimal sample size for probability of detection curvesANNIS Charles; GANDOSSI Luca; MARTIN Oliver
JRC1008702016Optimal use of buffer volumes for the measurement of atmospheric gas concentration in multi-point systemsCESCATTI Alessandro; MARCOLLA B.; GODED BALLARIN Ignacio; GRUENING Carsten
JRC523532009Optimisation and Validation of Programmed Temperature Vaporization (PTV) Injection in Solvent Vent Mode for the Analysis of the 15 + 1 EU-Priority PAHs by GC¿MSGOMEZ RUIZ Jose Angel; CORDEIRO RAPOSO Fernando; LOPEZ SANCHEZ Patricia; WENZL Thomas
JRC849082014Optimisation of an analytical method and results from the inter-laboratory comparison of the migration of regulated substances from food packaging into the new mandatory EU simulant for dry foodstuffsJAKUBOWSKA NATALIA; BELDI Giorgia; BACH AURELIE; SIMONEAU Catherine