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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC307762005The Quality of European (EU-15) Greenhouse Gas Inventories from AgricultureLEIP ADRIAN
JRC636902011Quality of geographic information - simple concept made complex by the contextTOTH Katalin; TOMAS Robert
JRC977262016Quality of life in cities – Empirical evidence in comparative European perspectiveWEZIAK-BIALOWOLSKA DOROTA
JRC198411999Quality of Measuremen Results: Customer-Driven or Demand-Driven?DE BIEVRE P.
JRC612712011Quality of Polyimide Foils for Nuclear Applications in Relation to a New Preparation ProcedureSIBBENS Goedele; LUYCKX Kwinten; STOLARZ Anna; JASKOLA M.; KORMAN A.; MOENS Andre; EYKENS Roger; SAPUNDJIEV DANISLAV; AREGBE Yetunde
JRC358482007Quality of River Basin Governance Processes: Outcomes, Patterns and Requirements for Future Design and Implementation of Evaluation ProcessesMARTINHO GUIMARAES PIRES PEREIRA ANGELA
JRC661132011Quality of Supplied Components - Impact to Nuclear SafetyZIEDELIS STANISLOVAS; NOEL MARC
JRC332202006Quality System Implementation in Member States of the IAEAROSSBACH Matthias; GERARDO-ABAYA Jane; FEJGELJ Ales; BODE Peter; VERMAERCKE Peter; BICKEL MICHAEL
JRC289282005Quality System Implementation in Member States of the IAEA.ROSSBACH M.; GERARDO-ABAYE J.; BODE P.; VERMAERCKE P.; BICKEL Michael
JRC488342009Quality Tales in Sustainable ? Water governance casesMARTINHO GUIMARAES PIRES PEREIRA Angela
JRC1074742017Quality-assured meteorological data for the Copernicus Emergency Management ServiceNATSCHKE MICHAEL; SALAMON PETER; SCHWEIM CHRISTOPH; SCHWANENBERG DIRK
JRC504062009Quando lo Statistico Sente Puzza di BruciatoCERIOLI Andrea; PERROTTA Domenico
JRC1034472016Quando l’alfabetizzazione diventa cyber, responsabile e digitaleDI GIOIA ROSANNA; GEMO MONICA; TROIA SANDRA; CHAUDRON STEPHANE
JRC1011562017Quantification and size characterisation of silver nanoparticles in environmental aqueous samples and consumer products by single particle- ICPMSAZNAR ROCA RAMON; BARAHONA RUIZ FRANCISCO; GEISS OTMAR; PONTI JESSICA; TADEO JOSE LUIS; BARRERO JOSEFA
JRC211942001Quantification of Airborne Fossil and Biomass Carbonylic Carbon by Combined Radiocarbon Analysis and LC-MS.LARSEN Bo richter; TUDOS A.; SLANINA J.; VAN DER BORG K.; KOTZIAS Dimitrios
JRC193102000Quantification of Cocoa Butter Equivalents in Mixtures with Cocoa Butter by Chromatographic Methods and Multivariate Data Evaluation.SIMONEAU Cathrine; LIPP Markus; ULBERTH F.; ANKLAM Elke
JRC469522008Quantification of Fault Trees Containing Mutually Exclusive EventsCONTINI Sergio
JRC358352007Quantification of Fault Trees Containing Mutually Exclusive EventsCONTINI SERGIO
JRC627862010Quantification of fundamental frequency drop for unreinforced masonry buildings from dynamic testsMICHEL C.; ZAPICO BLANCO Beatriz; LESTUZZI P.; MOLINA RUIZ Francisco Javier; WEBER F.
JRC787452013Quantification of gully volume using very high resolution DSM generated through 3D reconstruction from airborne and field digital imageryCASTILLO Carlos; ZARCO TEJADA PABLO JESUS; LAREDO Mario; GOMEZ Jose Alfonso