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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC190342000Partitioning of Minor Actinides from HLLW Using the DIAMEX Process. Part 2. "Hot" Continuous Counter-Current Experiment.MALMBECK R.; COURSON O.; PAGLIOSA Giorgio; ROEMER Kuno; SAETMARK Birgit; GLATZ Jean paul; BARON P.
JRC411762008Partitioning the Solar Radiant Fluxes in Forest Canopies in the Presence of SnowPINTY BERNARD; KAMINSKI Thomas; GIERING Ralf; GOBRON NADINE; TABERNER MALCOLM; VERSTRAETE MICHEL; VOSSBECK Michael; WIDLOWSKI JEAN-LUC; AUSSEDAT O.; LAVERGNE T.
JRC321712005Paslink Outdoor Testing: Past, Present and FutureVANDAELE L.; WOUTERS P.; BLOEM JOHANNES
JRC1012792016The Passions and the Interests: Unpacking the ‘Sharing Economy’CODAGNONE Cristiano; BIAGI FEDERICO; ABADIE Fabienne
JRC307882005Passive (NMIS) Measurements on Plutonium Oxide SamplesPOZZI Sara; MIHALCZO John; PEERANI PAOLO; LOESCHNER JAN; MULLENS Jim; HAUSLADEN P
JRC684052012Passive Automatic Identification System for Maritime SurveillanceKYOVTOROV VLADIMIR; VESPE MICHELE; FORTUNY GUASCH Joaquim; TARCHI Dario; GIULIANI RAIMONDO; BROUSSOLLE JOAN
JRC945112015Passive neutron interrogation for fissile mass estimation in systems with unknown detection efficiencyDUBI C.; PEDERSEN Bent; OCHERASHVILI Aharon; ETTEDGUI Hanania
JRC370512007Passive Sampler for Combined Chemical and Toxicological Long-term Monitoring of Groundwater: the Ceramic ToximeterBOPP STEPHANIE; MCLACHLAN Michael; SCHIRMER Kristin
JRC56211988Passive Solar Component Testing with Identification MethodsVAN HATTEM Noel; COLOMBO Roberto
JRC504482009Passive Wick Fluxmeters: Design Considerations and Field ApplicationsGEE G.w.; NEWMAN B. D.; GREEN S.r.; MEISSNER R.; RUPP H.; ZHANG Z.f.; KELLER J.m.; WAUGH W.j.; VAN DER VELDE Marijn; SALAZAR J.
JRC404662008Past and Present Issues Relating to the Transfer of Ownership of Nuclear Material for Nuclear ResearchDALLE MOLLE ELISA; GALVAN STEFANO
JRC602612010A Past Discharge Assimilation System for Ensemble Streamflow Forecasts over France - Part 2: Impact on the Ensemble Streamflow ForecastsTHIREL GUILLAUME; MARTIN Eric; MAHFOUF Jean-Francois; MASSART Sebastien; RICCI Sophie; REGIMBEAU Fabienne; HABETS Florence
JRC602602010A Past Discharges Assimilation System for Ensemble Streamflow Forecasts over France - Part 1: Description and Validation of the Assimilation SystemTHIREL GUILLAUME; MARTIN Eric; MAHFOUF Jean-Francois; MASSART Sebastien; RICCI Sophie; HABETS Florence
JRC836092013The past, present and future of Africa's rainforestsMALHI Y.; ADU-BREDU Stephen; ASARE Rebecca A.; LEWIS S; MAYAUX Philippe
JRC964532015Past, present and future of host-parasite co-extinctionsSTRONA GIOVANNI
JRC465332008Paste and Future Trends of Forest Fire Danger in EuropeCAMIA Andrea; AMATULLI Giuseppe; SAN-MIGUEL-AYANZ Jesus
JRC717412012Patent search strategies in plant biotechnologyPARISI CLAUDIA; RODRIGUEZ CEREZO Emilio; THANGARAJ Harry
JRC861662013The patenting activity of the top IRI Scoreboard Companies: an introductory noteVEZZANI ANTONIO; MONTRESOR Sandro; MONTOBBIO Fabio; TARASCONI Gianluca
JRC781832012Path ForwardRAO S. Trivikrama; MATHUR Rohit; HOGREFE Christian; KEATING T.; DENTENER Franciscus; GALMARINI Stefano
JRC284412004Pathology of New Diseases Induced by Nanomaterials and In Vitro Toxicology.SABBIONI Enrico; GATTI A.m.; HARTUNG Thomas