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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC516722009Modeling the Functional Connectivity in Embodied in Vitro Neuronal NetworkNOVELLINO ANTONIO; CHIAPPALONE Michela; MARTINOIA Sergio
JRC370682007Modeling the Impact of Genetic Screening Technologies on Healthcare: Theoretical Model for Asthma in ChildrenGUTIERREZ DE MESA Emma; HIDALGO Ignacio; CHRISTIDIS PANAYOTIS; CISCAR MARTINEZ JUAN CARLOS; VEGAS Eva; IBARRETA RUIZ DOLORES
JRC515812009Modeling the Impact of Global Change on Regional Agricultural Land Use through an Activity-Based Non-Linear Programming ApproachHENSELER MARTIN; WIRSIG Alexander; HERRMANN Sylvia; KRIMLY Tatjana; DABBERT Stephan
JRC653202011Modeling the impact of spectral sensor configurations on the FLD retrieval accuracy of sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescenceDAMM Alexander; ERLER Andre; HILLEN Walter; MERONI MICHELE; SCHAEPMAN Michael; VERHOEF Wout; RASCHER Uwe
JRC954132015Modeling the impact of tidal flows on the biological productivity of the Alboran SeaSANCHEZ-GARRIDO Jose C; NARANJO ROSA Cristina; MACIAS MOY DIEGO; GARCIA-LAFUENTE Jesus; OGUZ Temel
JRC1056842017Modeling the impacts of climate change on forest fire danger in Europe: Sectorial results of the PESETA II ProjectCAMIA Andrea; LIBERTA' Giorgio; SAN-MIGUEL-AYANZ Jesus
JRC658622011Modeling the inter-annual variability of salinity in the lagoon of Venice in relation to the Water Framework Directive typologiesGHEZZO Michol; GUERZONI Stefano; SARRETTA ALESSANDRO; TAGLIAPIETRA Davide; UMGIESSER Georg
JRC621682010Modeling the Response of the Gulf of Finland Ecosystem to Changing ClimateLESSIN GENNADI; STIPS Adolf
JRC568272009Modeling the Structure-Property Relationships of Nanoneedles: A Journey Toward NanomedicinePOATER Albert; GALLEGOS SALINER Ana; CARBO-DORCA Ramon; POATER Jordi; SOLA Miquel; CAVALLO Luigi; WORTH Andrew
JRC371292007Modeling Tracer Transport at the MADE Site: The Importance of HeterogeneitySALAMON PETER; FERNANDEZ-GARCIA Daniel; GOMEZ-HERNANDEZ Jaime
JRC323642005Modelli di Valutazione del Territorio alla Scala Continentale: Alcune Recenti ProspettivePISTOCCHI Alberto; PENNINGTON DAVID
JRC400412007Modelling a Trading Scheme for Green House Gas Emissions from European Agriculture - A Comparative Analysis based on different Policy OptionsPEREZ DOMINGUEZ IGNACIO; HOLM-MÜLLER Karin; BRITZ WOLFGANG
JRC858842014Modelling actinide redistribution in mixed oxide fuel for sodium fast reactorsDI MARCELLO Valentino; RONDINELLA Vincenzo; SCHUBERT Arndt; VAN DE LAAR Jacques; VAN UFFELEN Paul
JRC469732008Modelling Adaptation of the Coal Industry to Sustainability ConditionsSUWALA Wojciech
JRC1040372017Modelling Agglomeration and Dispersion in Space: The Role of Labour Migration, Capital Mobility and Vertical LinkagesDI COMITE FRANCESCO; KANCS D'ARTIS; LECCA PATRIZIO
JRC807072013Modelling Agri-Food Policy Impact at Farm-household Level in Developing Countries (FSSIM-Dev): Application to Sierra LeoneELOUHICHI KAMEL; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio; BELHOUCHETTE Hatem; ALLEN Thomas; FABRE Jacques; FONSECA María Blanco; CHENOUNE Roza; ACS Szvetlana; FLICHMAN Guillermo; ELOUHICHI KAMEL, et al
JRC426292008Modelling Agricultural and Rural Development Policies. Proceedings of the 107th EAAE Seminar. Selected PapersBARTOVA Lubica; GIL José María; M'BAREK ROBERT; RATINGER TOMAS
JRC509152009Modelling and Analysis of the European Milk and Dairy MarketBARTOVA Lubica; FELLMANN THOMAS; M'BAREK Robert
JRC509162009Modelling and Analysis of the European Milk and Dairy Market - Detailed Projection ResultsBARTOVA Lubica; FELLMANN THOMAS; M'BAREK Robert
JRC947502015Modelling and assessing ionospheric higher order terms for GNSS signalsARAGON ANGEL MARIA ANGELES; HERNANDEZ PAJARES Manuel; DEFRAIGNE Pascale; BERGEOT Nicolas; PRIETO CERDEIRA Roberto