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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC3691220073D Site Modelling and Verification. Usage of 3D Laser Techniques for Verification of Plant Design for Nuclear Security ApplicationsSEQUEIRA VITOR; BOSTROEM Gunnar; GONCALVES JOAO
JRC10655920173D Soil Hydraulic Database of Europe at 250 m resolutionTOTH BRIGITTA; WEYNANTS MÉLANIE MARIE A; PÁSZTOR LÁSZLÓ; HENGL TOMISLAV
JRC1962520003D Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging of a Fir Tree. First Results.FORTUNY Joaquim
JRC3594920073D Technologies in Safeguards ApplicationsSEQUEIRA VITOR; BUSBOOM AXEL; BOSTROEM Gunnar; GONCALVES JOAO
JRC1134619953D Visualizations Show African VegetationBEST Clive; MACMILLAN C.; BELWARD Alan steven; MALINGREAU Jean-paul
JRC455919863D Wind - a Model for the Simulation of the Three - Dimensional Wind Field on a Region with a Complex TopographySANDRONI Santino; CLERICI Giancarlo
JRC4306720083D-Building Height Extraction from Stereo IKONOS Data - Quantitative and Qualitative Validation of Digital Surface Models - Derivation of Building Height and Building OutlinesECKERT SANDRA
JRC3131020053D-GIS und Atmosphärenmodelle für die Urbane und Regionale UmweltplanungBERNARD Lars
JRC375992007The 3rd HEPEX Workshop (Stresa, 27-29th June 2007) - Book of AbstractsTHIELEN DEL POZO JUTTA; SCHAAKE John; BARTHOLMES JENS
JRC8030220133rd International Conference on Nuclear Power Plant Management for Long term Operation (LTO): Conference Summary ReportKANG Ki-Sig; BOND Leonard; MARTIN Oliver; HUERTA A.; NUZZO Frank
JRC476262008The 3rd International Seville Conference on Future-Oriented Technology Analysis (FTA). Impacts and Implications for Policy and Decision MakingGOENAGA BELDARRAIN Xabier; DESRUELLE Paul; KÖNNÖLÄ Timo-Topias Totti; CAGNIN Cristiano; HAEGEMAN Karel
JRC8991020143rd International Workshop on Physics-based Models and Experimental Verification - Book of AbstractsNILSSON Karl-Fredrik; YALCINKAYA Tuncay; GURSES Ercan; TASAN Cem; AYAS Can
JRC4468620083rd NeT Enlargement and Integration WorkshopOHMS CARSTEN; NEOV DIMITAR; UCA OKDAY
JRC321602005The 3rd Summer School on Actinide Science and Applications - 15-18 June 2005 - Institute for Transuranium Elements Karlsruhe/GermanyKONINGS RUDY
JRC9642020153Rs approaches in pharmacology and toxicologyMADIA FEDERICA; PRICE Anna
JRC988782015The 3Rs as a framework to support a 21st century approach for nanosafety assessmentBURDEN Natalie; ASCHBERGER KARIN; CHAUDHRY Qasim; CLIFT Martin J. D.; DOAK Shareen H.; FOWLER Paul; JOHNSTON Helinor; LANDSIEDEL Robert; ROWLAND Joanna; STONE Vicki
JRC673072012The 3T3 neutral red uptake phototoxicity test: Practical experience and implications for phototoxicity testing – The report of an ECVAM–EFPIA workshopCERIDONO MARA; BAUER Daniel; BARROSO Joao Felipe; ALEPEE Natalie; CORVI Raffaella; DE SMEDT An; FELLOWS Mick; GIBBS Neil K; HEISLER Eckhard; JACOBS Abby, et al
JRC7885320124.2 Forests and forestryCAMIA Andrea; SAN-MIGUEL-AYANZ Jesus; BASTRUP BIRK A; FÜSSEL Hans-Martin
JRC10616720174.4 Terrestrial ecosystems, soil and forestsMARX Andreas; BASTRUP-BIRK Annemarie; LOUWAGIE Geertrui; WUGT-LARSEN Frank; BIALA Katarzyna; FÜSSEL Hans-Martin; KURNIK Blaz; SCHWEIGER Oliver; SETTELE Josef; CIVIC Kristijan, et al
JRC4924720074.7. Landscape PatternPARVIAINEN J; BOZZANO M; ESTREGUIL Christine; KOSKELA J