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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC908532014CIP Scenarios: Lessons learnt from EU ExercisesTHEOCHARIDOU MARIANTHI
JRC961022015CIPedia©: a Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience resourceLUIIJF Eric; THEOCHARIDOU MARIANTHI; ROME Erich
JRC782672013CIPS II workshop on research projects financed under the CIPS specific programme: Workshop ProceedingsGIANNOPOULOS Georgios
JRC876342013CIPS III workshop on research projects financed under the CIPS specific programme financed by DG HOME. Workshop Proceedings 12 November 2013,Brussels, BelgiumMITSIARA ATHINA; GIANNOPOULOS Georgios
JRC506232008Circling the Education Data GlobeVIDONI Daniele; KOZOVSKA Kornelia
JRC371802007Circulation of Sand and Char Particles in a System with Fluidized Bed and Pneumatic Transport - Effects Of Design and Operation ParametersSVOBODA Karel; KALISZ SYLWESTER; MICCIO Francesco; BAXTER DAVID; MARTINEC Jiri
JRC156061998cis-Pinic Acid, a Possible Precursor for Organic Aerosol Formation from the Ozonolysis of Alpha-Pinene.CHRISTOFFERSEN T.s.; HJORTH Jens liengaard; HORIE O.; JENSEN Niels roland; KOTZIAS Dimitrios; MOLANDER L.; RUPPERT L.; VIRKKULA Aki olavi; WIRTZ K.
JRC678552012Citizen Engagement and Urban Change: Three Case Studies of Material DeliberationDAVIES Sarah; SELIN Cynthia; GANO Gretchen; MARTINHO GUIMARAES PIRES PEREIRA Angela
JRC903742014Citizen Science and Smart CitiesCRAGLIA Massimo; GRANELL CANUT CARLOS
JRC673192013Citizen-based sensing of crisis events: sensor web enablement for volunteered geographic informationSCHADE SVEN; DÍAZ Laura; OSTERMANN FRANK; SPINSANTI LAURA; LURASCHI Gianluca; COX Simon; NUNEZ Manoli; DE LONGUEVILLE Bertrand
JRC593632010Citizens as Sensors for Crisis Event: Sensor Web Enablement for Volunteered Geographic InformationSCHADE SVEN; LURASCHI Gianluca; DE LONGUEVILLE Bertrand; COX SIMON; DIAZ SANCHEZ LAURA
JRC524202010Citizens as Sensors for Natural Hazards: A VGI integration WorkflowDE LONGUEVILLE Bertrand; LURASCHI Gianluca; SMITS Paul; PEEDELL Stephen; DE GROEVE Tom
JRC902662014Citizens’ veillance on environmental health through ICT and genesTALLACCHINI MARIACHIARA; BIGGERI Annibale
JRC333372007CityDelta: A Model Intercomparison Study to Explore the Impact of Emission Reductions in European Cities in 2010CUVELIER CORNELIS; THUNIS PHILIPPE; VAUTARD R.; AMANN M.; BESSAGNET B.; BEDOGNI M.; BERKOWICZ R.; BRANDT J.; BROCHETON F.; BUILTJES P., et al
JRC916712014Civil Drones in Society: Societal and Ethics Aspects of Remotely Piloted Aircraft SystemsBOUCHER PHILIP
JRC223272003Civil Use of Depleted Uranium.BETTI Maria
JRC730722012Clarification of fission gas release behaviour of LWR MOX fuels by means of out-of-pile annealing tests and microstructure observationsSONODA T.; SASAHARA A.; KITAJIMA S.; RONDINELLA Vincenzo; PAPAIOANNOU Dimitrios; COLLE Jean-Yves; WISS Thierry; BENES ONDREJ
JRC408412007Clarification of Rim Structure Effects on Properties and Behaviour of LWR UO2 Fuels and Gadolinia Doped FuelsSONODA T.; KAMEYAMA T.; SASAHARA A.; KITAJIMA S.; NAUCHI Y.; KINOSHITA M.; RONDINELLA VINCENZO; WISS THIERRY; HIERNAUT JEAN-POL; PAPAIOANNOU DIMITRIOS, et al
JRC472272008Class III ß-Tubulin Isotope Predicts Response in Advanced Breast Cancer Patients Randomly Treated Either with Single-agent Doxorubicin or DocetaxelGALMARINI Carlos M.; TREILLEUX Isabelle; CARDOSO Fatima; BERNARD-MARTY Chantal; DURBECQ Virginie; GANCBERG David; BISSERY Marie-Christine; PAESMANS Marianne; LARSIMONT Denis; PICCART Martine J., et al