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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC127971996Chemical Sputtering of Carbon Films by Low Energy N2+ Ion BombardmentGISSLER Wolfram
JRC246732003Chemical Thermodynamic Representation of AmO2-x.THIRIET C.; KONINGS R. j. m.
JRC687702012Chemical water monitoring under the Water Framework Directive with Certified Reference MaterialsRICCI Marina; KOURTCHEV Ivan; EMONS Hendrik
JRC86781992Chemical, Microbiological, Health and Comfort Aspects of Indoor Air Quality. State of the Art in SBS. EUROCOURSE, 23-27 March 1992, Ispra (Italy)KNOEPPEL Helmut
JRC693502012Chemical-monitoring on-site exercises to harmonize analytical methods for priority substances in the European UnionPOLESELLO S.; HANKE Georg; MARIANI Giulio; COMERO Sara; WOLLGAST Jan; LOOS Robert; CASTRO JIMENEZ Javier; PATROLECCO Luisa; VALSECCHI S.; RUSCONI Marianna, et al
JRC104081994Chemistry of Acquatic Systems. Local and Global Perspectives. Eurocourse, Ispra, 27september - 1 October 1993BIDOGLIO Giovanni; STUMM W.
JRC382322007The Chemistry of the Phosphates of Barium and Tetravalent Cations in the 1:1 StoichiometryPOPA Karin; BREGIROUX Damien; KONINGS RUDY; GOUDER THOMAS; POPA A.f.; GEISLER T.; RAISON PHILIPPE
JRC257922002Chemistry Transport Modelling of the Satellite Observed Distribution of Tropospheric Ozone.PETERS W.; KROL M.; DENTENER F.; THOMPSON A.; LELIEVELD J.
JRC231382002Chemistry Transport Modelling of the Satellite Observed Distribution of Tropospheric Ozone.PETERS W.; KROL M.; DENTENER F.; THOMPSON A.; LELIEVELD J.
JRC127661997Chemometric Classification of Some European Wines Using Pyrolysis-Mass Spectrometry. Pyrolysis-Mass Spectrometry of European WinesMONTANARELLA Luca; BASSANI Maria rosa; BREAS Olivier
JRC476152008Chemometric Modelling and Remote Sensing of Arable Land Soil Organic Carbon as Mediterranean Land Degradation Indicator - A Case Study in Southern ItalyBOETTCHER Kristin; KEMPER Thomas; MACHWITZ Miriam; MEHL Wolfgang; SOMMER Stefan
JRC51011987The Chernobyl Accident. The Radioactive Contamination in the Lake Como and in Other Sites in Northern ItalyRAVERA Oscar; FACCHINI U.; PIZZALA A.; CAPRA D.; GIANELLE V.; RAVASINI G.
JRC59671988Chernobyl Radioactivity in Grain Produced in Greece in 1986DOMINICI Guido; MALVICINI Alessandro; PANETSOS Fivos
JRC63631989Chernobyl, a Year AfterDOMINICI Guido; MALVICINI Alessandro; CAZZANIGA Renato; SANGALLI Edoardo
JRC621412011Childhood, schooling and income inequalityGARROUSTE CHRISTELLE; CAVAPOZZI Danilo; PACCAGNELLA Omar
JRC896912014Children Gender Recognition Under Unconstrained Conditions Based on Contextual InformationSATTA RICCARDO; GALBALLY HERRERO JAVIER; BESLAY Laurent
JRC649922011Chinese stalagmite d18O controlled by changes in the Indian Monsoon during a simulated Heinrich eventPAUSATA FRANCESCO; BATTISTI David S.; NISANCIOGLU Kerim H.; BITZ Cecilia M.
JRC788062013Chip electrophoresis of gelatin-based nanoparticlesWEISS Victor U.; LEHNER Angela; GROMBE RINGO; MARCHETTI-DESCHMANN Martina; ALLMAIER Guenter
JRC282152004Chlordanes in the Mid-Atlantic Atmosphere: New Jersey 1997-1999.OFFENBERG John h.; NELSON Eric d.; GIGLIOTTI Cari l.; EISENREICH Steven j.
JRC80711992A Chlorine Gas Potentiometric SensorMARI C.m.; TERZAGLI G.; BERTOLINI M.