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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC649922011Chinese stalagmite d18O controlled by changes in the Indian Monsoon during a simulated Heinrich eventPAUSATA FRANCESCO; BATTISTI David S.; NISANCIOGLU Kerim H.; BITZ Cecilia M.
JRC788062013Chip electrophoresis of gelatin-based nanoparticlesWEISS Victor U.; LEHNER Angela; GROMBE RINGO; MARCHETTI-DESCHMANN Martina; ALLMAIER Guenter
JRC282152004Chlordanes in the Mid-Atlantic Atmosphere: New Jersey 1997-1999.OFFENBERG John h.; NELSON Eric d.; GIGLIOTTI Cari l.; EISENREICH Steven j.
JRC80711992A Chlorine Gas Potentiometric SensorMARI C.m.; TERZAGLI G.; BERTOLINI M.
JRC183301998Chloro-Lanthanide and Plutonium Complexes Containing the Hydrotris (3,5-dimethylpyrazol-1-yl)borate Ligand: the Crystal and Molecular Structures of (PrCl(mu-Cl)TpMe2(3,5-Me2pzH))2 and YbCl2TpMe2(THF).APOSTOLIDIS Christos; CARVALHO A.; DOMINGOS A.; KANELLAKOPOULOS Basil; MAIER Ralph; MARQUES N.; PIRES DE MATOS A.; REBIZANT Jean
JRC114751998Chlorobiphenyls in Sewage Sludge. Comparison of Extraction Methods.RAHMAN Mohammad saifur; PARRENO Miguel; BOSSI Rosanna; PAYA-PEREZ Ana beatriz
JRC85841992Chlorophyll Fluorescence Lifetime Determination of Waterstressed C3 and C4 PlantsSCHMUCK Guido; PEDRINI Alfredo; STOBER E.; SCHINDLER C.; GOULAS Yannis
JRC454652008Chlorophyll Reference Conditions for European Lake Types Used for Intercalibration of Ecological StatusCARVALHO Laurence; SOLIMINI ANGELO; PHILLIPS G; VAN DE BERG M; PIETILAINEN O-P; LYCHE SOLHEIM A; POIKANE SANDRA; MISCHKE U
JRC454662008Chlorophyll-Nutrient Relationships of Different Lake Types Using a Large European DatasetPHILLIPS G; PIETILAINEN O-P; CARVALHO Laurence; SOLIMINI ANGELO; LYCHE SOLHEIM A; CARDOSO ANA
JRC93131992Choice of GC-Column Phase for Analysis of Toxic PCBsFACCHETTI Sergio; TILIO Roberto; BOWADT Soren
JRC568722008The Choice of Model in the Construction of Industry Coefficients MatricesRUEDA CANTUCHE JOSE; TEN RAA Thijs
JRC615662009The Choice of Model in the Construction of Industry Coefficients MatricesRUEDA CANTUCHE JOSE; TEN RAA Thijs
JRC726762012Choice of steel material for bridge bearings to avoid brittle fractureFELDMANN M.; EICHLER B.; SEDLACEK G.; DAHL W.; LANGERBERG P.; BUTZ C.; LEENDERTZ H.; HANSWILLE G.; PINTO VIEIRA Artur; ATHANASOPOULOU ADAMANTIA, et al
JRC727022012Choice of Steel Material to Avoid Brittle Fracture for Hollow Section StructuresFELDMANN Markus; EICHLER B.; KÜHN B.; STRANGHÖNER N.; DAHL W.; LANGENBERG P.; KOUHI J.; POPE R.; SEDLACEK Gerhard; RITAKALLIO P., et al
JRC673972011The choice of type of input-output table revisited: moving towards the use of supply-use tables in impact analysisRUEDA CANTUCHE JOSE
JRC123151996Choke Pressure in Pipeline RestrictionsMORRIS Stanley david
JRC122761996Choked Gas Flow through Nozzles. An Explicit Formula for the Inlet Mach NumberMORRIS Stanley david
JRC123821996Choked Gas Flow through Pipeline Restrictions. An Explicit Formula for the Inlet Mach NumberMORRIS Stanley david
JRC363392006Chromium (VI)-induced Immunotoxicity and Intracellular Accumulation in Human Primary Dendritic CellsBURASTERO Samuele; PAOLUCCI Clara; BREDA Daniela; PONTI JESSICA; MUNARO BARBARA; SABBIONI ENRICO
JRC716452012Chromosomal aberrations in peripheral blood lymphocytes exposed to a mixed beam of low energy neutrons and gamma radiationWOJCIK Andrzej; OBE Gunter; LISOWSKA H.; CZUB Joanna; NIEVAART Sander; MOSS Raymond; HUISKAMP R.; SAUERWEIN Wolfgang