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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC418662007Classification of Gilthead Sea Bream (Sparus aurata) from 1H NMR Lipid Profiling Combined with Principal Component and Linear Discriminant AnalysisREZZI Serge; GIANI Ivan; HEBERGER Karoly; AXELSON David; MORETTI Vittorio; RENIERO FABIANO; GUILLOU CLAUDE
JRC592352010Classification of hazelnut orchards by self-organizing mapsTASDEMIR KADIM
JRC173831999Classification of Multisource and Hyperspectral Data Based on Decision Fusion.BENEDIKTSSON Jon atli; KANELLOPOULOS Ioannis
JRC316612005Classification of Olive Oils Using High Throughput Flow 1H NMR Fingerprinting with Principal Component Analysis, Linear Discrimant Analysis and Probabilistic Neural NetworksREZZI Serge; AXELSON David E.; HEBERGER Karoly; RENIERO FABIANO; MARIANI Carlo; GUILLOU CLAUDE
JRC289022005Classification of Olive Oils Using High Throughput Flow 1H NMR Fingerprinting with Principal Component Analysis, Linear Discriminant Analysis and Probabilistic Neural Networks.REZZI Serge; AXELSON David; HEBERGER Karoly; RENIERO Fabiano; MARIANI Carlo; GUILLOU Claude gualbert
JRC352622007Classification of Phthalates According to Their (Q)SAR Predicted Acute Toxicity to Fish: A Case Study.NETZEVA TATIANA; WORTH ANDREW
JRC127641997Classification of Species in Genus Penicillium by Curie-Point Pyrolysis/Mass Spectrometry Followed by Multivariate Analysis and Artificia Neural Networks.NILSSON Torben; BASSANI Maria rosa; LARSEN T.o.; MONTANARELLA Luca
JRC701882014A classification of water erosion models according to their geospatial characteristicsKARYDAS Christos G.; PANAGOS Panagiotis; GITAS Ioannis Z.
JRC272462005A Classification System for Pressures Related to Hazardous Water Emissions from Mine Sites - Comparison of Pressures in Ten EU Accession Countries.PUURA E.; D ALESSANDRO Marco
JRC365852006Classificazione Acustica del Materiale Rotabile ItalianoPAVIOTTI MARCO; IACOPONI Andrea
JRC670942011Classifying and browsing LCA studies: the new functionalities of the LCA Resource Directory.SANFELIX FORNER JAVIER VICENTE; MATHIEUX FABRICE; DE LA RUA LOPE CRISTINA; CHOMKHAMSRI Kirana
JRC484892008Classifying Aquatic Macrophytes as Indicators of Eutrophication in European LakesPENNING Ellis; MJELDE Marit; DUDLEY Bernard; HELLSTEN Seppo; HANGANU Jenica; KOLADA Agniezska; VAN DEN BERG Marcel; POIKANE Sandra; PHILLIPS Geoff; WILLBY Nigel, et al
JRC105211994Clastogenic Effects of the Dithiocarbamate Fungicides Thiram and Ziram in Chinese Hamster Cell Lines Cultured in vitroMOSESSO P.; CINELLI S.; DI CHIARA D.; FIORE M.; PALITTI F.
JRC261092004Clean Seas: a North Sea Test Site. An Updated Version of a Paper Originally Presented at 'Oceans from Space, Venice 2000 Symposium Venice, Italy, 9-13 October 2000.SNAITH H.; GADE M.; JOLLY G.w.; MANGIN A.; BARALE Vittorio; ISHII M.
JRC338262006Cleaning and Hydrophilization of Atomic Force Microscopy Silicon ProbesSIRGHI LUCEL; KYLIAN Ondrej; GILLILAND DOUGLAS; CECCONE GIACOMO; ROSSI FRANCOIS
JRC615922011A clear delimitation of coastal waters facing the EU environmental legislation: from the Water Framework Directive to the Marine Strategy Framework DirectiveLIQUETE GARCIA MARIA DEL CAMINO; SOMMA Francesca; MAES JOACHIM
JRC687612012Clearing the pollution indoorsKOTZIAS DIMITRIOS
JRC820962013Click chemistry on the surface of PLGA-b-PEG polymeric nanoparticles: a novel targetable fluorescent imaging nanocarrierPUCCI Andrea; LOCATELLI Erica; PONTI Jessica; UBOLDI Chiara; MOLINARI Valerio; COMES FRANCHINI Mauro
JRC931072014Clima e suoloANGILERI Vincenzo