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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC692662012Central african forest cover and cover change mappingERNST Céline; VERHEGGEN Astrid; MAYAUX Philippe; HANSEN Matthew C.; DEFOURNY Pierre
JRC376062007Central African Forest Cover and Cover Change MappingHANSEN Matthew C.; DEVERS Didier; MAYAUX PHILIPPE; DEFOURNY PIERRE; DUVEILLER Gregory
JRC318202005Centro histórico versus periferia urbana: un conflicto de ordenamiento territorial y estrategias de solución en Bogotá (Colombia) y Leipzig (Alemania)MUELLER JAN
JRC50651987A Century of Variations in some Zooplankton and Zoobenthos Organisms in Lake Comabbio (Northern Italy) Read from Their Remains in the Lake SedimentRAVERA Oscar; ZARINI S.
JRC140431996The CEO Programme: Update on Current and Planned ActivitiesCOSTA Nina
JRC954812016CERAPP: Collaborative Estrogen Receptor Activity Prediction ProjectMANSOURI Kamel; ABDELAZIZ Ahmed; RYBACKA Aleksandra; RONCAGLIONI Alessandra; TROPSHA Alexander; VARNEK Alexandre; ZAKHAROV Alexey; WORTH Andrew; RICHARD Ann; GRULKE Christopher, et al
JRC646832011Cereals Availability Study in Ethiopia, 2008ALEMU Dawit; AYELE Gezahegn; BEHUTE Befekatu; BEYONE Yodit; DEWANA Reno; FEKADU Belay; VARGAS HILL Ruth; MINOT Nicholas; RASHID Shahidur; SEYOUM TAFFESSE Alemayehu, et al
JRC356792007Cereals Straw Resources for Bioenergy in the European UnionDALLEMAND JEAN-FRANCOIS
JRC898252014Cerium Dioxide, NM-211, NM-212, NM-213. Characterisation and test item preparationSINGH Charanjeet; FRIEDRICHS Steffi; CECCONE Giacomo; GIBSON Peter; JENSEN Keld Astrup; LEVIN Marcus; GOENAGA INFANTE Heidi; CARLANDER David; RASMUSSEN Kirsten
JRC470642008CERMET Fuel Behavior and Properties in ADS ReactorsHAAS Didier; FERNANDEZ CARRETERO Asuncion; STAICU Dragos; SOMERS Joseph; MASCHEK W; LUI P.; CHEN X
JRC920192014The CERN n_TOF facility: Neutron beams performances for cross section measurementsCHIAVERI E.; ALTSTADT S.; ANDRZEJEWSKI J.; AUDOUIN L.; BARBAGALLO M.; BECARES V.; Becvár F.; BELLONI F.; BERTHOUMIEUX E.; BILLOWES J., et al
JRC174421998A CERN-PS Experimental Campaign to Measure Neutron Cross Sections from 1 e V to 250 MeV with High Resolution.ANDRIAMONJE S.; BUONO S.; CENNINI P.; FERRARI A.; GELES C.; KADI Y.; RUBBIA C.; CORVI Francesco; PLOMPEN Arjan; WEIGMANN Hermann, et al
JRC243872002CERTA, Consolidation of the Integral System Test Experimental Dataqbases for Reactor Thermal-Hydraulic Safety Analysis. Final ReportADDABBO Carmelo; ANNUNZIATO Alessandro; AKSAN Nusret; D AURIA Francesco; DUMONT Didier; RIGAMONTI Marco; STEINHOFF Fritz; TOTH Ivan; PURHONEN H.; UMMINGER Klaus, et al
JRC260962003CERTA-TN: Consolidation of Integral System Test Experimental Databases for Reactor Thermal-Hydraulic Safety AnalysisADDABBO Carmelo; ANNUNZIATO Alessandro; AKSAN Nurset; D AURIA Francesco; GALASSI Giorgio; DUMONT Didier; NILSSON Lars; HOFMAN D.; RIGAMONTI Marco; PURHONEN H., et al
JRC570292010Certifcation of Charpy V-Notch Reference Test Pieces of 80 J Nominal Absorbed Energy (ERM-FA015w)ROEBBEN Gert
JRC432812008Certifcation of the Deuterium-to-Hydrogen (D/H) in a 1,1,3,3-Tetramethylurea Batch, Certified Reference Material STA-003kZELENY REINHARD; EMTEBORG HAKAN; ULBERTH FRANZ
JRC365082007The Certifcation of the Mass Fractions of As, Cd, Cu, Mn, Pb, Se and Zn in Rice Flour, IRMM-804HELD ANDREA
JRC272652004Certification Measurement of the Cadmium, Copper and Lead Amount Contents in Rice Using Istope Dilution Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry.VASSILEVA E.; QUETEL Christophe
JRC1088892017Certification of 244Pu spike reference material: IRMM-042a : Certified reference material for the amount content of 244Pu and Pu isotope amount ratiosBUJAK RENATA; JAKOPIC ROZLE; EYKENS ROGER; KEHOE FRANCES; KÜHN H.; RICHTER STEPHAN; AREGBE YETUNDE
JRC132341996Certification of a 15N-Enriched Nitrate Species-Specific Spike Isotopic Reference Material IRMM-627WOLFF J.-cl.; DYCKMANS Beatrice; TAYLOR P.d.p.; DE BIEVRE P.