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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC916712014Civil Drones in Society: Societal and Ethics Aspects of Remotely Piloted Aircraft SystemsBOUCHER PHILIP
JRC223272003Civil Use of Depleted Uranium.BETTI Maria
JRC730722012Clarification of fission gas release behaviour of LWR MOX fuels by means of out-of-pile annealing tests and microstructure observationsSONODA T.; SASAHARA A.; KITAJIMA S.; RONDINELLA Vincenzo; PAPAIOANNOU Dimitrios; COLLE Jean-Yves; WISS Thierry; BENES ONDREJ
JRC408412007Clarification of Rim Structure Effects on Properties and Behaviour of LWR UO2 Fuels and Gadolinia Doped FuelsSONODA T.; KAMEYAMA T.; SASAHARA A.; KITAJIMA S.; NAUCHI Y.; KINOSHITA M.; RONDINELLA VINCENZO; WISS THIERRY; HIERNAUT JEAN-POL; PAPAIOANNOU DIMITRIOS, et al
JRC472272008Class III ß-Tubulin Isotope Predicts Response in Advanced Breast Cancer Patients Randomly Treated Either with Single-agent Doxorubicin or DocetaxelGALMARINI Carlos M.; TREILLEUX Isabelle; CARDOSO Fatima; BERNARD-MARTY Chantal; DURBECQ Virginie; GANCBERG David; BISSERY Marie-Christine; PAESMANS Marianne; LARSIMONT Denis; PICCART Martine J., et al
JRC314402005A Class of Multivariate Latent Markov Model for Clustering Patterns of Criminal ActivityPENNONI Fulvia
JRC546592009A Class-Based Approach to Characterizing and Mapping the Uncertainty of the MODIS Ocean Chlorophyll ProductDOWELL Mark; MOORE Timothy; CAMPBELL Janet
JRC441832008Classical Behaviour of Output Light Emitted by the Edge of a Luminescent Solar ConcentratorPRAVETTONI MAURO; BOSE Rahul; BARNHAM Keith W. J.; CHATTEN Amanda J.; KENNY ROBERT
JRC122721995Classical Diffraction by Deep Rectangular Gratings Using the Legendre Exact Eigenfunction MethodKOERNER T.o.; SHERIDAN John; SCHWIDER J.
JRC246302003Classical Nucleation Theory Revisited.DROSSINOS Ioannis; KEVREKIDIS G. panayotis
JRC812632013Classification and trend analysis of threats origins to the security of power systemsBOMPARD ETTORE; HUANG Tao; WU Yingjun; CREMENESCU Mihai
JRC265172004Classification Criteria and Probability Risk Maps: Limitations and Perspectives.SAISANA M.; DUBOIS G.; CHALOULAKOU Archontoula; SPYRELLIS Nikolaos
JRC163951998Classification of Cocoa Butters Using Pyrolysis-Mass Spectrometry.RADOVIC B.; LIPP Markus; ANKLAM Elke
JRC851632013A classification of European NUTS3 regionsRAGGI Meri; MARY SÉBASTIEN; SANTINI Fabien; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio
JRC418662007Classification of Gilthead Sea Bream (Sparus aurata) from 1H NMR Lipid Profiling Combined with Principal Component and Linear Discriminant AnalysisREZZI Serge; GIANI Ivan; HEBERGER Karoly; AXELSON David; MORETTI Vittorio; RENIERO FABIANO; GUILLOU CLAUDE
JRC592352010Classification of hazelnut orchards by self-organizing mapsTASDEMIR KADIM
JRC173831999Classification of Multisource and Hyperspectral Data Based on Decision Fusion.BENEDIKTSSON Jon atli; KANELLOPOULOS Ioannis
JRC316612005Classification of Olive Oils Using High Throughput Flow 1H NMR Fingerprinting with Principal Component Analysis, Linear Discrimant Analysis and Probabilistic Neural NetworksREZZI Serge; AXELSON David E.; HEBERGER Karoly; RENIERO FABIANO; MARIANI Carlo; GUILLOU CLAUDE
JRC289022005Classification of Olive Oils Using High Throughput Flow 1H NMR Fingerprinting with Principal Component Analysis, Linear Discriminant Analysis and Probabilistic Neural Networks.REZZI Serge; AXELSON David; HEBERGER Karoly; RENIERO Fabiano; MARIANI Carlo; GUILLOU Claude gualbert
JRC352622007Classification of Phthalates According to Their (Q)SAR Predicted Acute Toxicity to Fish: A Case Study.NETZEVA TATIANA; WORTH ANDREW