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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC273582005Characterisation of TSP and PM2.5 at Izana and Sta. Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) during a Saharan Dust Episode (July 2002).ALASTUEY Andres; QUEROL Xavier; CASTILLO Sonia; AVILA Anna; CUEVAS Emilio; ESTARELLAS Catalina; TORRES Carlos; EXPOSITO Francisco; GARCIA Omaira; DIAZ J. pedro, et al
JRC196292000Characterisation of Vehicle Emissions.HUMMEL Rudolf; KRASENBRINK Alois; DE SANTI Giovanni federigo
JRC163691998Characterisation of Vinegar by Pyrolysis-Mass Sepctrometry.RADOVIC B.; LIPP Markus; ANKLAM Elke
JRC170391999Characterisation of Zinc Metallothioneins by Electroanalytical Techniques.DABRIO Marta; RODRIGUEZ-FERNANDEZ Adela
JRC253022003Characterisation Report of the Travelling Standard B5503GROEBNER Julian; BLUMENTHALER Mario; SCHREDER J.
JRC856492014Characterising e-Inclusion intermediary actors in Europe: Exploring the role of third sector organisationsTORRECILLAS CARO MARIA CRISTINA; GARRIDO María; MISURACA GIANLUCA; RISSOLA Gabriel
JRC729962012Characterising hepatic mitochondrial function as a model for systemic toxicity: A commentaryLEACH Andrew R.; WALLACE Kendall; ALEPEE Nathalie; DASTON George; HUMPHRIS Colin; MANOU Irene; MODI Sandeep; RINGEISSEN Stephanie; WHELAN Maurice; KIMBER Ian
JRC894342014Characteristics of Citizen-contributed Geographic InformationSPYRATOS SPYRIDON; LUTZ Michael; PANTISANO FRANCESCO
JRC362112006Characteristics of Corium Debris Bed Generated in Large-Scale Fuel Coolant Interaction ExperimentsMAGALLON DANIEL
JRC282132005Characteristics of Corium Debris Bed Generated in Large-Scale Fuel Coolant Interaction Experiments.MAGALLON D.
JRC958332015Characteristics of farming systems in AlbaniaGURI FATMIR; KAPAJ Ilir; MUSABELLIU Bahri; MEÇO Maksim; TOPULLI Eneida; REMZI Keco; HODAJ Natasha; DOMI Shpresim; MEHMETI Gentjan; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio
JRC429012007The Characteristics of Social Participation in Europe: Evidence from ESS2002MASCHERINI MASSIMILIANO; SALTELLI ANDREA; VIDONI DANIELE
JRC242342003Characteristics of the Ti2N Layer Produced by an Ion Assisted Deposition MethodRUSET C.; GRIGORE E.; COLLINS G.a.; SHORT K.t.; ROSSI Francois; GIBSON Peter neil; DONG H.; BELL T.
JRC127761996Characterization of Spent Nuclear Fuels by Ion Chromatography-Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass SpectrometryGARCIA Alonso j.i.; ARBORE Philippe adrien; NICOLAOU George; KOCH Lothar winfried
JRC645822011Characterization and classification of uranium ore concentrates (yellow cakes) using infrared spectrometryVARGA Zsolt; OEZTUERK B.; MEPPEN Manuela; MAYER Klaus; WALLENIUS Maria; APOSTOLIDIS Christos
JRC642292011Characterization and classification of uranium ore concentrates (yellow cakes) using infrared spectrometryVARGA Zsolt; ÖZTÜRK Betul; MEPPEN Manuela; MAYER Klaus; WALLENIUS Maria; APOSTOLIDIS Christos
JRC627652011Characterization and intercomparison of aerosol absorption photometers: result of two intercomparison workshopsMUELLER T.; HENZING J.s.; DE LEEUW G.; WIEDENSOHLER A; ALASTUEY Andres; ANGELOV H.; BIZJAK M.; COLLAUD COEN M.; ENGSTROEM J. E.; GRUENING Carsten, et al
JRC812272013Characterization and intercomparison of global moderate resolution leaf area index (LAI) products: Analysis of climatologies and theoretical uncertaintiesFANG Hongliang; JIANG Chongya; LI Wenjuan; WEI Shanshan; BARET Frederic; CHEN Jing M.; GARCIA-HARO Javier; LIANG Shunlin; LIU Ronggao; MYNENI Ranga, et al
JRC479252010Characterization and Qualification of Commutable Reference Materials for Laboratory Medicine - Approved GuidelineVESPER Hubert; EMONS Hendrik; GNEZDA Matthew; JAIN Chandra P.; MILLER W. Gregory; REJ Robert; SCHUMANN Gerhard; TATE Jill; THIENPONT Linda; VAKS Jeffrey E.
JRC265682004Characterization and Speciation of Depleted Uranium in Individual Soil Particles Using Microanalytical Methods.TOEROEK S.; OSAN J.; VINCZE L.; KURUNCZI S.; TAMBORINI Giordano; BETTI Maria