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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC380022008Changes or Transition? Analysing the Use of ICTs in the SciencesHEIMERIKS Gaston
JRC805582013Changing Assessment —Towards a New Assessment Paradigm Using ICTREDECKER CHRISTINE; JOHANNESSEN Øystein
JRC765212012Changing Modes of Asset Management: IPR and Copyright in the Digital AgeSIMON Jean Paul
JRC1025312016Channel propagation experimental measurements and simulations at 52 GHzMONTENEGRO VILLACIEROS BELEN; BISHOP James; SALOUS Sana; RAIMUNDO Xavier
JRC196232000Chaotic Scattering of Microwaves.KOTTOS T.; SMILANSKY U.; FORTUNY Joaquim; NESTI Giuseppe
JRC912402015Chapter (full report) on: Spatial and temporal trends of Dioxins, PCBs and BDE-209 in Suspended matter and fish, JDS 3 versus JDS 2UMLAUF Gunther; MARIANI Giulio; SKEJO Helle
JRC657752011Chapter 1 - Setting the scene: Literature review regarding ICT for IEM in the European UnionCODAGNONE CRISTIANO; KLUZER Stefano; HACHÉ Alexandra
JRC980642016Chapter 1. Scope and objectivesGARRIDO Alberto; M'BAREK Robert; BARDAJI Isabel; MEUWISSEN Miranda; MORALES OPAZO CRISTIAN PABLO; SUMPSI José M.
JRC406412008Chapter 1.2 Chemical Monitoring of Surface WatersLEPOM Peter; HANKE GEORG
JRC1030412016Chapter 10 Validation of Transcriptomics-Based In Vitro MethodsCORVI Raffaella; AUBRECHT Jiri; PIERSMA Aldert; VILARDELL NOGALES MIREIA
JRC422472007Chapter 10 - Harmonisation of Indoor Material Emission Labelling SchemesKEPHALOPOULOS STYLIANOS; KATSOGIANNIS ATHANASIOS
JRC537602010Chapter 10 - The Way ForwardDE VRIES Laurens J.; MASERA Marcelo; FAAS Henryk
JRC547722010Chapter 10. The Impact of the Changing Climate on the Supply and Recycling of NitrateGEORGE Glen D.; JARVINEN Marko; NOGES Tiina; BLENCKNER Thorsten; MOORE Karen
JRC998072015Chapter 11 - Regional assessment of soil changes in Europe and EurasiaKRASILNIKOV Pavel; ALYABINA, Irina; ARROUAYS Dominique; BALYUK Svyatoslav; CAMPS Marta; GAFUROVA Laziza; ERDOGAN Hakki Emrah; HAVLICEK Elena; KONYUSHKOVA Maria; KUZIEV Ramazan, et al
JRC547792010Chapter 11. Modelling the Effects of Climate Change on Inorganic NitrogenMOORE Karen; JENNINGS Eleanor; ALLOTT Norman; MAY Linda; JARVINEN Marko; ARVOLA Lauri; TAMM Toomas; JARVET Arvo; NOGES Tiina; PIERSON Don, et al
JRC562742012Chapter 11: Proteomic analysis of meat and bone meal and animal feedREECE Paul; CHASSAIGNE Hubert; COLLINS M.; BUCKLEY Mike; BREMER Monique; GRUNDY Helen
JRC1030622016Chapter 11; Ensuring the Quality of Stem Cell-Derived In Vitro Models for Toxicity TestingSTACEY Glyn; COECKE Sandra; PRICE Anna; HAUPT Simone; HEALY Lyn; INGELMAN-SUNDBERG Magnus; JAHNKE Heinz-Georg; JENNINGS Paul; KIDD Darren; LEMAITRE Gilles, et al
JRC547752010Chapter 12. The Impact of the Changing Climate on the Flux of Dissolved Organic Carbon from CatchmentsJENNINGS Eleanor; JARVINEN Marko; ALLOTT Norman; ARVOLA Lauri; MOORE Karen; NADEN Pam; NIC AONGUSA Caitriona; NOGES Tiina; WEYHENMEYER Gesa
JRC1030632016Chapter 13; Integrated Approaches to Testing and AssessmentWORTH Andrew; Patlewicz Grace
JRC547812010Chapter 14 - The Impact of the Changing Climate on Seasonal Dynamics of PhytoplanktonNOGES Peeter; ADRIAN Rita; ANNEVILLE Orlane; ARVOLA Lauri; BLENCKNER Thorsten; GEORGE Glen D.; JANKOWSKI Thomas; JARVINEN Marko; MABERLY Stephen C.; PADISAK Judit, et al