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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC412392007Challenges for DG Integration in Europe - Status and Potentials Vary by CountryFULLI GIANLUCA; L'ABBATE ANGELO; PETEVES ESTATHIOS
JRC558542009Challenges for education & training for nuclear safeguards and non-proliferationLEEK M.; JANSSENS-MAENHOUT Greet; DAURES Pascal; JANSSENS Willem
JRC490732009Challenges for Metadata Creation and Discovery in a Multilingual SDI - Facing INSPIRELUTZ Michael; OSTLAENDER Nicole; KECHAGIOGLOU Xenia; CAO Hong Thi Thu
JRC509862009Challenges for the security analysis of Next Generation NetworksATAY SERAP; MASERA Marcelo
JRC667382011Challenges for the Security Analysis of Next Generation NetworksATAY Serap; MASERA Marcelo
JRC997212015Challenges in implementing the National Sustainable Agriculture Development Plan (NSADP) for subsistence and semisubsistence farmers in Sierra LeoneSARAVIA MATUS Silvia; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio
JRC254292003Challenges in Privacy and Identity Management. Results from the RAPID Project.WILIKENS Marc andre
JRC417232007Challenges in Quantifying Biosphere-atmosphere Exchange of Nitrogen SpeciesSUTTON M.a.; NEMITZ E.; ERISMAN J.w.; BEIER C.; BUTTERBACH BAHL K.; CELLIER P.; DE VRIES W.; COTRUFO F.; SKIBA U.; DI MARCO C., et al
JRC1050952016Challenges in the Analysis of Multiple MycotoxinsSTROKA Joerg; MARAGOS C
JRC514502009Challenges in the Preparation of Water Matrix Reference Materials for PAHs and Pesticides: Examples from the SWIFT-WFD Proficiency Testing SchemesBERCARU Ofelia; RICCI Marina; ULBERTH Franz; BRUNORI C.; MORABITO R.; IPOLYI Ildi; SAHUQUILLO Angels; ROSENBERG Erwin
JRC921552015Challenges in the quality assurance of elemental and isotopic analyses in the nuclear domain benefitting from high resolution ICP-OES and sector field ICP-MSKRACHLER MICHAEL; ALVAREZ SARANDES LAVANDERA Rafael; VAN WINCKEL Stefaan
JRC1013572016Challenges in the size analysis of a silica nanoparticle mixture as candidate certified reference materialKESTENS Vikram; ROEBBEN Gert; HERRMANN Jan; JÄMTING Asa; COLEMAN Victoria; MINELLI Caterina; CLIFFORD Charles; DE TEMMERMAN Pieter-Jan; MAST Jan; JUNJIE Liu, et al
JRC177741998Challenges in the Use of Science for Sustainable Development.FUNTOWICZ Silvio o.; RAVETZ Jerome r.; O CONNOR M.k.
JRC719382012Challenges in transnational research programming: the role of NETWATCHHAEGEMAN Karel; BODEN John Mark; KÖNNÖLÄ Totti
JRC884112013Challenges of a sustained climate observing systemTRENBERTH Kevin; ANTHES Richard; BROWN Otis; HABERMANN Ted; KARL Thomas; RUNNING Steve; RYAN Barbara; TANNER Michael; WIELICKI Bruce
JRC75111990The Challenges of Global Environmental and Other Complex Political and Technical Issues Present New Tasks - and Require a New ScienceFUNTOWICZ Silvio o.; RAVETZ Jerome r.
JRC772782013The Challenges of index-based insurance for food security in developing countriesGOMMES Rene; KAYITAKIRE Francois
JRC599832010Challenges of Modeling Depth-Integrated Marine Primary Productivity over Mutliple Decades: A Case Study at BATS and HOTSABA Vincent; FRIEDRICHS Marjorie; CARR Mary-Elena; ANTOINE David; ARMSTRONG Robert; ASANUMA Ichio; AUMONT Olivier; BATES Nicholas; BEHRENFELD Michael; BENNINGTON Val, et al
JRC323382006The Challenges of Performance Based Design in Structural TestingNEGRO PAOLO; DIMOVA Silvia