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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC671522012Characterisation of high temperature refractory ceramics for nuclear applications.BOTTOMLEY Paul; WISS Thierry; JANSSEN ARNE; CREMER Bert; THIELE Hartmut; MANARA Dario; SCHEINDLIN M.; MURRAY FARTHING Mairead; LAJARGE Patrick; MENNA MARIANO, et al
JRC144961998Characterisation of Human Foetal Liver Zn = Metallohtioneins Using Differential Pulse PolarographyNIETO Palmeiro oscar; HELLEMANS Godelieve; BORDIN Guy; DE LEY Marc; RODRIGUEZ-FERNANDEZ Adela
JRC120021995Characterisation of Hydroxide Complexes of Uranium(VI) by Time-Resolved Fluorescence SpectroscopyELIET Veronique; BIDOGLIO Giovanni; OMENETTO Nicolo'; PARMA Ludwik; GRENTHE Ingmar
JRC147501998Characterisation of Italian Vinegar by Pyrolysis-Mass Spectrometry and a Sensor Device (Electronic Nose).ANKLAM Elke; LIPP Markus; RADOVIC Gerobles branka; CHIAVERO Emma; PALLA Girardo
JRC885252015Characterisation of mainstream and passive vapours emitted by selected electronic cigarettesGEISS Otmar; BIANCHI IVANA; BARAHONA RUIZ FRANCISCO; BARRERO Josefa
JRC165801998Characterisation of Mammalian Metallothionein Isoforms by Capillary Zone Electrophoresis with Diode Array Detection Using Tris-Borate Buffer.VIRTANEN Vesa; BORDIN Guy
JRC128411996Characterisation of Metallothionein Isoforms by Reverse Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatography with On-Line UV and Electrochemical DetectionBORDIN Guy
JRC1015102016Characterisation of plastic scintillators used as an active background shield for neutron detectionPAEPEN Jan; SCHULTE FABIAN; MASTINU P.; PEDERSEN Bent; SAARE Holger; SCHILLEBEECKX Peter; TKACZYK Alan; VARASANO GIOVANNI
JRC651672011Characterisation of productivity limitation of salt-affected lands in different climatic regions of Europe using remote sensing derived productivity indicatorsCHERLET Michael; TOTH TIBOR; LEWIŃSKA Ewa Katerzina; TOTH Gergely; IVITS-WASSER Eva
JRC254452004Characterisation of Reference Materials for Radioactivity with Assigned Values Traceable to the SI Units.ALTZITZOGLOU Timotheos; BICKEL Michael; BOHNSTEDT Angelika; DECAILLON J.g.; HILL Christoph; HOLMES Leigh; SIBBENS Goedele
JRC249772001Characterisation of Spectrophotometers Used for Spectral Solar Ultraviolet Radiation Measurements.GROEBNER Julian
JRC345302006Characterisation of Synthetic Multi-element Standards (SMELS) Used for the Validation of k0-NAAVERMAERCKE Peter; ROBOUCH PIOTR; EGUSKIZA Mikel; DE CORTE F; KENNEDY G.; SMODIS B; MATSUE H; YONEZAWA F; LIN X; BLAAUW M, et al
JRC657462011Characterisation of the anisotropy of pyrolytic carbon coatings and the graphite matrix in fuel compactsLOPEZ HONORATO EDDIE; BOSHOVEN Jacobus; MEADOWS Phillippa Jill; MANARA Dario; GUILLERMIER Pierre; JÜHE Stephan; XIAO P.; SOMERS Joseph
JRC657792012Characterisation of the anisotropy of pyrolytic carbon coatings and the graphite matrix in fuel compacts by two modulator generalised ellipsometry and selected area electron diffractionLOPEZ HONORATO EDDIE; BOSHOVEN Jacobus; MEADOWS Phillippa Jill; MANARA Dario; GUILLERMIER Pierre; JUEHE S.; XIAO P.; SOMERS Joseph
JRC892062015Characterisation of the HDRF (as a proxy for BRDF) of snow surfaces at Dome C, Antarctica, for the inter-calibration and inter-comparison of satellite optical dataMARKS Amelia; FRAGIACOMO Corrado; MACARTHUR Alasdair; ZIBORDI Giuseppe; FOX Nigel; KING Martin
JRC411422008Characterisation of the IAEA-152 Milk Powder Reference Material for Radioactivity with Assigned Values Traceable to the SI UnitsALTZITZOGLOU TIMOTHEOS; BOHNSTEDT Angelika
JRC959402016Characterisation of the IAEA-375 soil reference material for radioactivityALTZITZOGLOU Timotheos; BOHNSTEDT Angelika
JRC240092004Characterisation of the Immersion Factor for a Series of In-Water Optical Radiometers.ZIBORDI Giuseppe; HOOKER S.; MUELLER James, l.; LAZIN Gordana
JRC558182010Characterisation of the REACH Pre-Registered Substances List by Chemical Structure and Physicochemical PropertiesDAGINNUS Klaus
JRC307442005Characterisation of TSP and PM2.5 at Izana and Sta. Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) During a Saharan Dust Episode (July 2002)ALASTUEY Andrés; QUEROL Xavier; CASTILLO Sonia; AVILA Anna; ESTARELLAS Catalina; TORRES Carlos; EXPOSITO Francisco; GARCIA Omaira; DIAZ J. Pedro; VAN DINGENEN RITA, et al