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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC835902015Climate of the Carpathian Region in the period 1961–2010: climatologies and trends of 10 variablesSPINONI JONATHAN; SZALAI Sandor; SZENTIMREY Tamas; LAKATOS Monica; BIHARI Zita; NAGY Andrea; NÉMETH Ákos; KOVÁCS Tamás; MIHIC Dragan; DACIC Milan, et al
JRC185531999Climate Policy and its Implications for RTD in the Energy Area. A Post Kyoto Perspective.ZWICK Astrid; SORIA RAMIREZ Antonio
JRC947712015Climate resilient development index: theoretical framework, selection criteria and fit for purpose indicatorsMIOLA Apollonia; PACCAGNAN Vania; PAPADIMITRIOU ELENI; MANDRICI ANDREA
JRC642882011Climate science in support of sustainable agricultureRAMASAMY Selvaraju; GOMMES RENE; BERNARDI Michele
JRC140921996Climate Sensitivity Analysis Using Neural NetworksZWICK Astrid; CANARELLI Patrick
JRC902622014Climate sensitivity of shrub growth across the tundra biomeMYERS-SMITH Isla H.; ELMENDORF Sarah; BECK PIETER; WILMKING Martin; HALLINGER Martin; BLOK Daan; TAPE Ken D.; RAYBACK Shelly A.; MACIAS-FAURIA Marc; FORBES Bruce, et al
JRC284952004Climate Variability Influence on European Agriculture. Analysis for Winter Wheat Production.CANTELAUBE Pierre; TERRES Jean michel; DOBLAS-REYES Francisco
JRC274672005Climate Variability Influences on European Agriculture. Analysis for Winter Wheat Production.CANTELAUBE Pierre; TERRES Jean michel; DOBLAS-REYES Francisco
JRC934202014Climate Vulnerability of the Supply-Chain: Literature and Methodological reviewANDREONI Valeria; MIOLA Apollonia
JRC635072011Climate, health, agricultural and economic impacts of tighter vehicle emissions standardsSHINDELL D. T.; FALUVEGI G.; WALSH M.; ANENBERG S.; VAN DINGENEN Rita; MULLER Nicholas Z.; AUSTIN Jeff; KOCH Dorothy; MILLY George
JRC837042013Climate-based archetypes for the environmental fate assessment of chemicalsCIUFFO BIAGIO; SALA SERENELLA
JRC919352014Climate-physiographically differentiated Pan-European landslide susceptibility assessment using spatial multi-criteria evaluation and transnational landslide informationGUNTHER Andreas; VAN DEN EECKHAUT Miet; MALET Jean-Philippe; REICHENBACH Paola; HERVAS JAVIER
JRC434602008Climate-Related Changes in Terrestrial and Freshwater Ecosystems. 4.4. Freshwater EcosystemsSMITH Benjamin; BLENCKNER Thorsten; NOGES PEETER; NOGES Tiina
JRC547422010Climate-Related Changes of Phytoplankton Seasonality in Large Shallow Lake Võrtsjärv, EstoniaNOGES Peeter; NOGES Tiina; LAAS Alo
JRC358372006Climatic Change and Rural-Urban Migration: The Case of Sub-Saharan AfricaBARRIOS SALVADOR; BERTINELLI Luisito; STROBL Eric
JRC382082011Climatic controls and ecosystem responses drive the inter-annual variability of the net ecosystem exchange of an alpine meadowCESCATTI ALESSANDRO; MARCOLLA Barbara; ZORER Roberto; MANCA Giovanni; CAVAGNA Mauro; FIORA Alessandro; GIANELLE Damiano; RODEGHIERO Mirco; SOTTOCORNOLA Matteo; ZAMPEDRI Roberto
JRC325102005Climatic Feedbacks and Desertification: the Mediterranean ModelMILLAN M.m.; ESTELA M.j.; SANZ M.j.; SEUFERT GUENTHER
JRC532532010Climatic Impact of Land Use in LCA - Carbon Transfers between Vegetation/Soil and AirMUELLER-WENK Ruedi; BRANDAO MIGUEL
JRC370942007Climatically Optimal Planting Dates (Cop Determinator, version 1)SAVIN IGOR; BOOGAARD Hendrik; VAN DIEPEN KEES; VAN DER HAM Hendrik
JRC962812015Climatological correlates of seed size in Amazonian forest treesMALHADO Ana; OLIVEIRA-NETO Jose A.; STROPP CARNEIRO JULIANA; STRONA GIOVANNI; DIAS Livia C.p.; PINTO Luciana B.; LADLE Richard