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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC599832010Challenges of Modeling Depth-Integrated Marine Primary Productivity over Mutliple Decades: A Case Study at BATS and HOTSABA Vincent; FRIEDRICHS Marjorie; CARR Mary-Elena; ANTOINE David; ARMSTRONG Robert; ASANUMA Ichio; AUMONT Olivier; BATES Nicholas; BEHRENFELD Michael; BENNINGTON Val, et al
JRC323382006The Challenges of Performance Based Design in Structural TestingNEGRO PAOLO; DIMOVA Silvia
JRC519142010Challenges of using pluripotent stem cells for safety assessments of substancesVOJNITS Kinga; BREMER Susanne
JRC342772007Challenges to Estimating Carbon Emissions from Tropical DeforestationRAMANKUTTY N.; GIBBS Holly; ACHARD FREDERIC; DEFRIES Ruth; FOLEY Jonathan; HOUGHTON Richard
JRC850322013Challenges to Participatory Development in a rural cross-border area of the Western BalkansSARAVIA MATUS SILVIA; LOUWAGIE Geertrui; SANTINI Fabien; GURI Gert; ILIC Boban; LAZDINIS Marius; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio
JRC333442006Challenges to Realise 1% Electricity from Photovoltaic Solar Systems in the European Union by 2020JAEGER-WALDAU ARNULF; SURI MARCEL; HULD THOMAS; DUNLOP EWAN; CEBECAUER Tomas; OSSENBRINK HEINZ
JRC70221990Chamber Testing of Organic Emission from Building and Furnishing MaterialsDE BORTOLI Maurizio; PECCHIO Emilio; SCHAUENBURG Herbert; SCHLITT Helmut; COLOMBO Angelo
JRC596392011Change detection based on information measureGUEGUEN LIONEL; SOILLE Pierre; PESARESI Martino
JRC345142006Change in Global Aerosol Composition since Preindustrial TimesTSIGARIDIS Kostas; DENTENER FRANCISCUS
JRC493762008Change in the DGS Level of Coverage Due to the 2008 Financial Crisis: First Basic Impact EvaluationUBOLDI Adamo; JOOSSENS Elisabeth; PETRACCO GIUDICI Marco; CAMPOLONGO Francesca
JRC168001999Changes in 5d Band Polarization in Rare-Earth Compounds.LANGRIDGE Sean; PAIXAO J.a.; BERNHOEFT N.; VETTIER C.; LANDER Gerard heath; GIBBS Doon; SOERENSEN Soren; STUNAULT A.; WERMEILLE D.; TALIK E.
JRC890362015Changes in Caco-2 cells transcriptome profiles upon exposure to gold nanoparticlesBAJAK EDYTA; FABBRI Marco; PONTI Jessica; GIORIA Sabrina; OJEA JIMENEZ ISAAC; COLLOTTA Angelo; MARIANI VALENTINA; GILLILAND Douglas; ROSSI Francois; GRIBALDO Laura
JRC908482014Changes in miRNA Expression Profiling during Neuronal Differentiation and Methyl Mercury-Induced Toxicity in Human in Vitro ModelsPALLOCCA Giorgia; FABRI Marco; NERINI MOLTENI SILVIA; PISTOLLATO FRANCESCA; ZAGOURA DIMITRA; SACCO Maria-Grazia; GRIBALDO Laura; BREMER Susanne; PRICE Anna
JRC423972007Changes in Nitrogen Dioxide and Ozone over Southeast and East Asia between Year 2000 and 2030 with Fixed MeteorologyGAUSS Michael; ELLINGSEN Kjerstin; S. A. ISAKSEN Ivar; DENTENER FRANCISCUS; S. STEVENSON David; AMANN Markus; COFALA Janusz
JRC259342004Changes in Spectral Response with Temperature and Irradiance IntensityMUELLEJANS Harald; WAGNER Tobias; MERLI Francesco; JAEGER WALDAU A.; DUNLOP Ewan
JRC201462000Changes in Surface Solar UV Irradiances and Total Ozone during the Solar Eclipse of 11 August 1999.CAPPELLANI Francesco; ZEFEROS F.; BALIS D.s.; MELETI Charoula; BAIS A.f.; TOURPALI K.; VANICEK K.; KAMINSKI U.; COLOMBO T.; STUBI R., et al
JRC1025142016Changes in the Black Sea physical properties and their effect on the ecosystemMILADINOVA-MARINOVA SVETLA; STIPS Adolf; GARCIA GORRIZ Elisa; MACIAS MOY DIEGO
JRC628902012Changes in the Fiscal Stance and the Composition of Public SpendingSTANCIK JURAJ; VALILA Timo
JRC911662016Changes in the spatial patterns of human appropriation of net primary production (HANPP) in Europe 1990-2006PLUTZAR Christoph; KROISLEITNER Christine; HABERL Helmut; FETZEL Tamara; BULGHERONI CLAUDIA; BERINGER Tom; HOSTERT Patrick; KASTNER Tomas; KUEMMERLE Tobias; LAUK Christian, et al