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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC360602007COAL OF THE FUTURE (Supply Prospects for Thermal Coal by 2030-2050)KAVALOV BOYAN
JRC483802009Coarse-Scaling Adjustment of Fine-group Neutron Spectra for Epithermal Neutron Beams in BNCT using Multiple Activation DetectorsLIU Yuan-Hao; NIEVAART Victor Alexander; TSAI Pi-En; LIU Hong-Ming; MOSS Raymond; JIANG Shiang-Huei
JRC678802011The Coastal Dimension of Maritime Spatial PlanningBARALE Vittorio
JRC326482006Coastal Eutrophication and Trend Reversal: a Danish Case StudyCARSTENSEN J.; CONLEY Daniel J.; ANDERSEN Jesper H.; AERTEBJERG G.
JRC339462007Coastal Lagoons of Southern Europe: Recent Changes and Future ScenariosALIAUME Catherine; ZALDIVAR COMENGES JOSE'; VIAROLI P.; DO CHI Thang
JRC67851989Coastal Zone Color Scanner (CZCS) Data Processing on PCsSTURM Boris; METZDORF Joachim
JRC55291989Cobalt-Induced Hyperthyroidism, Cardiomyopathy, Polycythemia, and Hypertricosis in an InfantSABBIONI Enrico; PIETRA Romano; BIANCHI C.; BERTANZA C.; MISTURA L.
JRC364282007CoCal-2 - A Simple Toolbox to Prove Authenticity of Mik ChocolateBUCHGRABER MANUELA; ANDRONI SIMONA
JRC176721998Cocoa Butter and Alternative Fats for Use in Chocolate. Analytical Approaches for Identification and Determination.LIPP Markus
JRC826232014Code assessment and modelling for Design Basis Accident Analysis of the European sodium fast reactor design. Part I: System description, modelling and benchmarkingLAZARO CHUECA AURELIO; AMMIRABILE Luca; BANDINI G.; DARMET G.; MASSARA S.; DUFOUR Ph.; TOSELLO A.; GALLEGO Eduardo; JIMENEZ G.; MIKITYUK K., et al
JRC888942014Code assessment and modelling for Design Basis Accident analysis of the European Sodium Fast Reactor design. Part II: Optimised core and representative transients analysisLAZARO CHUECA AURELIO; SCHIKORR M; MIKITYUK K.; AMMIRABILE Luca; BANDINI G.; DARMET G.; SCHMITT D.; DUFOUR Ph.; TOSELLO A.; GALLEGO E., et al
JRC832502013Codeless processing of binary offset carrier modulated signalsBORIO DANIELE; RAO Marco; O'DRISCOLL CILLIAN
JRC102361993A Coding Algorithm for the Covariance Matrix Representation of Polarimetric Radar DataDE GRANDI Gianfranco; LAVALLE Carlo
JRC352742006Coefficient of Contribution to the Combined Standard UncertaintyKESSEL Ruediger; KACKER R.; BERGLUND MICHAEL
JRC324702005Coexceedances in Financial Markets - a Quantile Regression Analysis of ContagionBAUR Dirk; SCHULZE NIELS
JRC277652005Coexceedances in Financial Markets. A Quantile Regression Analysis of Contagion.BAUR Dirk; SCHULZE Niels
JRC823532013A Cognitive access framework for security and privacy protection in mobile cloud computingBALDINI Gianmarco; STIRPARO PASQUALE
JRC731202012A Cognitive Management Framework to Support Exploitation of the Future Internet of ThingsBALDINI Gianmarco; VENCATESHA PRASAD Ranga Rao; BISWAS Abdur Rahim; MOESSNER Klaus; ETELAPERA Matti; SOININEN Juha-Pekka; NECHIFOR Septimiu; STAVROULAKI Vera; VLACHEAS Panagiotis
JRC562362011Cognitive Network InterferenceRABBACHIN ALBERTO; QUEK Tony; WIN Moe; SHIN Hyundong
JRC847932014Coherent magnetic diffraction from the uranium M4 edge in the multi-k magnet, USbLIM J. A.; BLACKBURN E.; BEUTIER G.; LIVET F.; MAGNANI Nicola; BOMBARDI A.; CACIUFFO Roberto; LANDER G.h.