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JRC239572003Comparative Study of Coulometric and Amperometric Detection for the Determination of Macrolides in Human Urine Using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography.GONZALEZ DE LA HUEBRA M.j.; BORDIN Guy; RODRIGUEZ-FERNANDEZ Adela
JRC433062008Comparative Study of Minor Actinide Transmutation in Sodium and Lead-Cooled Fast Reactor CoresTUCEK KAMIL; CARLSSON JOHAN; VIDOVIC DRAGAN; WIDER HARTMUT
JRC554582009Comparative study of model prediction of diffuse nutrient losses in response to changes in agricultural practicesVAGSTAD N.; FRENCH H.; ANDERSEN H.; BEHRENDT H.; GRIZZETTI Bruna; GROENENDIJK P.; LO PORTO A.; REISSER H.; SIDERIUS C.; STROMQUIST J., et al
JRC131901997A Comparative Study of Multiaxial High-Cycle Fatigue Criteria for Metals.DAVOLI Piermaria; GORLA Carlo; FILIPPINI Mauro; BERNASCONI Andrea
JRC1010322016A Comparative Study of Operational Vessel Detectors for Maritime Surveillance using Satellite-borne Synthetic Aperture RadarSTASOLLA MATTIA; MALLORQUI Jordi; MARGARIT Gerard; SANTAMARIA SERNA CARLOS; WALKER Nick
JRC468042008Comparative Study of Public e-Service Centres in EuropeGROENEVELD Syb; HACHE Alexandra
JRC186442000Comparative Study of RBS, SIMS and VASE for Characterisation of High Electron Mobility Transistors.PERSSON Leif; LOEVESTAM N.g.; SOEDERVALL Ulf; WAETJEN Uwe
JRC67861990A Comparative Study of the Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics and the Stochastic Markovian Process Approaches for Structural Reliability AssessmentLUCIA Alfredo; SOLOMOS George; STAVRAKAKIS George
JRC131071997A Comparative Study of the Tribological Behaviour of Homogeneous and Multilayer Ti-B-N CoatingsMOLLART Timothy peter; GIBSON Peter neil; HAUPT Justus; GISSLER Wolfram
JRC66521990Comparative Study of TiNx Films Deposited by Reactive Ion Beam Sputtering at 77 and 300 KMANARA Adriano; GISSLER Wolfram; HAUPT Justus; BUSCHERT R.c.; GIBSON Peter; JIANG X.; REICHELT K.
JRC683692013Comparative study of ZnO and TiO2 nanoparticles: physicochemical characterisation and toxicological effects on human colon carcinoma cellsDE ANGELIS Isabella; BARONE Flavia; ZIJNO Andrea; BIZZARRI Lorelini; RUSSO Maria Teresa; POZZI Roberta; FRANCHINI Fabio; GIUDETTI Guido; UBOLDI CHIARA; PONTI Jessica, et al
JRC652952012Comparative transcriptome profiling in winter wheat grown under different agricultural practicesTENEA GABRIELA; CORDEIRO RAPOSO Fernando; MAQUET Alain
JRC911032014Comparative XRPD and XAS study of the impact of the synthesis process on the electronic and structural environments of uranium–americium mixed oxidesPRIEUR DAMIEN; LEBRETON F.; MARTIN Philippe; CAISSO Marie; BUTZBACH R.; SOMERS Joseph; DELAHAYE Thibaud
JRC957722015Comparing apples with apples: Using spatially distributed time series of monitoring data for model evaluationSOLAZZO EFISIO; GALMARINI Stefano
JRC866692014Comparing aspirations: intercalibration of ecological status concepts across European lakes for littoral diatoms.KELLY Martyn; URBANIC Gorazd; ACS Eva; BENNION Helen; BERTRIN Vincent; BURGESS Amy; DENYS Luc; GOTTSCHALK Steffi; KAHLERT Maria; KARJALAINEN Saatu Maria, et al
JRC882352015Comparing calibrated parameter sets of the SWAT model for the Scandinavian and Iberian PeninsulasMALAGO ANNA; PAGLIERO LILIANA; BOURAOUI Faycal; FRANCHINI Marco
JRC233262005Comparing Constraint Urban Cellular Automata Simulations between Sprawled and Compact Cities.BARREDO Jose i.; KASANKO Marjo; MC CORMICK Niall; LAVALLE Carlo
JRC974542016Comparing correction methods of RCM outputs f or improving crop impact projections in the Iberian Peninsula for 21st centuryRUIZ-RAMOS Margarita; RODRÍGUEZ Alfredo; DOSIO Alessandro; GOODESS Clare; HARPHAM Colin; MÍNGUEZ María Inés; SANCHEZ Enrique
JRC963722015Comparing different energy partitions at scission used in prompt emission model codes GEF and Point-by-PointTUDORA ANABELLA; HAMBSCH Franz-Josef; VISAN I.; GIUBEGA G.
JRC323752005Comparing Estimates of Persistence and Long-range Transport Potential Among Multimedia ModelsPENNINGTON DAVID; FENNER Kathrin; MACLEOD Matthew; MATTHIES Michael