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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC906092014Characterization of aerosols from RDD surrogate compounds produced by fast thermal transientsDI LEMMA FIDELMA; COLLE Jean-Yves; ERNSTBERGER Markus; KONINGS Rudy
JRC676352012Characterization of alloy particles extracted from spent nuclear fuelCUI D.; RONDINELLA Vincenzo; FORTNER J. A.; ERIKSSON L.; WRONKIEWICZ D.j.; SPAHIU K.
JRC752982012Characterization of alloy particles extracted from spent nuclear fuelCUI Daqing; RONDINELLA Vincenzo; FORTNER J. A.; KROPF A. J.; ERIKSSON L.; WRONKIEWICZ D.j.; SPAHIU K.
JRC89551992Characterization of an Exothermic Reaction Using Adiabatic and Isothermal CalorimetryBARCONS C.; HERNANDEZ Hector; SNEE T.j.
JRC581952011Characterization of As-Cast Model Steels with Parametric Variation of Ni, Mn, Si and Cr ContentDEGMOVA Jarmila; DEBARBERIS Luigi; ACOSTA IBORRA Beatriz; NOVOTNY Radek; BRANCUCCI Carlo
JRC712412013Characterization of BEGe detectors in the HADES underground laboratoryANDREOTTI ERICA; AGOSTINI M.; ALLARDT M.; BAKALYAROV A.m.; BALATA M.; BARABANOV I.; BARNABE HEIDER M; BARROS N.; BAUDIS L.; BAUER C., et al
JRC990062016Characterization of carbon fractal-like aggregates by size distribution measurements and theoretical calculationsGINI Maria I.; HELMIS Constantinos; MELAS Anastasios D.; PAPANASTASIOU D; ORFANOPOULOS G; GIANNAKOPOULOS K.; DROSSINOS Ioannis; ELEFTHERIADIS K.
JRC61351988Characterization of Cement Containing Arsenic Trioxide (As2O3)ZAMORANI Edmondo; SERRINI Gianna; SHEIKH I.a.
JRC137881997Characterization of Cocoa Butters and Other Vegetable Fats by Pyrolysis-Mass-Spectrometry.ANKLAM Elke; BASSANI Maria rosa; EIBERGER T.; KRIEBEL Stefan karl theodor; LIPP Markus; MATISSEK R.
JRC851872013Characterization of cross-linked gelatin nanoparticles by electrophoretic techniques in the liquid and the gas phaseWEISS Victor U.; LEHNER Angela; KERUL Lukas; GROMBE RINGO; KRATZMEIER Martin; MARCHETTI-DESCHMANN Martina; ALLMAIER Guenter
JRC376462008Characterization of defects and graphite types in ductile cast iron by image processing and its relation to mechanical propertiesVOKAL VRATKO; NILSSON KARL-FREDRIK; MINNEBO PHILIP
JRC359822006Characterization of Doping and Electropolymerization of Free Standing Films of PolyterthiopheneVIGNALI MARINKA; EDWARDS ROBERT; CUNNANE VINCENT
JRC277182004Characterization of European Wines Glyceraol. Stable Isotopes Approach.CALDERONE G.; NAULET Norbert; GUILLOU Claude gualbert; RENIERO Fabiano
JRC854042014Characterization of Fast Reactor Metallic fuel for Minor Actinides TransmutationCAPRIOTTI LUCA; INAGAKI KENTA; PAPAIOANNOU Dimitrios; BREMIER Stephan; OHTA Hirokazu; OGATA T; RONDINELLA Vincenzo
JRC214552001Characterization of Ferricyanide-Humate Complexes by a Voltammetric Approach.LEITA L.; MORI A.; DE NOBILI M.; CORSO G.; FRANCO I.; CENCI R.m.
JRC598442010Characterization of Fire Seasonality and Intensity in Protected Areas of Sub-Saharan Africa Using MODIS DataPALUMBO ILARIA; GREGOIRE Jean-Marie; SIMONETTI Dario; PUNGA Mihkel
JRC669412012Characterization of global precipitation frequency through the L-moments approachMAEDA EDUARDO EIJI; AREVALO TORRES JUAN; CARMONA MORENO Cesar
JRC570822010Characterization of High Efficiency c-Si CPV CellsPRAVETTONI Mauro; GALLEANO Roberto; FUCCI Raffaele; ROMANO Antonio; PELLEGRINO Michele; AITASALO TUOMAS; PRIVATO Carlo; ZAAIMAN Willem; KENNY Robert; DUNLOP Ewan
JRC589072011Characterization of High Efficiency c-Si CPV CellsPRAVETTONI Mauro; GALLEANO Roberto; FUCCI Raffaele; KENNY Robert; ROMANO Antonio; PELLEGRINO Michele; AITASALO TUOMAS; FLAMINIO Giovanni; PRIVATO Carlo; ZAAIMAN Willem, et al