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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC513752009Climate Change in Europe - 3 - Impact on Agriculture and Forestry - A ReviewLAVALLE Carlo; MICALE Fabio; DURRANT HOUSTON Tracy; CAMIA Andrea; HIEDERER Roland; CONTE Costanza; AMATULLI Giuseppe; GENOVESE Giampiero; LAZAR C.
JRC917562014Climate change in the Carpathian RegionSPINONI JONATHAN; VOGT Juergen; SZALAI Sandor; SZENTIMREY Tamas; LAKATOS Monica; BIHARI Zita; MIHIC Dragan; CHEVAL Sorin
JRC948142015Climate change may reduce litter decomposition while enhancing the contribution of photodegradation in dry perennial Mediterranean grasslandsALMAGRO María; MAESTRE Fernando T.; MARTINEZ LOPEZ JAVIER; VALENCIA Enrique; REY Ana
JRC928302015Climate change projections for CORDEX-Africa with COSMO-CLM Regional Climate Model and differences with the driving Global Climate Models.DOSIO Alessandro; PANITZ Hans-Juergen
JRC306972005Climate Change Research at JRC in Support of EU Policy MakingRAES FRANK
JRC522002008Climate Change Response Strategies for Agriculture: Challenges and Opportunities for the 21st CenturyTUBIELLO FRANCESCO; SCHMIDHUBER Josef; HOWDEN Mark; NEOFOTIS Peter; PARK Sarah; FERNANDES Erick; THAPA Dipti
JRC819272013Climate Change, Agriculture and Trade Liberalization: A Dynamic CGE Analysis for TurkeyDUDU HASAN; ÇAKMAK Erol Hasan
JRC310622005Climate Change, Lifestyles and Social Learning through Computer GamesMARTINHO GUIMARAES PIRES PEREIRA ANGELA
JRC741152013Climate change, phenology, and phenological control of vegetation feedbacks to the climate systemRICHARDSON Andrew D.; KEENAN Trevor; MIGLIAVACCA MIRCO; RYU Youngryel; SONNENTAG Oliver; TOOMEY Michael
JRC547762010Climate Control of Terrestrial Carbon Exchange across Biomes and ContinentsYI Chuixiang; RICCIUTO Daniel; LI Runze; WOLBECK John; XU Xiyuan; NILSON Mats; AIRES Luis; ALBERTSON John; AMMANN Christoph; ARAIN Altaf M., et al
JRC487662008Climate Controls on the Variability of Fires in the Tropics and SubtropicsVAN DER WERF Guido R.; RANDERSON James T.; GIGLIO Louis; GOBRON Nadine; DOLMAN A. J.
JRC316492005Climate Driven Changes in the Spawring of Roach (Rutilus Rutilus (L.) ) and Bream (Abramis Brama (L.) ) in the Estonian Part of the Narva River BasinNOGES PEETER; JARVET A.
JRC854142013Climate impact of transportation A model comparisonGIROD Bastien; VAN VUUREN Detlef; GRAHN Maria; KITOUS ALBAN GABRIEL; KIM Son H; KYLE Page
JRC870112014Climate Impacts in Europe. The JRC PESETA II ProjectCISCAR MARTINEZ Juan Carlos; FEYEN Luc; SORIA RAMIREZ Antonio; LAVALLE Carlo; RAES Frank; PERRY Miles; NEMRY Francoise; DEMIREL HANDE; RÓZSAI MÁTÉ; DOSIO Alessandro, et al
JRC788072012Climate impacts on socio-economic systems and health - AgricultureOLESEN Jorgen E.; NIEMEYER Stefan; IGLESIAS Ana; FUESSEL Hans-Martin
JRC478942008A Climate Model-Based Review of Drought in the Sahel: Desertification, the Re-Greening and Climate ChangeGIANNINI Alessandra; BIASUTTI Michela; VERSTRAETE Michel
JRC866952013Climate modelling and near future solar power assessment in EuropeGAETANI MARCO; VIGNATI Elisabetta; HULD Thomas; MONFORTI-FERRARIO Fabio; WILSON Julian; DOSIO Alessandro
JRC96751993Climate Models : Rationale, Status, PromisesMARTIN Philippe
JRC949042015Climate Models as Economic Guides: Scientific Challenge or Quixotic Quest?SALTELLI ANDREA; STARK Philip B.; BECKER WILLIAM EDWARD; STANO PAWEL
JRC905732015The climate of Europe during the Holocene: a gridded pollen-based reconstruction and its multi-proxy evaluationMAURI ACHILLE; DAVIS Basil A. S.; KAPLAN Jed Oliver; COLLINS Pamela