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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC446982010CFD Evaluation of Hydrogen Risk Mitigation Measures in a VVER 440/213 ContainmentHEITSCH MATTHIAS; HUHTANEN Risto; TECHY Zsolt; FRY Chris; KOSTKA Pal; NIEMI Jarto; SCHRAMM Berthold
JRC306942005CFD Investigation of Hydrogen Combustion in a Simplified EPR Containment with CFX and ReacflowHEITSCH MATTHIAS; WILKENING HEINZ; BARALDI DANIELE
JRC852472014CFD model performance benchmark of fast filling simulations of hydrogen tanks with pre-coolingMELIDEO DANIELE; BARALDI Daniele; GALASSI MARIA CRISTINA; ORTIZ CEBOLLA RAFAEL; ACOSTA IBORRA Beatriz; MORETTO Pietro
JRC333572007CFD Modelling of Accidental Hydrogen Release from PipelinesWILKENING HEINZ; BARALDI DANIELE
JRC306342005CFD Modelling of Accidental Hydrogen Release from PipelinesBARALDI DANIELE; WILKENING HEINZ
JRC302222005CFD Modelling of Gas-Transport and Mixing Phenomena in the Batelle Experimental Facility for Nuclear Safety ApplicationsHEITSCH MATTHIAS; WILKENING HEINZ; BARALDI DANIELE
JRC333892008CFD Modelling of Hydrogen Release, Dispersion and Combustion for Automotive ScenariosVENETSANOS A.g.; BARALDI DANIELE; ADAMS P.; HEGGEM P.s.; WILKENING HEINZ
JRC352982008CFD Simulation of Light Gas Release and Mixing in the Battelle Experimental Facility Using CFX 5.7WILKENING HEINZ; BARALDI DANIELE; HEITSCH MATTHIAS
JRC344382007CFD Simulations of Hydrogen Combustion in a Simplified EPR Containtment with CFX and REACFLOWBARALDI DANIELE; WILKENING HEINZ; HEITSCH MATTHIAS
JRC656682011A CGE model analysis of reducing obstacles to trade in Kenya: a focus on the agro-food sectorGONZALEZ MELLADO AIDA ARACELI; FERRARI EMANUELE
JRC979082015A CGE model with ICT and R&D-driven endogenous growth: A detailed model descriptionCHRISTENSEN MARTIN
JRC979022015A CGE model with ICT and R&D-driven endogenous growth: A general descriptionCHRISTENSEN MARTIN
JRC288882004CGMS Version 8.0. User Manual and Technical Documentation.SAVIN Igor; BOOGAARD H.; VAN DIEPEN C.; NEGRE Thierry
JRC406052007CGMS Version 9.2 - User Manual and Technical DocumentationBARUTH BETTINA; GENOVESE GIAMPIERO; LEO OLIVIER
JRC420462007A Challenge for High-Performance Full-Field Strain Measurement SystemsPATTERSON E.a.; BRAILLY Philippe; BURGUETE Richard L.; HACK Erwin; SIEBERT Thorsten; WHELAN MAURICE
JRC488542008The Challenge of Making Ozone Risk Assessment for Forest Trees More MechanisticMATYSSEK R.; SANDERMANN H.; WIESER G.; BOOKER F.; CIESLIK Stanislaw; MUSSELMAN R.; ERNST D.
JRC700372012The Challenge of Processing Opinions in Online Contents in the Social Web EraBALAHUR DOBRESCU ALEXANDRA
JRC340682008The Challenge of Real-time Automatic Mapping for Environmental Monitoring Network ManagementPEBESMA EDZER J.; DUBOIS GREGOIRE; CORNFORD Dan
JRC963132015The Challenge of Resilience in a Globalised WorldNAVRACSICS Tibor; SUCHA Vladimir; WAHLSTROEM M.; STIGSON Bjoern; WIJKMAN Anders; LECHNER Stephan; MASERA Marcelo; HUBBARD Neil; BIDOGLIO Giovanni; FINK-HOOIJER Florika, et al