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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC687422011Characterization of U-based Thin Films - the UFe2+x CaseKIM-NGAN Nhu-T H; HAVELA L; ADAMSKA A. M.; DANIS S.; PESICKA J; MACL J; ELOIRDI Rachel; HUBER Frank; GOUDER Thomas; BALOGH A.g.
JRC418682007Characterization of Uranium Particles Produced by Hydrolysis of UF6 Using SEM and SIMSKIPS RUTH; LEENAERS A.; TAMBORINI GABRIELE; BETTI MARIA; VAN DEN BERGHE S.; TAYLOR Philip; WELLUM Roger
JRC450262008Characterization of Urban Inhalation Exposures to Benzene, Formaldehyde and Acetaldehyde in the European Union: Comparison of Measured and Modelled Exposure DataBRUINEN DE BRUIN Yuri; KOISTINEN Kimmo; KEPHALOPOULOS STYLIANOS; GEISS OTMAR; TIRENDI SALVATORE; KOTZIAS DIMITRIOS
JRC533822011A characterization of vector autoregressive processes with common cyclical featuresPARUOLO PAOLO; FRANCHI Massimo
JRC359152008Characterization of ß-xylosidase Enzyme from a Pichia Stipitis MutantBASARAN Pervin; OZCAN Meltem
JRC898932014Characterizing and comparing innovation systems by different ‘modes’ of knowledge production: A proximity approachHARDEMAN SJOERD; FRENKEN Koen; NOMALER Önder; TER WAL Anne L.j.
JRC887342014Characterizing and Comparing the Evolution of the Major Global Economies in Information and Communications TechnologiesDESRUELLE Paul; STANCIK JURAJ
JRC849342013Characterizing and Comparing the Evolution of the Major Global Players in Information and Communications TechnologiesDESRUELLE Paul; STANCIK JURAJ
JRC625542012Characterizing and Counting Roofless Buildings in Very High Resolution Optical ImagesGUEGUEN LIONEL; PESARESI Martino; GERHARDINGER Andrea; SOILLE Pierre
JRC401172007Characterizing Ecosystem-Atmosphere Interactions from Short to Interannual Time ScalesMAHECHA M.; REICHSTEIN M.; LANGE H.; CARVALHAIS N.; BERNHOFER C.; GRUNWALD T.; PAPALE D.; SEUFERT GUENTHER
JRC841552014Characterizing fluvial systems at basin scale by fuzzy signatures of hydromorphological drivers in data-scarce environmentsBIZZI SIMONE; CASTELLETTI Andrea; SCHMITT Rafael
JRC314432005Characterizing Melt Fuel-coolant Interaction in a NPP Context with RELAP5/SCDAP 3.2 CODEANNUNZIATO ALESSANDRO; REVENTOS Frances; PLA Patricia
JRC747822012Characterizing uranium oxide reference particles for isotopic abundances and uranium mass by single particle isotope dilution mass spectrometryKRAIEM Monia; RICHTER Stephan; ERDMANN Nicole; KÜHN H.; HEDBERG Magnus; AREGBE Yetunde
JRC300332005Charge Distribution and Local Structure and Speciation in the UO2+x and PuO2+x Binary Oxides for x <0.25.CONRADSON S.d.; BEGG B.d.; CLARK D.l.; DEN AUWER C.; DING M.; DORHOUT P.k.; ESPINOSA-FALLER J.; GORDON P.; HAIRE R.g.; HESS N.j., et al
JRC732732012Charge distribution and local structure of americium bearing thorium oxide solid solutionsCARVAJAL NUNEZ URSULA; PRIEUR DAMIEN; VITOVA T.; SOMERS Joseph
JRC587682010Charged Fusion Product Loss Measurements Using Nuclear ActivationBONHEURE Georges; HULT Mikael; GONZALEZ DE ORDUNA Raquel; ARNOLD D.; DOMBROWSKI Harald; LAUBENSTEIN M.; WIESLANDER E.; VERMAERCKE P.; MURARI A.; POPOVICHEV S., et al
JRC376072007Charpy Impact and Barkhausen Magnetic Noise Testing of Realistic Welds with Parametric Variation of Ni, Si, Cr and Mn ContentDEGMOVA JARMILA; RITO-DE-ABREU DUARTE; HEFTRICH THEO; CHANTRAINE HUGUES; DEBARBERIS LUIGI
JRC1010762016A Chebyshev polynomial radial basis function neural network for automated shoreline extraction from coastal imageryRIGOS Anastasios; TSEKOURAS Georgios; VOUSDOUKAS MICHAIL; CHATZIPAVLIS Antonios; VELEGRAKIS Adonis
JRC574852011Chemical Analysis and Ozone Formation Potential of Exhaust from Dual-fuel (liquefied petroleum gas/gasoline) Light Duty VehiclesADAM Thomas; ASTORGA-LLORENS Maria; CLAIROTTE MICHAEL; DUANE Matthew; ELSASSER M.; KRASENBRINK Alois; LARSEN Bo; MANFREDI Urbano; MARTINI Giorgio; MONTERO Larisse, et al
JRC587572010Chemical and Magnetic Structure of Uranium/Gadolinium Multilayers Studied by Transmission Electron Microscopy, Neutron Scattering and X-Ray ReflectivitySPRINGELL R.; LANGRIDGE S.; WILDES A.; WILKINS S.b.; SANCHEZ-HANKE C.; MOORE K. T.; BUTTERFIELD M.; CHIVALL J.; WARD R.c.c.; WELLS M.r., et al