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JRC636612011CuGaxSey Chalcopyrite-related Thin Films Grown by Chemical Close-Spaced Vapor Transport (CCSVT) for Photovoltaic Application - Surface and Bulk Material Properties, Oxidation and Surface Ge-DopingRUSU Marin; WIESNER Sven; WÜRZ Roland; LEHMANN Sebastian; DOKA-YAMIGNO Serge; MEEDER Alexander; FUERTES MARRÓN David; BÄR Markus; KOTESKI Vasil; MAHNKE Heinz-Eberhard, et al
JRC981952016Cultural events – does attendance improve health? Evidence from a Polish longitudinal studyWEZIAK-BIALOWOLSKA DOROTA; BIALOWOLSKI Piotr
JRC858442013Cumulative Human Impacts on Mediterranean and Black Sea Marine Ecosystems: Assessing Current Pressures and OpportunitiesMICHELI Fiorenza; HALPERN Benjamin; WALBRIDGE Shaun; CIRIACO Saul; FERRETTI Francesco; FRASCHETTI Simonetta; LEWISON Rebecca; NYKJAER Leo; ROSENBERG Andrew A.
JRC956412015Cumulative Overall Resource Efficiency Assessment (COREA) for comparing bio-based products with their fossil-derived counterpartsHUYSVELD Sophie; DE MEESTER Steven; VAN LINDEN Veerle; MUYLLE Hilde; PEIREN Nico; LAUWERS Ludwig; DEWULF JO
JRC373222007Cumulative Sum Charts - a Novel Technique for Processing Daily Time Series of MODIS Data for Burnt Area Mapping in PortugalKUCERA JAN; BARBOSA FERREIRA Paulo; STROBL Peter
JRC434772007Cumulative Sum Charts - A Novel Technique for Processing Daily Time Series of MODIS Data for Burnt Area Mapping in PortugalKUCERA JAN; BARBOSA FERREIRA PAULO; STROBL PETER
JRC271162004Curium Vaporization from (Cm,Pu)2O3 and from Irradiated Oxide Fuel.HIERNAUT Jean pol; RONCHI Claudio
JRC913072014Current Activities and Challenges of the European Network for Inspection and Qualification (ENIQ)MARTIN Oliver; MARTIN Etienne; BOOLER R.; ZETTERWALL Tommy; WALKER Tony
JRC846192014Current and emerging in vitro methods for genotoxicity and carcinogenicityMADIA FEDERICA; PHRAKONKHAM PASCAL; CORVI Raffaella
JRC901942014Current approaches and future role of high content imaging in safety sciences and drug discoveryVAN VLIET Erwin; DANESIAN Mardas; Beilmann M.; DAVIES Anthony; FAVA Eugenio; FLECK Roland; JULÉ Yvon; KANSY Manfred; KUSTERMANN Stefan; MACKO Peter, et al
JRC673602012Current challenges in detecting food allergens by shotgun and targeted proteomic approaches: A case study on traces of peanut allergens in baked cookiesPEDRESCHI ROMINA; NORGAARD Jorgen; MAQUET Alain
JRC325242006The Current Clinical Practice of Pharmacogenetic Testing in Europe: TPMT and HER2 as Case StudiesWOELDERINK A.; IBARRETA RUIZ DOLORES; HOPKINS Michael; RODRIGUEZ CEREZO EMILIO
JRC567832009Current information sources for hazard identificationGRIESINGER Claudius; HOFFMANN Sebastian; KINSNER-OVASKAINEN Agnieszka; COECKE Sandra; HARTUNG Thomas
JRC663922011Current mitigation practices in the EUESTEBAN Jose Fernando; IZQUIERDO B.; LOPEZ J.; MOLINARI D.; MENONI Scira; DE ROO Arie; DEEMING Hugh; WALKER G.; EFTICHIDIS G.
JRC651032011Current Perspectives and Recommendations for the Development of Mass Spectrometry Methods for the Determination of Allergens in FoodsJOHNSON Phil E.; BAUMGARTNER S.; ALDICK Thomas; BESSANT Conrad; GIOSAFATTO Valeria; HEICK Julia; MAMONE Gianfranco; O'Connor G.; Poms R.; POPPING Bert, et al
JRC332312006Current Practices for Risk Zoning Around Nuclear Power Plants in Comparison to Other Industry SectorsKIRCHSTEIGER Christian
JRC302312005Current Practices for Risk Zoning Around Nuclear Power Plants in Comparison to other Industry SectorsKIRCHSTEIGER Christian
JRC136331996Current Progress in the Validation of Alternative Test MethodsBALLS Michael
JRC376952007Current Radioactivity Content of Wild edible Mushrooms: a Candidate for an Environmental Reference MaterialSZÁNTÓ Z.; HULT MIKAEL; WAETJEN UWE; ALTZITZOGLOU TIMOTHEOS
JRC229802001Current Research Activity in the Measurement of Thorium and the Identification of Future Research Needs.WHITE M. l.; HOWE A. m.; ROSEN P.; HOLMES Leigh