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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC870322014The Concept of Essential Climate Variables in Support of Climate Research, Applications, and PolicyBOJINSKI Stephan; VERSTRAETE MICHEL; PETERSON Thomas C.; RICHTER Caroline; SIMMONS A.; ZEMP Michael
JRC770812012The concept of internationalisation and the inevitability of mobility of highly skilled employees: What can the nuclear energy sector in Europe learn from it?BRACEK LALIC Alenka; SIMONOVSKA VERONIKA; VON ESTORFF Ulrik
JRC369592007The Concept of Knowledge for a Knowledge-based Society: from Knowledge to LearningVILLALBA GARCIA ERNESTO
JRC177952000The Concept of Sensitivity with Applications to Official Statistics.SALTELLI Andrea; PLANAS Christophe; TARANTOLA Stefano; CAMPOLONGO Francesca
JRC895382014Concepts and Metrics for Climate Change Risk and Development - Towards an index for Climate Resilient DevelopmentMIOLA Apollonia; SIMONET CATHERINE
JRC819722013Concepts for dismantlement verification and neutron multiplicity measurements for plutonium mass attribute determinationGOETTSCHE Malte; PEERANI Paolo; KIRCHNER Gerald
JRC981092016Conceptual and practical advances in fish stock delineationPITA Alfonso; CASEY JOHN; HAWKINS Stephen J.; VILLARREAL Manuel Ruiz; GUTIÉRREZ María-José; CABRAL Henrique; CAROCCI Fabio; ABAUNZA Pablo; PASCUAL Santiago; PRESA Pablo
JRC749312014Conceptual basis for the european sustainability footprintPELLETIER NATHANIEL; MAAS Rob; GORALCZYK MALGORZATA; WOLF Marc-Andree
JRC925602014Conceptual evaluation of hybrid energy system comprising wind-biomass-nuclear plants for load balancing and for production of renewable synthetic transport fuelsCARLSSON Johan; SHROPSHIRE David; CHERRY Robert; PURVINS Arturs; PAPAIOANNOU Iolulia
JRC117011995Conceptual Framework for Desertification Monitoring in the Mediterranean Using Earth Observation Satellite DataHILL Joachim vitus; MEGIER Jacques; IMESON A.
JRC820632014A conceptual model for assessing rainfall and vegetation trends in Sub-Saharan Africa from satellite dataHOSCILO Agata; BALZTER Heiko; BARTHOLOME Etienne; BOSCHETTI Mirco; BRIVIO Pietro Alessandro; BRINK Andreas; CLERICI Marco; PEKEL JEAN-FRANÇOIS
JRC694842012A Conceptual Model for Developing Interoperability Specifications in Spatial Data InfrastructuresTOTH Katalin; PORTELE Clemens; ILLERT Andreas; LUTZ Michael; NUNES DE LIMA Maria
JRC433382008Conceptual Model Uncertainty in Groundwater Modeling: Combining Generalized Likelihood Uncertainty Estimation and Bayesian Model AveragingROJAS Rodrigo; FEYEN LUC; DASSARGUES Alain
JRC313142005A Conceptual Schema Language for the Management of Multiple Representations of Geographic EntitiesFRIIS-CHRISTENSEN ANDERS; JENSEN Christian; NYTUN Jan; SKOGAN David
JRC673162011A conceptual workflow for automatically assessing the quality of volunteered geographic information for crisis managementOSTERMANN FRANK; SPINSANTI LAURA
JRC814492014Concern-driven integrated approaches to nanomaterials testing and assessment - Report of the NanoSafety Cluster Working Group 10OOMEN Agnes; BOS Peter M. J.; FERNANDES Teresa F.; HUND-RINKE K.; BORASCHI Diana; BYRNE Hugh J.; ASCHBERGER KARIN; GOTTARDO STEFANIA; VON DER KAMMER Frank; KÜHNEL Dana, et al
JRC82311990Concerted Action "Indoor Air Quality & its Impact on Man". Project Inventory (2nd Updated Edition)KNOEPPEL Helmut
JRC607862011Conclusions from 13 years of stability testing of CRMs for determination of metal speciesLINSINGER Thomas; AUCLAIR Guy; RAFFAELLI BARBARA; LAMBERTY MARIE ANDREE; GAWLIK Bernd
JRC400612007Conclusions of the ESARDA Focus Group on NMAC: Application of Audit Techniques in International SafeguardsBURROWS Brian; FRANKLIN MICHAEL
JRC128571996Conclusions of the European Forum. European Enterprises Facing Technical and Legal Barriers to Renewable Energy, Seville, 23rd and 24th November 1995GOMEZ CAMACHO Carlos; BORRA M.l.