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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC337912007Count Rate Estimation of a Poisson Process - Unbiassed Fit versus Central Moment Analysis of Time Interval SpectraPOMME STEFAAN; KEIGHTLEY John
JRC719772012Counterfactual impact evaluation of EU rural development programmes - Propensity Score Matching methodology applied to selected EU Member States. Volume 1: A micro-level approachMICHALEK Jerzy
JRC720602012Counterfactual impact evaluation of EU rural development programmes - Propensity Score Matching methodology applied to selected EU Member States. Volume 2: A regional approachMICHALEK Jerzy
JRC808732013Countering obesity by combining behavioural insights and novel ICT tools: a workshop reportLOURO CALDEIRA SANDRA; GEMEN Raymond; HERRMANN BENEDIKT; MARAGKOUDAKIS Petros; MOURATIDOU THEODORA; PROESTAKIS ANTONIOS; VAN BAVEL Rene; WOLLGAST Jan
JRC651562011Counting the Atoms in a 28Si Crystal for a New Kilogram DefinitionANDREAS B.; AZUMA Y.; BARTL G.; BECKER P.; BETTIN H.; BORYS M.; BUSCH I.; FUCHS P.; FUJII K.; FUJIMOTO H., et al
JRC802432013Countries’ contributions to climate change: effect of accounting for all greenhouse gases, recent trends, basic needs and technological progressDEN ELZEN Michel; OLIVIER Jos; HOEHNE N.; JANSSENS-MAENHOUT Greet
JRC579002010Country Experience in Relation to PLEX Costs in View of the Updating of the PINC DocumentELSING Bernhard; BALLESTEROS AVILA ANTONIO
JRC373802007Country Specific Conditions for the Introduction of Biofuels in EuropeGOVAERTS LEEN; PELKMANS LUC; GEORGOPOULOS Panagiotis; WIESENTHAL TOBIAS
JRC692222012Coupled Neutronics Thermal-Hydraulics Analysis using Monte Carlo and Sub-channel CodesVAZQUEZ M; TSIGE-TAMIRAT Haileyesus; AMMIRABILE Luca; MARTIN-FUERTES F.
JRC104121993Coupled Surface-Atmosphere Reflectance (CSAR) Model. 2. Semiempirical Surface Model Usable with NOAA Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer DataRAHMAN Hafizur
JRC106331993Coupled Surface-Atmosphere Reflectance (CSAR) Model.1. Model Description and Inversion on Synthetic DataRAHMAN Hafizur; PINTY Bernard
JRC420942007Coupling between Algal Blooms and Wind Patterns in Two Near-coastal Regions of the Mediterranean SeaBARALE VITTORIO; GADE Martin
JRC616932012Coupling decomposition and truncation for the analysis of complex fault treesCONTINI Sergio; MATUZAS VAIDAS
JRC292802005Coupling Diffuse Sky Radiation and Surface Albedo.PINTY Bernard; LATTANZIO A.; MARTONCHIK J. v.; VERSTRAETE Michel m.; GOBRON Nadine; TABERNER Malcolm; WIDLOWSKI Jean-luc; DICKINSON R. e.; GOVAERTS Yves marie jean paul
JRC582482011Coupling finite elements and finite volumes by Lagrange multipliers for explicit dynamic fluid-structure interactionCASADEI Folco; LECONTE NICOLAS
JRC674872011Coupling human- and machine-driven mapping of SKOS thesauriFUGAZZA CRISTIANO; VACCARI LORENZINO
JRC322482005Coupling Meteorological and Hydrological Models for FloodforecastingBARTHOLMES JENS; TODINI Ezio
JRC551272009Coupling of Atmospheric Forcing and Ecosystem Dynamics in the Mediterranean Sea: Multi-Sensor Observations of Selected Environmental HotspotsBARALE Vittorio; GADE Martin
JRC326852007Coupling of Vegetation Growing Season Anomalies with Hemispheric and Regional Scale Climate Patterns in Central and East SiberiaBALZTER Heiko; GERARD France; WEEDON Graham; GREY Will; COMBAL BRUNO; BARTHOLOME' ETIENNE; BARTALEV Sergej; LOS Sietse
JRC772172013Coupling XRD, EXAFS and 13C NMR to study the effect of the carbon stoichiometry on the local structure of UC1±xCARVAJAL NUNEZ URSULA; MARTEL LAURA; PRIEUR DAMIEN; ELOIRDI Rachel; FARNAN Ian; VITOVA Tonya; SOMERS Joseph; LOPEZ HONORATO Eddie