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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC223882001Crime and Abuse in e-Business.MITCHISON Neil; URRY R.
JRC650682011Crisis maps validation and user requirements: an experience in SAFER projectCARRION DANIELA; CORBAN CHRISTINA; JUDEX Michael; BROGLIA MARCO
JRC855352013"CrisisWall" - A Multi-Device, Multi-System Crisis Management SoftwareDE GROEVE Tom; RESTER MARKUS; ATKINSON Martin; STEINER YANIV; DOHERTY Brian; ANNUNZIATO Alessandro; GALLIANO Daniele
JRC137231996Criteri per l'Identificazione delle Aree Sensibili e Meno SensibiliCHIAUDANI Giuseppe; PREMAZZI Guido; RODARI Enrico
JRC85511992Criteria for Defining Low Activation Materials in Fusion Reactor ApplicationsROCCO Paolo; ZUCCHETTI Massimo
JRC48621987Criteria for Technological ChoiceOTWAY Harry; SIMMS D.l.
JRC153711998Criteria for the Certification of Internationally Acceptable Reference Materials.PAUWELS Jean; SCHIMMEL Heinz; LAMBERTY Andre
JRC370792007Criteria for the Seismic Vulnerability Reduction pf Existing Irregular Reinforced Concrete StructuresMOLA Elena
JRC175702001Criteria for the Selection of Major Accident Hazard Pipelines.PAPADAKIS Georgios
JRC343042006Critical Appraisal of the Setting and Implementation of Indoor Exposure Limits in the EU - the Index ProjectCARRER Paolo; SCHLITT Christian; KOISTINEN KIMMO; KEPHALOPOULOS STYLIANOS; JANTUNEN Matti; MARONI Marco; KOTZIAS DIMITRIOS
JRC932962014Critical aspects in the determination of the surface in contact with foods for migration testing of kitchen utensils: Results from two investigations by interlaboratory comparisons organised by the European Reference Laboratory for food contact materialsMIETH ANJA; HOEKSTRA Eddo; SIMONEAU Catherine
JRC795992013Critical aspects in the life cycle assessment (LCA) of bio-based materials – Reviewing methodologies and deriving recommendationsPAWELZIK Paul; CARUS Michael; HOTCHKISS John; NARAYAN Ramani; SELKE Susan; WELLISCH Maria; WEISS MARTIN; WICKE Birka; PATEL Martin
JRC659262012Critical aspects of urine profiling for the selection of potential biomarkers using UPLC-TOF-MSMATTARUCCHI ELIA; GUILLOU Claude
JRC101871994Critical Assessment of First Wall Behaviour under Cyclic Heat LoadsMATERA Roberto; MEROLA Mario; VIEIDER G.; BOUVERET Y.; LAKESTANI Fereydoun
JRC640542012Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection - Assessment Results CommunicationVAMANU BOGDAN; MASERA Marcelo
JRC641062011Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection - Assessment Results CommunicationVAMANU BOGDAN; MASERA Marcelo
JRC341232006Critical Evaluation of an Isotope Dilution ICP-MS Method for the Measurement of the Fe Content in SeawaterPETROV IVAN; QUETEL CHRISTOPHE; TAYLOR PHILIP
JRC378282007Critical Evaluation of Interlaboratory Comparisons for PAHs and Pesticides in Organic Standard Solutions in Support of the Implementation of the Water Framework DirectiveRICCI MARINA; BERCARU OFELIA; MORABITO R.; BRUNORI C.; IPOLYI Ildi; PELLEGRINO Caterina; SAHUQUILLO Angels; ULBERTH FRANZ
JRC913282014Critical Experimental Evaluation of Key Methods to Detect, Size and Quantify Nanoparticulate SilverCASCIO Claudia; GILLILAND Douglas; ROSSI Francois; CALZOLAI LUIGI; CONTADO Catia
JRC366752007Critical Factors inthe Design, Operation and Economics of Coal Gasification Plants: The Case of the Flexible Co-production of Hydrogen and ElectricitySTARR FREDERICK; TZIMAS EVANGELOS; PETEVES ESTATHIOS