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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC487742008DEM Quality Indicators for the Derivation of Geomorphological ParametersPOGGIO Laura; SOILLE Pierre
JRC956322015Demand for flexibility in the power system under different shares of renewable generationSPISTO AMANDA; MOEBIUS Thomas; QUOILIN SYLVAIN
JRC670772011The demand for foreign languages in Italian manufacturingLOI MASSIMO; ANTONIETTI Roberto
JRC1011912016Demand response status in EU Member StatesZANCANELLA PAOLO; BERTOLDI PAOLO; KISS BENIGNA
JRC647102013Demand shifting analysis at high penetration of distributed generation in low voltage gridsPAPAIOANNOU IOULIA; PURVINS ARTURS; TZIMAS Evangelos
JRC1069712017Demand-pull and environmental innovations: estimating the effects of innovative public procurementGHISETTI CLAUDIA
JRC698572012Demersal fish biodiversity: species-level indicators and trends-based targets for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive.GREENSTREET Simon P. R.; ROSSBERG Axel G.; FOX Clive J.; LE QUESNE Will; BLASDALE Tom; BOULCOTT Philip; MITCHELL Ian; MILLAR COLIN PEARSON; MOFFAT Colin
JRC284942004DEMETER, a First Step or Giant Leap in the Use of a Seasonal ENSEMBLE Prediction System for Application Users?MORSE A.p.; CANTELAUBE Pierre; DOBLAS-REYES Francisco; FIL C.; HAGEDORN Renate; HOSHEN M.b.; MARLETTO V.; TERRES Jean michel; THOMSON M.c.; PALMER T.n.
JRC254582003Democratising Expertise, Expertising Democracy: What Does this Mean and why Bother?FUNTOWICZ Silvio o.; LIBERATORE Angela
JRC1103882018The demographic and educational drivers of international emigrationGRAPSA EROFILI
JRC1111482018Demographic and Human Capital Scenarios for the 21st Century: 2018 assessment for 201 countriesLUTZ WOLFGANG; GOUJON ANNE; KC SHAMIR; STONAWSKI MARCIN; STILIANAKIS NIKOLAOS
JRC895602014Demonstrating Cyber-attacks impact on Cyber-Physical simulated environmentSOUPIONIS IOANNIS; BENOIST Thierry
JRC561642010Demonstrating the Metrological Compatibility of Uranium Isotope Amount Ratio Measurement Results Obtained by GSMS, TIMS and MC-ICPMS TechniquesPEREIRA DE OLIVEIRA JUNIOR Olivio; DE BOLLE Willie; ALONSO-MUNOZ Adolfo; RICHTER Stephan; WELLUM Roger; PONZEVERA Emmanuel; SARKIS J. E. S.; KESSEL Ruediger
JRC144301997Demonstrating the Potential Isotope Dilution Mass Spectrometry as a Primary Method of Measurement for Obtaining SI-traceable Nitrate Amount Contents in Water Samples.WOLFF J.-cl.
JRC516212009Demonstration of a novel stand-off 3D gamma-ray imaging techniqueMIHAILESCU Lucian; VETTER Kai; BURKS Morgan; DOUGAN Arden; CAIADO Ana; SMITH Stephen; HINES J; SEQUEIRA Vitor; GONCALVES Joao
JRC504102009Demonstration of a TODGA Based Extraction Process for the Partitioning of Actinides from a PUREX Raffinate - Part III: Centrifugal Contractor Run Using Genuine Fuel SolutionMAGNUSSON D.; CHRISTIANSEN Birgit; GLATZ Jean-Paul; MALMBECK Rikard; MODOLO G.; SERRANO PURROY Daniel; SOREL C.
JRC458792008Demonstration of a TODGA-Based Continuous Counter-Current Extraction Process for the Partitioning of Actinides from a Simulated PUREX Raffinate, Part II: Centrifugal Contactor RunsMODOLO G.; ASP H.; VIJGEN H.; MALMBECK RIKARD; MAGNUSSON Daniel; SOREL C.
JRC425202008Demonstration of Equivalence of Ambient Air Analytical Method - Proceedings of the Workshop on Demonstration of Equivalence 2-4 May 2007 Ispra (VA) Italy - GUIDELINE on Demonstration of Equivalence - November 2005PEREZ BALLESTA PASCUAL
JRC302002007Demonstration of Measurement Capabilities by Means of Interlaboratory Comparison Schemes for Trace Element Analysis in FoodAREGBE YETUNDE; ROBOUCH PIOTR; PROHASKA Thomas
JRC966862015Demonstration of Minor Actinide Recycle with Metal Fuel IV. Analyses of Post-Irradiation Examination Data of Minor Actinide-Bearing Metal FuelOHTA Hirokazu; OGATA Takanari; INAGAKI Kenta; RONDINELLA Vincenzo; BREMIER Stephan; VAN WINCKEL Stefaan; PAPAIOANNOU Dimitrios; CAPRIOTTI LUCA; GLATZ Jean-Paul