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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC603592011Economic and environmental impacts of milk quota reform in EuropeKEMPEN Markus; WITZKE Heinz Peter; PÉREZ DOMÍNGUEZ Ignácio; TORBJÖRN Jansson; SCKOKAI Paolo
JRC316902005Economic and Social Benefits of PhotovoltaicsJAEGER-WALDAU ARNULF
JRC934342015An economic assessment of GHG mitigation policy options for EU agricultureVAN DOORSLAER BENJAMIN; WITZKE Heinz Peter; HUCK INGO; WEISS FRANZ; FELLMANN THOMAS; SALPUTRA GUNA; JANSSON Torbjorn; DRABIK DUSAN; LEIP Adrian; FELLMANN THOMAS
JRC503072009Economic Assessment of Post-2012 Global Climate Policies - Analysis of Gas Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Scenarios with the POLES and GEM-E3 modelsRUSS Hans Peter; CISCAR MARTINEZ Juan Carlos; SAVEYN Bert; SORIA RAMIREZ Antonio; SZABO Laszlo; VAN REGEMORTER Denise
JRC522342010The Economic Assessment of the Impacts of the MOSE Barriers on Venice port ativitiesVERGANO LUCIA; UMGIESSER Georg; NUNES Paulo A.l.d.
JRC380032007Economic Consequences of Coexistence Between GM and Non-GM CropsGOMEZ BARBERO MANUEL; RODRIGUEZ CEREZO EMILIO
JRC201652000Economic Convergence and Climate Policy.CISCAR J.c.; SORIA RAMIREZ Antonio
JRC818862013An economic framework for the development of a resilience index for business recoveryROSE Adam; KRAUSMANN Elisabeth
JRC599992011The Economic Geography of Labour Migration: Competition, Competitiveness and DevelopmentKANCS D'ARTIS
JRC842012013Economic Growth in the Euro-Med Area through Trade Integration: Focus on Agriculture and Food The Case of TurkeyÇAKMAK Erol Hasan; DUDU HASAN
JRC848002013Economic Growth in the Euro-Med Area through Trade Integration: Focus on Agriculture and Food. Regional impact analysisKAVALLARI Aikaterini; RAU Marie-Luise; RUTTEN Martine; BOULANGER PIERRE; M'BAREK Robert
JRC848012013Economic Growth in the Euro-Med Area through Trade Integration: Focus on Agriculture and Food. North Africa case studies Egypt, Morocco, TunisiaBEN ABDALLAH Mohamed; AIT EL MEKKI Abdelkader; SIAM Gamal; BOULANGER PIERRE; KAVALLARI Aikaterini; CARDENETE M.alejandro; RAU Marie-Luise
JRC929532014Economic impact of eel trade ban – general trends. Study in support to the STECFMOTOVA ARINA
JRC821652014The economic impact of extreme sea-level rise: Ice sheet vulnerability and the social cost of carbon dioxidePYCROFT JONATHAN; VERGANO Lucia; HOPE Chris
JRC401192007Economic Impact of GM Maize Cultivation: Room for Coexistence CostsGOMEZ BARBERO MANUEL; RODRIGUEZ CEREZO EMILIO
JRC944522015The economic impacts of climate change on agriculture: The AgMIP approachDELINCE JACQUES; CIAIAN PAVEL; WITZKE Heinz Peter
JRC663482011Economic impacts of solar thermal electricity technology deployment on Andalusian productive activities: a CGE approachCANSINO Jose Manuel; CARDENETE FLORES MANUEL ALEJANDRO; GONZALEZ-LIMON Jose Manuel; PABLO-ROMERO Maria Del Populo
JRC751622012Economic modelling of climate impacts: A partial review.CISCAR MARTINEZ Juan Carlos; SAVEYN Bert; VAN REGEMORTER Denise
JRC866712013The Economic Performance of the EU Aquaculture Sector (STECF 13-29) - Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF)GUILLEN Jordi; MOTOVA ARINA
JRC931692014The economic performance of the EU aquaculture sector (STECF 14-18). Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF)NIELSEN R.; MOTOVA ARINA