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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC831022014Effect of 10B(n, α)7Li irradiation on the structure of a sodium borosilicate glassPEUGET S.; FARES T.; MAUGERI E.; CARABALLO R; CHARPENTIER THIBAULT; MARTEL LAURA; SOMERS Joseph; JANSSEN ARNE; WISS Thierry; ROZENBLUM F., et al
JRC558982011Effect of a Change Towards Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles on the Emissions of the Milan Waste Collection FleetPASTORELLO Cinzia; DILARA Panagiota; MARTINI Giorgio
JRC342902006Effect of Air Pollution (PM) on Health in KrakowSTILIANAKIS NIKOLAOS; DROSSINOS IOANNIS
JRC609402010Effect of antecedent soil moisture conditions on emissions and isotopologue distribution of N2O during denitrificationBERGSTERMANN Anja; CARDENAS Laura; BOL Roland; GILLIAM Lucy; GOULDING Keith; MEIJIDE ORIVE Ana; SCHOLEFIELD David; VALLEJO Antonio; WELL Reinhard
JRC184162000The Effect of Atmospheric Radiance Errors in Radiometric Sea Surface Skin Temperature Measurements.DONLON Craig; NIGHTINGALE T.j.
JRC209342000Effect of Atmospheric Radiance Errors in Radiometric Sea-Surface Temperature Measurements.DONLON Craig; NIGHTINGALE T.j.
JRC965412015Effect of axial load on steel members under blastKARLOS VASILEIOS; SOLOMOS George; LARCHER MARTIN
JRC636222011Effect of biodiesel origin on regulated and particle-bound PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) emissions from a Euro 4 passenger carKARAVALAKIS George; FONTARAS GEORGIOS; BAKEAS Evangelos; STOURNAS Stamos
JRC678572011Effect of Biodiesel Origin on the Regulated and PAH Emissions from a Modern Passenger CarKARAVALAKIS George; FONTARAS GEORGIOS; BAKEAS Evangelos; STOURNAS Stamos
JRC890442014Effect of burn-up on the thermal conductivity of uranium-gadolinium dioxide up to 100 GWd/tHMSTAICU Dragos; RONDINELLA Vincenzo; WALKER CLIVE; PAPAIOANNOU Dimitrios; KONINGS Rudy; RONCHI C.; SHEINDLIN Michael; SASAHARA A.; SONODA T.; KINOSHITA M.
JRC306882006Effect of Calibration Standards on the Quantification of Hydroxy Products from Can CoatingsSIMONEAU CATHERINE; PASTORELLI Sarah; BELDI GIORGIA
JRC114731996The Effect of Chemical Interactions on the Transport of Caesium in the Presence of BoronHONTANON Ester; LAZARIDIS Mihalis; DROSSINOS Ioannis
JRC523122009Effect of Chemistry-Aerosol-Climate Coupling on Predictions of Future Climate and Future Levels of Tropospheric Ozone and AerosolsLIAO Hong; RAES Frank; SEINFELD H.; ZHANG Ying; CHEN Wei-Ting
JRC563552010Effect of Chlorophyll Sampling Design on Water Quality Assessment in Thermally Stratified LakesNOGES Peeter; POIKANE Sandra; KOIV Toomas; NOGES Tiina
JRC230842002The Effect of Classifier Agreement on the Accuracy of the Combined Classifier in Decision Level Fusion.PETRAKOS Michail; BENEDIKTSSON Jon atli; KANELLOPOULOS Ioannis
JRC342852008The Effect of Climate Anomalies and Human Ignition Factor on Wildfires in Russian Boreal ForestsACHARD FREDERIC; EVA HUGH; MOLLICONE Danilo; BEUCHLE RENE'
JRC171392000Effect of Couple-Stresses on the Elastic Bending of Beams.ANTHOINE Armelle
JRC197502000The Effect of Coupled Heat and Mass Transfer on the Saturation Ratio in Laminar Tube Flow.EZQUERRA LARRODE Francisco; HOUSIADAS Christos; DROSSINOS Ioannis
JRC160801999The Effect of Cr- and Y-Implantation on the Oxidation Behaviour of PM Ni3Al.PEREZ P.; GONZALEZ CARRASCO J.l.; ADEVA P.; HAANAPPEL Vincentius antonius; STROOSNIJDER Marinus frederik
JRC520402010Effect of Cu content on the structure, and performance of substoichiometric Cr-N coatingsPOLYCHRONOPOULOU K.; DEMAS Nicholaos G.; GIBSON Peter; REBHOLZ C.; POLYCARPOU A.