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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC284842005Development of a European Ensemble System for Seasonal to Inter-Annual Prediction (DEMETER).PALMER T.n.; CANTELAUBE Pierre; TERRES Jean michel; ALESSANDRI A.; ANDERSEN U.; DAVEY M.; DELECLUSE P.; DEQUE M.; DIEZ E.; DOBLAS-REYES Francisco, et al
JRC372582007Development of a European Procedure for Assessment of High Cycle Thermal Fatigue in Light Water Reactors: Final Report of the NESC-Thermal Fatigue ProjectNILSSON KARL-FREDRIK; TAYLOR NIGEL; DAHLBERG M.; FAIDY C.; WILKE U; CHAPULIOT S; KALKHOF D; BRETHERTON I; CHURCH M; SOLIN J, et al
JRC885122014Development of a Full Layer Pore-Scale Model for the Simulation of Electro-Active Material Used in Power SourcesKRISTON AKOS; PFRANG Andreas; POPOV B.n.; BRETT Lois
JRC859412014Development of a gas transmission network reliability model: A case studyPRAKS PAVEL; KOPUSTINSKAS Vytis
JRC840172013Development of a general coupling interface for the fuel performance code TRANSURANUS tested with the reactor dynamic code DYN3DHOLT Lars; ROHDE Ulrich; SEIDL Markus; SCHUBERT Arndt; VAN UFFELEN Paul
JRC323852005Development of a General Scheme for Fuel Cycles and Life Cycles from all Energy Technologies as a Basis for the European Energy Risk Monitor (ERMON)COLLI Alessandra; VETERE ARELLANO ANA LISA; KIRCHSTEIGER Christian
JRC1010642015Development of a Global Fire Weather DatabaseFIELD R. D.; SPESSA A; AZIZ N.a.; CAMIA Andrea; CANTIN A.; CARR R.; DE GROOT J. W.; DOWDY A.j.; FLANNIGAN M. D.; MANOMAIPHIBOON K., et al
JRC775152012Development of a harmonised method for specific migration into the new simulant for dry foods established in Regulation 10/2011: Establishment of precision criteria from an EU interlaboratory comparison organized by the EURL- Food Contact Materials for the quantification from and migration into poly(2,6-diphenyl phenylene oxide)BELDI Giorgia; JAKUBOWSKA Natalia; PEYCHES BACH Aurelie; SIMONEAU Catherine
JRC94501993Development of a Heat Transfer Package Applicable to a Large Variety of FluidsFRANCHELLO Giovanni
JRC827422013Development of a high-activity 225Ac/213Bi radionuclide generator for synthesis of clinical doses of 213Bi-labelled biomoleculesBRUCHERTSEIFER Frank; APOSTOLIDIS Christos; MIRZADEH Saed; BOLL Rose; MURPHY Karen; MORGENSTERN Alfred
JRC833652015Development of a high/low concentration photovoltaic module with dichroic spectrum splittingANTONINI Andrea; BUTTURI M. A.; ZURRU Paolo; NORTON MATTHEW; PARRETTA A.
JRC1001352016Development of a Hopkinson bar apparatus for testing soft materials: application to a closed-cell aluminum foamPERONI MARCO; SOLOMOS George; BABCSAN Norbert
JRC262792005Development of a HPLC-ESI-MS Based Analytical Method for Intact Myoglobin by Means of Three Different Mass Spectrometers: Attempt and Limitations.WISSIACK Rene; BORDIN Guy; RODRIGUEZ-FERNANDEZ Adela
JRC974132015Development of a HPLC-UV method for the simultaneous determination of intracellular glutathione species in human cellsLIPŞA DORELIA; CACHO Carmen; LEVA Paolo; BARRERO Josefa; AGUAR FERNANDEZ Maria Pilar
JRC814682013Development of a kinematically focused neutron source with the p(7Li,n)7Be inverse reactionLEBOIS M.; WILSON J.; HALIPRE P.; LENIAU B.; MATEA I.; OBERSTEDT A.; OBERSTEDT Stephan; VERNEY D.
JRC80781991Development of a Kinetic Model, Including Rate Constant Estimations, on Iodine and Caesium Behaviour in the Primary Circuit of LWRs under Accident ConditionsBURON J.m.; FERNANDEZ S.; ALONSO-SANTOS A.
JRC679592011Development of a Management Strategy Evaluation process for IOTC - Working paper in support to the Scientific Committee of the Indian Ocean Tuna CommissionMOSQUEIRA SANCHEZ IAGO
JRC90991992Development of a Mathematical Model and a Numerical Simulator for the Analysis and Optimization of Batch ReactorsHERNANDEZ H.; BARCONS C.
JRC132491996Development of a Mathematical Model and a Simulator for the Analysis and Optimization of Batch Reactors. Experimental Model Characterization Using a Reaction CalorimeterHERNANDEZ Guevara hector javier; BARCONS C.
JRC374982007Development of a Mechanistically-based Genetically Engineered PC12 Cell System to Detect p53-mediated cytotoxicityVAN VLIET ERWIN; ESKES CHANTRA; STINGELE Silvia; GARTLON JOANNE; FARINA MASSIMO; PONTI JESSICA; PRICE ANNA; SABBIONI ENRICO; HARTUNG THOMAS; COECKE SANDRA