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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC378162007Determining the Number of Factors in the General Dynamic Factor ModelHALLIN Marc; LISKA ROMAN
JRC344312006Determining the Quality of Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) for Applications in Nuclear Power PlantsKIRCHSTEIGER Christian; KUBANYI Jozef; KOUZMINA Irina
JRC67211989Deterministic and Probabilistic Crack Growth Analysis for JRC 1/5 Scale Pressure Vessel No. R2BRUECKNER-FOIT A.
JRC588542011Deterring Illegal Activities in the Fisheries Sector - Genetics, Genomics, Chemistry and Forensics to Fight IUU Fishing and in Support of Fish Product TraceabilityMARTINSOHN Jann
JRC963772015Detrimental Effects of Radiation on the Fluorescence of Fluorophores: Implications for Dual-Modality ImagingHERNANDEZ Reinier; HESKAMP Sandra; RIJPKEMA Mark; GOLDENBERG David; MCBRIDE William; MORGENSTERN Alfred; BRUCHERTSEIFER Frank; CAI Weibo; BOERMAN Otto
JRC137501997Detritiation of Graphite and Beryllium Plasma-Facing Components.BRENNA M.; PETRAGLIA E.; CAMPI F.
JRC52571988Deuterium Permeability of the Austenitic SS AISI 316GAUTSCH Othmar; HODAPP Guenter
JRC180142001Deuterium Recycling Rate Constants Derived from Plasma Implantation/Desorption Shots in a Martensitic Steel Surface.SEDANO L.a.; ESTEBAN G.a.; PERUJO Adolfo
JRC77771991Deuterium- Deuterium Fusion by an Activated PrecursorCEROFOLINI G.f.; OTTAVIANI G.; FOGLIO PARA A.
JRC490062008Deuteron Cyclotron Production Studies of High Specific Activity Lu-117g in NCA Form for Metabolic RadiotherapyBONARDI M L; GROPPI F; PERSICO E; GANDINI A; MARCHETTI M.; MANENTI S.; ABBAS KAMEL; HOLZWARTH UWE; GIBSON PETER; SIMONELLI FEDERICA
JRC166191998Deuteron Irradiation Creep of Chemically Vapour Deposited Silicon Carbide Fibers.SCHOLZ Reinhard
JRC476282008Devcocast in Support of Environmental Management and Sustainable Development in AfricaJACOBS Tim; BORSTLAP Geert; BARTHOLOME Etienne; MAATHUIS Ben
JRC688352011Develop and Operate 'monitoring and early warning services on effective user demands'SMETS Bruno; PEKEL JEAN-FRANÇOIS; DEFOURNY Pierre; CRESMAN Keith; JACOBS Tim; COELST Frederik
JRC710062012Developing a CBA Methodology for the Scenario-Based Land-Use Impact Assessment of Proposed Rail Investments in the Leipzig RegionUSTAOGLU EDA; WILLIAMS Brendan; PETROV Laura
JRC245022002Developing a Compass for Risk Assessment.KIRCHSTEIGER Christian
JRC634212011Developing a European Drought Observatory for monitoring, assessing and forecasting droughts across the European ContinentVOGT Juergen; BARBOSA FERREIRA Paulo; HOFER BARBARA; SINGLETON ANDREW
JRC701232012Developing a Forest Data Portal to Support Multi-Scale Decision MakingMC INERNEY DANIEL; BASTIN Lucy; DIAZ Laura; CARLOS Figueriedo; BARREDO CANO Jose'; SAN-MIGUEL-AYANZ Jesus
JRC884822014Developing a Harmony-based Optimization Toolbox: Application on renewable energy production.KOUGIAS IOANNIS; KARAKATSANIS Diamantis; MALATRAS APOSTOLOS; THEODOSSIOU Nicolaos
JRC1042872016Developing a model-based framework for quality assessments of in-situ measurement protocols for albedoADAMS JENNIFER; GOBRON Nadine; WIDLOWSKI Jean-Luc; MIO CORRADO
JRC896382014Developing a Multi-Frequency for GNSS-Based Scintillation Monitoring ReceiverCURRAN JAMES THOMAS; BAVARO MICHELE; MORRISON Aiden; FORTUNY GUASCH Joaquim