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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC750352012Development of a thermohydraulic model of the European Sodium Fast Reactor (ESFR) using the system code TRACELAZARO CHUECA AURELIO; AMMIRABILE Luca; MARTORELL S.; VERDU G.
JRC802232013Development of a three-dimensional thermohydraulic-neutronic coupling scheme for transient analysis of liquid metal cooled fast reactor technologies using the system code TRACE-PARCSLAZARO CHUECA AURELIO; STANISZ PRZEMYSLAW STANISLAW; AMMIRABILE Luca; TSIGE-TAMIRAT Haileyesus; MARTORELL S.; VERDU G.
JRC234562004Development of a Treatment Planning System for BNCT Based on Positron Emission Tomography Data: Preliminary Results.CERULLO N.; DAQUINO Giuseppe; MUZI J.; ESPOSITO J.
JRC912652014Development of a versatile sample preparation method and its application for rare-earth pattern and Nd isotope ratio analysis in nuclear forensicsKRAJKO JUDIT; VARGA ZSOLT; WALLENIUS Maria; MAYER Klaus
JRC813712014Development of a Web-Based Geographical Information System for Interactive Visualization and Analysis of Container ItinerariesDIMITROVA TATYANA; TSOIS Aris; CAMOSSI Elena
JRC323792005Development of a Web-Based Information System for Benchmarking of Safety Assessment Approaches for Research ReactorsKIRCHSTEIGER Christian; LAUTER Hannelore
JRC958502015Development of a web-based tool for the assessment of health and economic outcomes of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA)BOEHLER CHRISTIAN; DE GRAAF Gimon; STEUTEN Lotte; YANG Yaling; ABADIE Fabienne
JRC67281989Development of Advanced Instrumentation for the PHEBUS-FP Project. Preliminary StudiesHAMPEL G.
JRC520362009Development of an Accelerator Driven Neutron Activator for Medical Radioisotope ProductionABBAS Kamel; BUONO S.; BURGIO N.; COTOGNO Giulio; GIBSON Peter; MACIOCCO L.; MERCURIO GIOVANNI; SANTAGATA A; SIMONELLI Federica; TAGZIRIA Hamid
JRC738642012Development of an active 238UF6 gas targetECKARDT C.; ENDERS J.; FREUDENBERGER M.; GÖÖK A.; VON NEUMANN-COSEL P.; OBERSTEDT A.; OBERSTEDT Stephan
JRC838112013Development of an Adverse Outcome Pathway From Drug-Mediated Bile Salt Export Pump Inhibition to Cholestatic Liver InjuryVINKEN Mathieu; LANDESMANN Brigitte; GOUMENOU Marina; VINKEN Stefanie; SHAH Imran; JAESCHKE Hartmut; WILLETT Catherine; WHELAN Maurice; ROGIERS Vera
JRC459312008Development of an Analytical Method for the Determination of Photoinitiators Used for Food Packaging Materials with Potential to Migrate into MilkSANCHEZ SILVA A.; PASTORELLI Sarah; CRUZ J.m.; SIMONEAU CATHERINE; PASEIRO-LOSADA P.
JRC337032007Development of an Automatic Static Volumetric Method Based on Loop InjectionLAGLER FRIEDRICH; GERBOLES MICHEL; BOROWIAK ANNETTE
JRC308882005Development of an Automatic Static Volumetric Method to Generate Primary Reference Gas MixturesLAGLER FRIEDRICH; GERBOLES MICHEL
JRC279852005Development of an Automatic System for Burned Areas Mapping. A Spatio-Temporal Dynamic Thresholding Approach.PALACIOS ORUETA Alicia; CARMONA-MORENO Cesar; GARCIA M.
JRC209072001Development of an Electrothermal Vaporisation ICP-MS Method and the Assessment of its Applicability to Homogeneity Studies of Reference Materials.FRIESE K.-c.; WAETJEN Uwe; GROBECKER K.h.
JRC199842000Development of an Electrothermal Vaporization System and its Application to Homogeneity Studies of Reference Materials Using ICP-MS Detection.FRIESE K.-c.; WAETJEN Uwe; GROBECKER K.h.
JRC498102011Development of an ELISA Reverse-Based Assay to Assess the Presence of Mycotoxins in Cereal FlourFOLLONI Silvia; BELLOCCHI Gianni; KAGKLI DAFNI; PASTOR-BENITO Susana; AGUILERA Margarita; MAZZEO Alessandra; QUERCI Maddalena; VAN DEN EEDE Guy; ERMOLLI Monica
JRC885352013Development of an experimental set-up for the measurement of neutron-induced fission and capture cross sections of radioactive fissile nucleiCOMPANIS I.; AICHE Mourad; MATHIEU L.; SCHILLEBEECKX Peter; HEYSE JAN; BARREAU G.; CZAJKOWSKI C.; DUCASSE Q.; GUNSING F.; JURADO B., et al
JRC284382004Development of an Extraction Method for the Determination of Zearalenone in Corn Using Less Organic Solvents.PALLARONI Lea; VON HOLST Christoph