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JRC102101994The Effects of Temperature and Stress Variations on the Deuteron Irradiation Creep Type 316L Stainless SteelSCHOLZ Reinhard
JRC659312012Effects of Temperature, Salinity and Fish in Structuring the Macroinvertebrate Community in Shallow Lakes: Implications for Effects of Climate ChangeBRUCET SANDRA; BOIX Dani; NATHANSEN Louise; QUINTANA Xavier D.; JENSEN Elisabeth; BALAYLA D.; MEERHOFF Mariana; JEPPESEN Erik
JRC379392007Effects of Temperature, Swimming Speed and Body Mass on Standard and Active Metabolic Rate in Vendace (Coregonus albula)OHLBERGER Jan; STAAKS Georg; HOELKER FRANZ
JRC727992013Effects of the Fuel Price Crisis on the Energy Efficiency and the Economic Performance of the European Union Fishing FleetsCHEILARI Anna; GUILLEN Jordi; DAMALAS DIMITRIOS; BARBAS Thomas
JRC685212012Effects of time-series length and gauge network density on rainfall climatology estimates in Latin AmericaMAEDA EDUARDO EIJI; AREVALO TORRES JUAN; CARMONA MORENO Cesar
JRC499452009Effects of Toluene and Benzene Air Mixtures on Human Lung Cells (A549)PARISELLI Fabrizio; SACCO Maria-Grazia; PONTI Jessica; REMBGES Diana
JRC176821999Effects of Trace Metal Compounds on HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase. An in Vitro Study.SABBIONI Enrico; BLANCH Neus; BARICEVIK C.; SERRA BELTRAN Miguel angel
JRC94151993Effects of Trace Metals in Mouse B16 Melanoma Cells in CultureSABBIONI Enrico; BASSLEER Roger
JRC603822010Effects of Transport Infrastructure Plans on Climate Change. Application to the Spanish Strategic Transport and Infrastructure Plan 2005¿2020 (PEIT)LOPEZ Elena; MONZON Andrés; CHRISTIDIS Panayotis
JRC127151997Effects of Uncertainties in Meteorological Inputs on Urban Airshed Model Predictions and Ozone Control StrategiesSISTLA G.; ZHOU N.; HAO W.; KU J.-y.; RAO S.t.; BORNSTEIN R.; FREEDMAN F.; THUNIS Philippe
JRC681292012Effects of Variable Power on a Country-scale Electricity System: High Penetration of Hydro Power Plants and Wind Farms in Electricity GenerationPURVINS ARTURS; PAPAIOANNOU IOULIA; OLEINIKOVA Irina; TZIMAS Evangelos
JRC273762004Effects of Water Availability on the Isotopic Carbon Fluxes in a Beech Forest Ecosystems.SCARTAZZA Andrea; MATA Catarina; MATTEUCCI Giorgio; SCARASCIA MUGNOZZA Giuseppe; BRUGNOLI Enrico
JRC223032001Effects on Injection Position and Transponder Size on the Performance of Passive Injectable Transponders Used for the Electronic Identification of Cattle.CONILL Cristina; CAJA G.; NEHRING R.; RIBO Arboledas josep oriol
JRC232242002Effetti Tossicologici e Potenziale Cancerogeno di Metalli in Tracce. Studi in vitro mediante Colture Cellulari (Tesi di laurea presentata ...)PONTI Jessica
JRC283112004Effetto della Qualità del Fuel e della Tecnologia Motoristica sulle Caratteristiche Fisiche del Particolato da Veicoli DieselMARTINI G.; COLOMBO Rinaldo; KRASENBRINK Alois; COLLIA Despina; GIAVAZZI F.
JRC317522005Effetto Delle Emulsioni Gasolio/Acqua Sulle Emissioni di Veicoli DieselMARTINI GIORGIO; DE SANTI GIOVANNI; KRASENBRINK ALOIS; FARFALETTI CASALI ARIANNA
JRC623612010Efficience Technique des Institutions de Microfinance: Le Cas du Réseau des Mutuelles Communautaires de Croissance (MC2) au CamerounNZONGANG Joseph; KALA KAMDJOUG Jean Robert; PIOT-LEPETIT Isabelle; OMENGUELE Guy René; NISHIMIKIJIMANA Éloge
JRC630602011Efficiency and Evaluation Analysis of a Network of Technology Transfer BrokersAMICO ROXAS Salvatore; PIROLI GIUSEPPE; SORRENTINO Mario
JRC817842014Efficiency assessment of using satellite data for crop area estimation in UkraineGALLEGO PINILLA Francisco; KUSSUL Natalia; SKAKUN Sergii; KRAVCHENCKO Oleksii; SHELESTOV Andrii; KUSSUL Olga
JRC343512006Efficiency Gains from "What"-Flexibility in Climate Policy: An Integrated CGE AssessmentLOESCHEL Andreas; RUTHERFORD Thomas F.; BOEHRINGER Christoph