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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC337032007Development of an Automatic Static Volumetric Method Based on Loop InjectionLAGLER FRIEDRICH; GERBOLES MICHEL; BOROWIAK ANNETTE
JRC308882005Development of an Automatic Static Volumetric Method to Generate Primary Reference Gas MixturesLAGLER FRIEDRICH; GERBOLES MICHEL
JRC279852005Development of an Automatic System for Burned Areas Mapping. A Spatio-Temporal Dynamic Thresholding Approach.PALACIOS ORUETA Alicia; CARMONA-MORENO Cesar; GARCIA M.
JRC209072001Development of an Electrothermal Vaporisation ICP-MS Method and the Assessment of its Applicability to Homogeneity Studies of Reference Materials.FRIESE K.-c.; WAETJEN Uwe; GROBECKER K.h.
JRC199842000Development of an Electrothermal Vaporization System and its Application to Homogeneity Studies of Reference Materials Using ICP-MS Detection.FRIESE K.-c.; WAETJEN Uwe; GROBECKER K.h.
JRC498102011Development of an ELISA Reverse-Based Assay to Assess the Presence of Mycotoxins in Cereal FlourFOLLONI Silvia; BELLOCCHI Gianni; KAGKLI DAFNI; PASTOR-BENITO Susana; AGUILERA Margarita; MAZZEO Alessandra; QUERCI Maddalena; VAN DEN EEDE Guy; ERMOLLI Monica
JRC885352013Development of an experimental set-up for the measurement of neutron-induced fission and capture cross sections of radioactive fissile nucleiCOMPANIS I.; AICHE Mourad; MATHIEU L.; SCHILLEBEECKX Peter; HEYSE JAN; BARREAU G.; CZAJKOWSKI C.; DUCASSE Q.; GUNSING F.; JURADO B., et al
JRC284382004Development of an Extraction Method for the Determination of Zearalenone in Corn Using Less Organic Solvents.PALLARONI Lea; VON HOLST Christoph
JRC612722011Development of an Improved Method to Perform Single Particle Analysis by TIMS for Nuclear SafeguardsKRAIEM MONIA; RICHTER Stephan; KUEHN Heinz; AREGBE Yetunde
JRC1042132016Development of an in vitro metabolic hepatic clearance methodLOSTIA ALFONSO; ZORZOLI MARIA CHIARA; FORTANER TORRENT Salvador; MENDOZA EMILIO; BOUHIFD Mounir; COECKE Sandra
JRC439292008Development of an in vitro Test Battery for Assessing Chemical Effects on Bovine Germ Cells under the ReProTect UmbrellaLAZZARI Giovanna; TESSARO Irene; CROTI Gabriella; GALLI Cesare; HOFFMANN Sebastian; BREMER SUSANNE; PELLIZZER CRISTIAN
JRC321812006Development of an innovative immunoassay for CP4EPSPS and Cry1AB GM proteins detection and quantificationERMOLLI MONICA; PROSPERO ADELINA; BALLA BRANKO; QUERCI MADDALENA; MAZZEO Alessandra; VAN DEN EEDE GUY
JRC378512008Development of an Object-oriented Classification Model using Very High Resolution Satellite Imagery for Monitoring Diamond Mining ActivityPAGOT ELODIE; PESARESI MARTINO; BUDA DIRK
JRC349032007Development of an Official Test Method for On-Board PM Measurements from Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines in the European UnionRUBINO LAURETTA; BONNEL PIERRE; KRASENBRINK ALOIS; CARRIERO MASSIMO; KUBELT JANEK; FUMAGALLI IVANO; MONTIGNY FRANCOIS; DE SANTI GIOVANNI
JRC272452004Development of an Ombrotropic Peat Bog (Low Ash) Reference Material for the Determination of Elemental Concentrations.YAFA C.; FARMER J.g.; GRAHAM M.c.; BACON J.r.; BARBANTE C.; CAIRNS W.r.l.; BINDLER R.; RENBERG I.; CHEBURKIN A.; EMONS H., et al
JRC979742016Development of an operational low-flow index for hydrological drought monitoring over EuropeCAMMALLERI CARMELO; VOGT Juergen; SALAMON Peter
JRC190211999Development of an Optimized Method for Faster and More Reliable Automated U/Pu Separations.ZIEGLER H.; MAYER Klaus
JRC257552005Development of Analytical Methods for Safeguarding Nuclear Material at the Institute for Transuranium Elements.MAYER Klaus; OTTMAR Herbert; VAN BELLE P.; ABOUSAHL Said; BETTI Maria; TAMBORINI Gabriella; WALLENIUS Maria; MORGENSTERN A.
JRC357122006Development of Analytical Techniques for Studies on Dispersion of Actinides in the Environment and Characterization of Environmental Radioactive ParticlesJERNSTROEM Jussi
JRC241392003Development of Certified Reference Materials for Mycotoxins (Invited Lecture)JOSEPHS Ralf; BERNREUTHER Alexander; ULBERTH Franz