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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC560402009Direct nano ESI time-of-flight Mass Spectrometric Investigations on Lanthanide BTP Complexes in the Extraction-relevant Diluent 1-octanolSTEPPERT M.; WALTHER Clemens; GEIST A.; FANGHAENEL Thomas
JRC404142007Direct Nanopatterning of 3D Chemically Active Structures for Biological ApplicationsBRETAGNOL FREDERIC; VALSESIA ANDREA; SASAKI TAKAO; CECCONE GIACOMO; COLPO PASCAL; ROSSI FRANCOIS
JRC305442006Direct Observation of Electric-quadrupolar Order in UO2WILKINS S.b.; CACIUFFO R.a.; DETLEFS C.; REBIZANT JEAN; COLINEAU ERIC; WASTIN FRANCK; LANDER Gerard
JRC926852015Direct observation of finite size effects in chains of antiferromagnetically coupled spinsGUIDI T.; GILLON B.; MASON S.a.; GARLATTI E.; CARRETTA S.; SANTINI P.; STUNAULT A.; CACIUFFO Roberto; VAN SLAGEREN J.; KLEMKE B., et al
JRC292612004Direct Observation of Itinerant Magnetism in the 5f-Electron System UTe.DURAKIEVICZ T.; BATISTA C.d.; THOMPSON J.d.; OLSON C.g.; JOYCE J.j.; LANDER Gerard; GUBERNATIS J.e.; GUZIEWICZ E.; BUTTERFIELD M.; ARKO A.j., et al
JRC302642006Direct Observation of Phase Coherence in 3-k Magnetic ConfigurationsBLACKBURN Elizabeth; BERNHOEFT N.; MCINTYRE G.; WILKINS S.b.; BOULET Pascal; OLLIVIER J.; PODLESNYAK A.; JURANYI F.; JAVORSKY Pavel; LANDER Gerard, et al
JRC209472000Direct Observations of Skin-Bulk SST Variability.MURRAY M.j.; ALLEN M.r.; MERCHANT C.j.; HARRIS A.r.; DONLON Craig
JRC192932000Direct Observations of Skin-Bulk SST Variability.MURRAY M.j.; ALLEN M.r.; MERCHANT C.j.; HARRIS A.r.; DONLON Craig
JRC324462005Direct Read-Out CMOS Camera With Applications to Full-Field Optical Coherence TomographyEGAN Patrick; LAKESTANI FEREYDOUN; WHELAN MAURICE; CONNELLY Michael J.
JRC316112005Direct Traceability of the Portable QASUME Irradiance Scale to the Primary Irradiance Standard of the PTB.GROEBNER Julian; SPERFELD Peter
JRC339412006Directed Technical Change and Climate PolicyOTTO VINCENT; LOESCHEL Andreas; REILLY JOHN
JRC434612008Directional Connectivity of Wolf (Canis Lupus) Populations in Northwest Spain and Anthropogenic Effects on Dispersal PatternsRODRIGUEZ FREIRE MONICA; CRECENTE MASEDA Rafael
JRC230302002Directional Morphological Filtering.SOILLE Pierre; TALBOT Hughes
JRC209062001Directional Morphological Filtering.SOILLE Pierre; TALBOT Hughes
JRC659122011Directions in entrepreneurship education in EuropeRIZZA CAROLINE; AMORIM VARUM Celeste
JRC599432011Disaggregating population density of the European Union with CORINE Land CoverGALLEGO PINILLA Francisco; BATISTA E SILVA FILIPE; ROCHA GOMES CARLA PATRICIA; MUBAREKA Sarah
JRC932142015Disaggregation of sectors in Social Accounting Matrices using a customized Wolsky methodBARRERA-LOZANO Margarita; MAINAR CAUSAPÉ ALFREDO; VALLÉS FERRER José
JRC639472012Discard mitigation – what we can learn from waste minimization practices in other natural resources?STOCKHAUSEN Björn; OFFICER R.a.; SCOTT ROBERT
JRC754162014Discarded fish in European waters: general patterns and contrastsUHLMANN Sebastian; VAN HELMOND Aloysius; STEFÁNSDÓTTIR Elisabet; HARALABOUS John; BELLIDO J.m.; CARBONELL A.; CATCHPOLE Thomas; DAMALAS DIMITRIOS; FAUCONNET Lorance; FEEKINGS J., et al
JRC239562003DISCO, a General Computer Program for the Computation of Acid Dissociation Constants of Polyprotic Molecules in Water and Biological Fluids from Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Data: Application to Polyamines.RENIERO Fabiano; GUILLOU Claude gualbert; FRASSINETI Chiara; GHELLI Stefano