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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC408532010Detecting price outliers in European trade data with the forward search.PERROTTA DOMENICO; TORTI Francesca
JRC678122012Detecting un-authorized genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and derived materialsHOLST-JENSEN Arne; BERTHEAU Yves; DE LOOSE Marc; GROHMANN Lutz; HAMELS Sandrine; HOUGS Liselotte; MORISSET Dany; PECORARO Sven; PLA Maria; VAN DEN BULCKE MARC, et al
JRC221282001Detecting Vegetation Leaf Water Content Using Reflectance in the Optical Domain.CECCATO Pietro; FLASSE Stephane; TARANTOLA Stefano; JACQUEMOUD Stephane; GREGOIRE Jean-marie
JRC1068322017Detecting vessels carrying migrants using machine learningSFYRIDIS ALEXANDROS; CHENG TAO; VESPE MICHELE
JRC888662016Detecting, Modelling and Responding to Effusive EruptionsHARRIS Andrew; DE GROEVE Tom; GAREL Fanny; CARN Simon
JRC222102001Detection and Characterization of Boreal Coniferous Forests from Remote Sensing Data.WIDLOWSKI Jean-luc; PINTY Bernard; GOBRON Nadine; VERSTRAETE Michel m.
JRC464032008Detection and Characterization of Urban Objects from VHR Optical Image DataSTEEL ALAN; BRUNNER DOMINIK
JRC595442010Detection and Classification of Interacting PersonsBLUNSDEN SCOTT; FISHER Robert
JRC403182007Detection and Discrimination between Oil Spills and Look-Alike Phenomena through Neural NetworksTOPOUZELIS KONSTANTINOS; KARATHANASSI Vassilia; PAVLAKIS Petros; ROKOS Demetrius
JRC953932015Detection and Measurement of Landscape FragmentationVOGT Peter
JRC176881999Detection and Quantification of Cocoa Butter Equivalents in Chocolate Model Systems. Analysis of Triglyceride Profiles by High Resolution GCSIMONEAU Cathrine; HANNAERT Philippe; ANKLAM Elke
JRC270342004Detection and Quantification of Cocoa Butter Equivalents in Cocoa Butter and Plain Chocolate by GLC of Triglycerides.BUCHGRABER Manuela; SENALDI Chiara; ULBERTH F.; ANKLAM Elke
JRC364272007Detection and Quantification of Cocoa Butter Equivalents in Milk Chocolate - Validated MethodBUCHGRABER MANUELA; ANDRONI SIMONA
JRC230472002Detection and Quantitifaction of Selenium in Proteins by Means of Gel Electrophoresis and Electrothermal Vaporization ICP-MS.CHERY Cyrille; CHASSAIGNE Hubert; VERBEECK Lien; CORNELIS Rita; VANHAECKE Frank; MOENS Luc
JRC362402006Detection and Removal of Surface-Bound Pyrogenic ContaminationsHASIWA MARINA
JRC84281991Detection and Sizing of Surface Breaking Cracks by Focalized Surface Waves: Experimental Results and Theoretical ModellingLAKESTANI Fereydoun
JRC481442009Detection Efficiency Calculation for Photons, Electrons and Positrons in a Well Detector - Part I: Analytical ModelPOMME Stefaan
JRC481452009Detection Efficiency Calculation for Photons, Electrons and Positrons in a Well Detector - Part II: Analytical Model versus SimulationsPOMME Stefaan; SIBBENS Goedele; VIDMAR Tim; CAMPS Johan; PEYRES Virginia
JRC1088532017Detection of 106Ru, via the decay of its daughter 106Rh, in gamma-ray spectra : Technical considerations for laboratory workHULT MIKAEL; LUTTER GUILLAUME
JRC728392012Detection of abnormal behavior in trade data using Wavelets, Kalman Filter and Forward SearchDAMERVAL CHRISTOPHE