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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC659722011The distribution of adult training in European countries - Evidences from recent surveysBADESCU Mircea; GARROUSTE CHRISTELLE; LOI MASSIMO
JRC404042009The Distribution of Dairy Farm Size in Poland: A Markov Approach Based on Information TheoryTONINI Axel; JONGENEEL Roel
JRC653932011The Distribution of Heavy Metals Following Sewage Sludge GasificationSAVEYN HANS; FERRASSE J.h.; HERNANDEZ A.b.; ROSE J.; VAN DER MEEREN P.; ROCHE Nicolas
JRC85941992Distribution of Optical Isomers of Monoterpenes (plus/minus alpha-Pinene) in the Leaf-Oil of ConifersKOTZIAS Dimitrios; DUANE Matthew
JRC538782009Distribution of Organic Carbon in Soil Profile DataHIEDERER Roland
JRC281212005Distribution of Peat and Peaty-Topped Soils in Europe.MONTANARELLA Luca; JONES R.j.a.; HIEDERER Roland
JRC952052015Distribution of Plutonium, Americium and Interfering Fission Products between Nitric Acid and a Mixed Organic Phase of TODGA and DMDOHEMA in Kerosene, and Implications for the Design of the "EURO-GANEX" ProcessCARROTT Michael; GEIST A.; HERES Xavier; LANGE Steve; MALMBECK Rikard; MIGUIRDITCHIAN Manuel; MODOLO G.; WILDEN Andreas; TAYLOR Robin
JRC342372005Distribution of Prompt Neutron Emission Probability for Fission Fragments in Spontaneous Fission of 252Cf and 244,248CmVOROBYEV A.s.; DUSHIN V.n.; HAMBSCH FRANZ-JOSEF; JAKOVLEV V.a.; KALININ V.a.; LAPTEV A.b.; PETROV B.f.; SHCHERBAKOV O.a.
JRC326472005Distribution Patterns of Particulate Trace Metals in the Water Column and Nepheloid Layer of the Gulf of RigaPOIKANE SANDRA; CARSTENSEN J.; DAHLLOF I.; AIGARS J.
JRC359242007Distribution, Fate and Bioaccumulation of Selected Herbicides in the Sacca di Goro Lagoon: Coupled Experimental and Modeling ApproachesCARAFA ROBERTA
JRC906402014Distributional and regional economic impact of energy taxes in BelgiumVANDYCK TOON; VAN REGEMORTER Denise
JRC120111995Distributional Aspects of Acidification Policies in the European UnionNIJKAMP Peter
JRC614612010Distributional Effects of CAP Subsidies: Micro Evidence from the EUCIAIAN Pavel; KANCS D'ARTIS; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio
JRC525332011The distributional impact of large dams: Evidence from cropland productivity in AfricaSTROBL Eric; STROBL Robert
JRC611052010The Distributional Impact of Large Dams: Evidence from Cropland Productivity in AfricaSTROBL Eric; STROBL Robert Ole; SOMMA Francesca
JRC957232015Distributions of air pollutants associated with oil and gas development measured in the Upper Green River Basin of Wyoming.FIELD R.a.; SOLTIS Jeff; PEREZ BALLESTA Pascual; GRANDESSO EMANUELA; MONTAGUE Derek
JRC857862014Distributive effects of new highway infrastructure in the Netherlands: the role of network effects and spatial spilloversCONDECO MELHORADO ANA MARGARIDA; TILLEMA Taede; DE JONG Tom; KOOPAL Rogier
JRC573062011Disturbances in the European Nuclear Power Plant Safety Related Electrical SystemsDUCHAC Alexander; NOEL MARC
JRC402362007The diurnal evolution of 222-Rn and its progeny in the atmospheric boundary layer during the Wangara experimentVINUESA JEAN; BASU Sukanta; GALMARINI STEFANO
JRC372662007The Diurnal Evolution of 222-Rn and its Progeny in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer during the Wangara ExperimentVINUESA JEAN; BASU SUKANTA; GALMARINI STEFANO