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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC562242010Disentangling Uncertainties in Distributed Hydrological Modeling Using Multiplicative Error Models and Sequential Data AssimilationSALAMON Peter; FEYEN Luc
JRC45761986Disintegration Rates from the Decay of Fission ProductsSCHNEIDER Johann; KAHN E.; ORECHER S.
JRC112741995A Dislocation Dynamical Theory of the Ductile-to-Brittle TransitionSTAMM Hermann
JRC560492009Dislocation Dynamics Modelling of the Ductile-Brittle TransitionHENNECKE Thomas; HAEHNER Peter
JRC309552005Dismantling of Obsolete Installations and Glove BoxesMELIS GUSTAAF; CRETSKENS Pieter
JRC937802014Dispa-SET 2.0: unit commitment and power dispatch modelHIDALGO GONZALEZ IGNACIO; QUOILIN SYLVAIN; ZUCKER ANDREAS
JRC956802015Dispersion Behaviour of Silica Nanoparticles in Biological Media and Its Influence on Cellular UptakeHALAMODA KENZAOUI BLANKA; CERIDONO MARA; COLPO Pascal; VALSESIA Andrea; URBAN LOPEZ PATRICIA; OJEA JIMENEZ ISAAC; GIORIA Sabrina; GILLILAND Douglas; ROSSI Francois; KINSNER-OVASKAINEN Agnieszka
JRC600202014Dispersion fuelsSOMERS Joseph
JRC157941998Dispersion Modelling Using Ensemble Forecast, Compared to ETEX Measurements.STRAUME A.g.; KOFFI Ernest; NODOP Katrin
JRC163551998Dispersion Modelling Using Ensemble Forecasts, Compared to ETEX Measurements.STRAUME A.g.
JRC258602004The Dispersion of chemically Reactive Species in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer.VILA-GUERAU DE A. Jordi; DOSIO A.; VINUESA J.f.; HOLTSLAG A.a.m.; GALMARINI Stefano
JRC51291987Dispersione Atmosferica di Gas Pesanti: Sviluppo di un Modello e Confronto con Dati SperimentaliGRAZIANI Giovanni; VOLTA Giuseppe; MORETTI P.
JRC355382007Displacement and Strain Field Photogrammetric Measurements of a Reinforced Concrete Slab Submitted to an Earthquakes LoadingCAPERAN PHILIPPE
JRC380802007Displacement Based Design Methodologies for BridgesPAULOTTO CARLO; AYALA MILIAN Amado; TAUCER FABIO
JRC426712007Displacement Based Design Procedures for RC Bridges - Formulation and Comparison of Two ApproachesAYALA Gustavo; PAULOTTO Carlo; TAUCER FABIO
JRC250912003DISPLAY-2: a Two-Dimensional Shallow Layer Model for Dense Gas Dispersion Including Complex Features.VENETSANOS A.g.; BARTZIS J.; WUERTZ Jorgen; PAPAILIOU D.d.
JRC356462006Disproportionation of Pu(IV) or a Two Step Mechanism - Redox Behavior of Pu(TV) in Acidic SolutionsWALTHER C.; CHO H.r.; MARQUARDT C.m.; NECK V.; SEIBERT Alice; YUN J.i.; FANGHAENEL THOMAS
JRC112851995Disruption problematics in Segmented Blanket ConceptsFANTECHI Sofia; INZAGHI Angelo; ROCHEZ Eric; SAKELLARIS Ioannis
JRC874892013Dissemination and implementation of the new food safety tool for exposure assessment - Flavourings, Additives and food Contact materials Exposure Tool (FACET)SIMONEAU Catherine
JRC435692008Dissemination Strategies: How Do they Influence the Uptake of New 3Rs Methods across Laboratories and other Boundaries? - A Report of a Workshop held by the European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (EPAA) Working Group 3aROBINSON Sally; BASKETTER David; BUSSI Rita; COENEN Joachim; CONNOLLY Philip; ELVIG-JORGENSEN Signe Gry; HERMANS Helma; HOFFMEISTER Alan; LACERDA Antonio; LINGE JENS, et al