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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC195512000The Development of Indicators for Contaminated Sites. A New Methodology for Monitoring, Assessing and Reporting on the Environmental Problem of Contaminated Sites at European Level.FERRARI M.; VAN LIEDEKERKE Marc henri
JRC806622013Development of inventory datasets through remote sensing and direct observation data for earthquake loss estimationTENERELLI Patrizia; CROWLEY Helen; KAYNIA Amir; TAUCER Fabio; HANCILAR Ufuk
JRC869562014Development of ionisation chambers for the simultaneous measurement of the neutron-induced capture and fission cross section of 233UMATHIEU L.; COMPANIS I.; AICHE Mourad; SCHILLEBEECKX Peter; HEYSE JAN; BARREAU G.; BOUTOUX G.; CZAJKOWSKI S.; GUNSING F.; JURADO B., et al
JRC528132009Development of marginal emission factors for N losses from agricultural soils with the DNDC¿CAPRI meta-modelBRITZ Wolfgang; LEIP Adrian
JRC645182011Development of micro-electrode array based tests for neurotoxicity: assessment of interlaboratory reproducibility with neuroactive chemicalsNOVELLINO Antonio; SCELFO BIBIANA; PALOSAARI Taina; PRICE Anna; SOBANSKI Tomasz; SHAFER Tim; JOHNSTONE Andrew; GROSS Gunter; GRAMOWSKI Alexandra; SCHROEDER Olaf, et al
JRC975502016Development of multi-scale structure homogenization approaches based on modeled particle deposition for the simulation of electrochemical energy conversion and storage devicesKRISTON AKOS; PFRANG Andreas; BRETT Lois
JRC569132009Development of Nanoarrayed Surfaces for Improved SPR Detection of Biomolecular RecognitionVIEIRA LISBOA Patricia
JRC484422008Development of National Metrology, Standardisation, Conformity Assessment and Accreditation System in Croatia: 3rd INTERIM REPORT CARDS 2004 - Croatia, Project No 116536POPOSKI Nikola; TODOROVA Ani; VAN NEVEL Lutgart; TAYLOR Philip
JRC516022009Development of National Metrology, Standardisation, Conformity Assessment and Accreditation System. 4th Interim Report CARDS 2004POPOSKI Nikola; VAN NEVEL Lutgart; TAYLOR Philip
JRC840862013Development of neutron resonance densitometry at the GELINA TOF facilitySCHILLEBEECKX Peter; ABOUSAHL Said; BECKER BJÖRN; BORELLA A.; EMILIANI FEDERICA; HARADA Hiroshi; KAUWENBERGHS KIM JOSEPHA; KITATANI F.; KOIZUMI M.; KOPECKY Stefan, et al
JRC228542002Development of New Analytical Methods for Selenium Speciation in Selenium-Enriched Yeast Material.CHASSAIGNE Hubert; CHERY Cyrille; BORDIN Guy; RODRIGUEZ-FERNANDEZ Adela
JRC371912008Development of New Analytical Solutions for Elastic Thermal Stress Components in a Hollow Cylinder Under Sinusoidal Transient Thermal LoadingRADU Vasile; TAYLOR NIGEL; PAFFUMI Elena
JRC368432007The Development of new Concepts for Assessing Reproductive Toxicity Applicable to large Scale Toxicological ProgrammesBREMER SUSANNE; PELLIZZER CRISTIAN; HOFFMANN SEBASTIAN; SEIDLE T.; HARTUNG THOMAS
JRC289722005Development of New Low Chromium Ferritic Steels for Low Temperature ApplicationSRODA Szymon; ARPONEN Mikko; BAXTER David
JRC1005232016Development of new open and free multi-temporal global population grids at 250 m resolutionCARNEIRO FREIRE SERGIO MANUEL; MACMANUS Kytt; PESARESI Martino; DOXSEY-WHITFIELD Erin; MILLS Jane
JRC707582012Development of new Structural Materials for Advanced Fission and Fusion Reactor Systems Book of abstracts of the 2nd Joint IAEA-EC topical meetingZEMAN A.; HAEHNER Peter
JRC469782008The Development of Novel Approaches to the Identification of Chemical and Protein Respiratory AllergensROGGEN Erwin; AUFDERHEIDE Michaela; CETIN Yuksel; DEARMAN Rebecca; GIBBS Sue; HERMANNS Iris; KIMBER Ian; REGAL Jean; ROVIDA Maria; WARHEIT David B., et al
JRC860482013Development of NSDIs in Western Balkan countries in accordance with INSPIRECETL VLADO; SMITS Paul; TOTH Katalin
JRC857302013Development of options for changing REACH requirements for nanomaterials and assessment of their consequences for industry, consumer human health and the environmentASCHBERGER KARIN
JRC156831997Development of Oxidation/Corrosion Resistant Coatings for Ceramic-Ceramic Composites.DIAS Guerreiro antonio; HOFFMANN Michael; COOK Russell lee