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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC565522010Development and Preparation of a New Serum Protein Reference Material: Feasibility Studies and ProcessingZEGERS Ingrid; SCHREIBER Wiebke; LINSTEAD Sarah; LAMMERS Manfred; MCCUSKER Matthew; MUNOZ-PINEIRO MARIA AMALIA; ITOH Yoshihisa; MERLINI Giampaolo; TRAPMANN Stefanie; EMONS Hendrik, et al
JRC829632014Development and review of Euro 5 passenger car emission factors based on experimental results over various driving cyclesFONTARAS GEORGIOS; FRANCO GARCIA Vicente; DILARA Panagiota; MARTINI Giorgio; MANFREDI Urbano
JRC310332006Development and Single-laboratory Validation of a Gas-chromatographic Method for the Analysis of 15 Mutagenic and Genotoxic PAHs in Primary Smole CondensatesSIMON RUPERT; PALME Sonja; ANKLAM ELKE
JRC897772015Development and testing of a European Union –wide farm-level carbon calculatorTUOMISTO HANNA LEENA; DE CAMILLIS CAMILLO; LEIP Adrian; NISINI SCACCHIAFICHI Luigi; PELLETIER NATHANIEL; HAASTRUP Palle
JRC554092010Development and Testing of a Physically-Based, Three-Dimensional Model of Surface and Subsurface HydrologyPISTOCCHI Alberto; BITTELLI Marco; TOMEI Fausto; FLURY Markus; BOLL Jan; BROOKS Erin; ANTOLINI Gabriele
JRC320482005Development and Testing of Methods to Assess the Impact of Climate Change on Flood and Drought Risk at the European ScaleFEYEN LUC; DANKERS Rutger
JRC965862015Development and testing of the media monitoring tool MedISys for early identification and reporting of existing and emerging plant health threatsALOMAR Oscar; BATTLE A; BRUNETTI J M; GARCIA Roberto; GIL R; GRANOLLERS A; JIMENEZ S; LAVINA A; LINGE Jens; PAUTASSO Marco, et al
JRC372392007Development and Testing Trials of an Experimental Sensor Instrument within the Layer of Waste on the Moving Grate in Municipal Solid Waste IncineratorsMARTINEC Jiri; SCHOSGER JEAN-PIERRE; BAXTER DAVID; SVOBODA Karel; MARTINCOVA JANA VICTORIA
JRC43741987Development and Use of Cell Culture Systems for Studies on the Metabolism and the Effects of Trace Metals in Occupational and Environmental MedicineSABBIONI Enrico; PIETRA Romano; EDEL Johanna; BERTOLERO F.
JRC521752010Development and Validation of a Differential Scanning Calorimetry Purity Determination Method for Polycyclic Aromatic HydrocarbonsKESTENS Vikram; ROEBBEN Gert; LINSINGER Thomas
JRC920062015Development and validation of a method for mercury determination in seawater for the production control of a candidate certified reference materialSANCHEZ ROMERO RAQUEL; SNELL James; HELD Andrea; EMONS Hendrik
JRC449872008Development and Validation of a Method for Origin Determination of Uranium-bearing Material - JRC-ITU-TN-2008/25SVEDKAUSKAITE-LEGORE J.
JRC672782012Development and validation of a methodology for unranium radiochronometry reference material preparation.VARGA Zsolt; NICHOLL Adrian; WALLENIUS Maria; MAYER Klaus
JRC799802014Development and validation of a rapid multiplex ELISA for pyrrolizidine alkaloids and their N-oxides in honey and feedOPLATOWSKA-STACHOWIAK Michalina; ELLIOTT Christopher T.; HUET Anne-Catherine; MCCARTHY Mark; MULDER Patrick P J; VON HOLST Christoph; DELAHAUT Philippe; VAN EGMOND Hans; CAMPBELL Katrina
JRC164801998Development and Validation of a Simple, Rapid and Robust Method for the Chemical Separation of Uranium and Plutonium.APOSTOLIDIS Christos; MOLINET Roger; RICHIR P.; OUGIER Michel charles g; MAYER Klaus
JRC954932015Development and validation of a stable-isotope dilution liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry method for the determination of bisphenol in ready-made mealsREGUEIRO TATO JORGE; WENZL Thomas
JRC354622007Development and Validation of a Technique for Merging Satellite Derived Aerosol Optical Depth from SeaWIS and MODIS.MELIN FREDERIC; ZIBORDI GIUSEPPE; DJAVIDNIA Samuel
JRC140481996Development and Validation of Alternative Metabolic Systems for Mutagenicity Testing in Short-Term AssaysRUEFF J.; CHIAPELLA C.; CHIPMAN J.k.; DARROUDI F.; DUARTE SILVA I.; DUVERGER-VAN BOGAERT M.; FONTI E.; ISERN P.; LAIRES A.; LEONARD A., et al
JRC334322006Development and Validation of an Analytical Methos for the Determination of Semicarbazide in fresh Egg and in Egg Powder based on the use of LC-MS/MSSZILAGYI SZILARD; DE LA CALLE GUNTINAS MARIA BEATRIZ
JRC567702009Development and Validation of Analytical Methods for Mycotoxins in Food, Medicinal Herbs and FeedARRANZ Isabel