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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC591862013Does University Quality Influence the Interregional Mobility of Students and Graduates? The Case of ItalyCIRIACI DARIA
JRC933832015Does web anticipate stocks? Analysis for a subset of systemically important banksNARDO Michela; VAN DER GOOT Erik
JRC665902011Doha Development Agenda in the European Union. Impacts on the agricultural sectorBURRELL Alison; FERRARI EMANUELE; GONZALEZ MELLADO AIDA ARACELI; MICHALEK Jerzy
JRC731332012Doing R&D or Not (in a Crisis), That Is the Question...CINCERA Michele; COZZA Claudio; TUEBKE Alexander; VOIGT Peter
JRC638002011Doing R&D or not (in a crisis), that is the question... - IPTS WORKING PAPER on CORPORATE R&D AND INNOVATION - No. 12/2010 - updatedCINCERA Michele; COZZA Claudio; TUEBKE Alexander; VOIGT PETER
JRC626142010Doing R&D or not, that is the Question (in a Crisis...) - IPTS WORKING PAPER on CORPORATE R&D AND INNOVATION - No. 12/2010CINCERA MICHELE; COZZA CLAUDIO; TUEBKE Alexander; VOIGT PETER
JRC354282007Dolly for Dinner? Assessing Commercial and Regulatory Trends in Cloned LivestockPAPATRYFON ILIAS; RODRIGUEZ CEREZO EMILIO; SUK J.; BRUCE A.; GERTZ R.; WARKUP C.; WHITELAW C. B. A.; BRAUN A.; ORAM C.
JRC1023782017A domain-independent methodology to analyze IoT data streams in real-time. A proof of concept implementation for anomaly detection from environmental dataTRILLES Sergi; BELMONTE Oscar; SCHADE SVEN; HUERTA Joaquin
JRC180561998Domestic Biomass Combustion and Associated Atmospheric Emissions in West Africa.EVA Hugh douglas; BROCARD D.; LACAUX Jean-pierre
JRC939262015Domestic heating from forest logging residues: environmental risks and benefitsGIUNTOLI JACOPO; CASERINI Stefano; MARELLI Luisa; BAXTER David; AGOSTINI ALESSANDRO
JRC1014022016Domestic Support in the European UnionBOULANGER PIERRE; PHILIPPIDIS GEORGE; JENSEN Hans Grinsted
JRC903672015Domesticating the Drone: The Demilitarisation of Unmanned Aircraft for Civil MarketsBOUCHER PHILIP
JRC300812005Domestication of Media and TechnologyBERKER Thomas; HARTMANN Maren; PUNIE YVES; WARD Katie
JRC1028592016The domino effect: the future of quantifying compounding events in deltasWINSEMIUS Hessel C.; WARD Philip; SALAMON Peter; SPERNA WEILAND Frederiek; BUDIMIR Mirianna; DUNCAN Melanie; VAN DEN HURK B.j.j.m.; SEBASTIAN Antonia
JRC557752011Domoic Acid-Induced Neurotoxicity Is Mainly Mediated by the AMPA/KA Receptor: Comparison between Immature andMature Primary Cultures of Neurons and Glial Cells from Rat CerebellumPRICE Anna; HOGBERG Helena
JRC546432009Doppler radar and postprocessing techniques for small area surveillanceWILDEMEERSCH Matthias; PETIT Julien; FORTUNY GUASCH Joaquim
JRC598242010The Dose Comparison between the THOR and HFR Epithermal Neutron BeamsLIN Yi-Chun; ROCA Antoaneta; LIU Yuan-Hao; TSAI Pi-En; NIEVAART Sander; LIU Hong-Ming; MOSS Raymond; CHOU Wen-Tsae; JIANG Shiang-Huei
JRC527662010The Dose Comparison between the Thor and the HFR Epithermal Neutron BeamsLIN Yi-Chun; ROCA Antoaneta; LIU Yuan-Hao; TSAI Pi-En; NIEVAART Victor Alexander; LIU Hong-Ming; MOSS Raymond; WEN-TSAE Chou; JIANG Shiang-Huei
JRC1014072016Dose escalation experience with Ac-225-PSMA-617 in PSMA targeting alpha-radiation therapy of patients with mCRPCKRATOCHWIL Clemens; BRUCHERTSEIFER Frank; GIESEL Frederik; APOSTOLIDIS CHRISTOS; HABERKORN Uwe; MORGENSTERN Alfred