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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC995922015Electrical Blast simulator (e-BLAST): design, development and first operational testsPERONI MARCO; SOLOMOS George; PEGON Pierre; CAVERZAN ALESSIO
JRC166181998Electrical Conductivity of Silicon Carbide Composites.SCHOLZ Reinhard; DE GREEFF Jacques; VINCHE Claude; FRIAS REBELO A.
JRC327382006Electrical Description of a Magnetic Pole Enhanced Inductively Coupled Plasma Source- Refinement of the Transformer Model by Reverse Electromagnetic ModelingMEZIANI Tarik; COLPO Pascal; ROSSI FRANCOIS
JRC653892011Electrical Modeling of CIGS Thin-Film Solar Cells Working in Natural ConditionsWERNER BARBARA; KOŁODENNY Włodzimierz; PROROK Mariusz; DZIEDZIC Andrzej; ZDANOWICZ Tadeusz
JRC189321999Electrical Modelling of RF Coupled Inductors Supplying a Double Frequency Inductive Plasma Reactor.COLPO P.; ERNST Roland; KERADEC Jean-pierre
JRC363832007Electrical Performance Results From Long-Term Outdoor Weathered ModulesSKOCZEK ARTUR; SAMPLE TONY; DUNLOP EWAN; OSSENBRINK HEINZ
JRC368922008Electrical Performance Results From Physical Stress Testing of Commercial PV Modules to the IEC 61215 Test SequenceSKOCZEK ARTUR; SAMPLE TONY; DUNLOP EWAN; OSSENBRINK HEINZ
JRC576762010Electrical Properties of Ultrananocrystalline Diamond/Amorphous Carbon Nanocomposite FilmsKULISCH Wilhelm; POPOV Cyril; LEFTEROVA E.; BLIZNAKOV S.; REITHMAIER J. P.; ROSSI Francois
JRC146631997Electrical Resistance and Magnetic Properties of the Neptunium Monopnictides NpAs, NpSb and NpBi at High Pressures.ICHAS Valerie; ZWIRNER Stefan; BRAITHWAITE Daniel; SPIRLET Jean claude; REBIZANT Jean; POTZEL W.
JRC305412006Electrical Resistivity and Specific Heat Studies of NpFe4Al8GONCALVES A.p.; ALMEIDA M.; WASTIN FRANCK; COLINEAU ERIC; BOULET Pascal; JAVORSKY Pavel; REBIZANT JEAN
JRC539192009Electricity Consumption and Efficiency Trends in European Union - Status Report 2009BERTOLDI Paolo; ATANASIU Constantin Bogdan
JRC364292007Electricity Consumption and Efficiency Trends in the Enlarged European Union - Status Report 2006-BERTOLDI PAOLO; ATANASIU CONSTANTIN BOGDAN
JRC820442013The electricity consumption of household appliances in the European Union and the effects of existing EU energy efficiency policies on its evolutionLABANCA NICOLA; BERTOLDI PAOLO; HIRL Bettina
JRC301442005Electricity End-Use in Buildings: a Survey of New Member States and Candidate CountriesBERTOLDI PAOLO; ATANASIU CONSTANTIN BOGDAN; REZESSY Silvia; URGE-VORSATZ Diana
JRC844132014Electricity exchanges with North Africa at 2030: The European and the Italian approachesL'ABBATE Angelo; MIGLIAVACCA Gianluigi; CALISTI Roberto; BRANCUCCI Carlo; CHAOUACHI AYMEN; FULLI Gianluca
JRC316912005Electricity from the Sun Photovoltaics in Japan and GermanyJAEGER-WALDAU ARNULF
JRC256402003Electricity Production in Nuclear Power Plants. Rankine vs Brayton Cycle.SCHULENBERG T.; WIDER Hartmut ulric h; FUETTERER Michael
JRC284042004Electro-Chemical Reduction of MOX in LiCl.KURATA M.; INOUE T.; SERP J.; OUGIER M.; GLATZ Jean-paul
JRC161131998Electrochemical Behaviour of a Metallothionein Related Peptide in the Presence of Cadmium Using Cyclic Voltammetry.HARLYK Charlotte; BORDIN Guy; NIETO Palmeiro oscar; RODRIGUEZ-FERNANDEZ Adela
JRC273702005Electrochemical Behaviour of Americium Ions in LiCl-KCl Eutectic Melt.SERP J.; CHAMELOT S.; FOURCAUDOT Serge; KONINGS R. j. m.; MALMBECK R.; PERNEL Carole; POIGNET J.c.; REBIZANT Jean; GLATZ Jean paul