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JRC864322013Do KIBS make manufacturing more innovative? An empirical investigation for four European countriesCIRIACI Daria; PALMA Daniela; MONTRESOR SANDRO
JRC973802015Do KIBS make manufacturing more innovative? An empirical investigation of four European CountriesCIRIACI Daria; MONTRESOR SANDRO; PALMA Daniela
JRC492772008Do Market Rigidities Explain Why Europe Invests Less in ICT?BOGDANOWICZ Marc
JRC706802012Do security-differentiated water rights improve the performance of water markets?LEFEBVRE MARIANNE; GANGADHARAN Lata; THOYER Sophie
JRC551992010Do Semi-subsistence Farm Households Have a Future in the European Union?FRITZSCH Jana; WEGENER Stefan; BUCHENRIEDER Gertrud; CURTISS Jarmila; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio
JRC931932014Do tertiary dropout students really not succeed in European labour markets?SCHNEPF SYLKE
JRC927392014Do the EU countries import at the same price? The case of coffeeCERASA ANDREA; BUSCAGLIA DANIELA
JRC846722014Do we (need to) care about canopy radiation schemes in DGVMs? Caveats and potential impactsLOEW Alexander; VAN BODEGOM Peter; WIDLOWSKI Jean-Luc; OTTO Julliane; QUAIFE Tristan; PINTY Bernard; RADDATZ Thomas
JRC861922013Do we need a global human settlement analysis system based on satellite imagery?EHRLICH Daniele; PESARESI Martino
JRC251432003Do We Need Education in Metrology in Chemistry?BULSKA Ewa; TAYLOR Philip
JRC891932014Do We Really Need to Calibrate All the Parameters? Variance-Based Sensitivity Analysis to Simplify Microscopic Traffic Flow ModelsPUNZO VINCENZO; MONTANINO Marcello; CIUFFO BIAGIO
JRC833842013Do We Still Need Full-Scale Testing of Complete Structures?NEGRO Paolo
JRC704482012Do-it-yourself justice: considerations of social media use in a crisis situation: The case of the 2011 Vancouver riotsRIZZA CAROLINE; MARTINHO GUIMARAES PIRES PEREIRA Angela; CHIARAMELLO Michel; CURVELO DA SILVA CAMPOS ALVES PAULA
JRC146351997A DOAS Study on the Origin of Nitrous Acid at Urban and Non-Urban Sites.ANDRES FERNANDEZ M.d.; NOTHOLT Juergen; SCHREMS O.; HJORTH Jens liengaard
JRC756412012Docking of Ubiquitin to Gold NanoparticlesBRANCOLINI Giorgia; KOKH Daria; CALZOLAI LUIGI; WADE Rebecca; CORNI Stefano
JRC926182015Documentation of the European Comission’s EU module of the Aglink-Cosimo modelling systemARAUJO ENCISO SERGIO RENÉ; PEREZ DOMINGUEZ Ignacio; SANTINI Fabien; HELAINE Sophie; DILLEN Koen; GAY Stephan Hubertus; CHARLEBOIS Pierre
JRC891492016Does agriculture provide enough incomes for the rural households? The Albanian caseGURI FATMIR; TOPULLI ENEIDA; GOMEZ Y PALOMA SERGIO
JRC363612007Does body weight affect wages? Evidence from EuropeD'HOMBRES BEATRICE; BRUNELLO Giorgio
JRC627392010Does capacity utilisation help estimating the TFP cycle?PLANAS Christophe; ROSSI Alessandro; ROEGER Werner