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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC371912008Development of New Analytical Solutions for Elastic Thermal Stress Components in a Hollow Cylinder Under Sinusoidal Transient Thermal LoadingRADU Vasile; TAYLOR NIGEL; PAFFUMI Elena
JRC368432007The Development of new Concepts for Assessing Reproductive Toxicity Applicable to large Scale Toxicological ProgrammesBREMER SUSANNE; PELLIZZER CRISTIAN; HOFFMANN SEBASTIAN; SEIDLE T.; HARTUNG THOMAS
JRC289722005Development of New Low Chromium Ferritic Steels for Low Temperature ApplicationSRODA Szymon; ARPONEN Mikko; BAXTER David
JRC1005232016Development of new open and free multi-temporal global population grids at 250 m resolutionCARNEIRO FREIRE SERGIO MANUEL; MACMANUS Kytt; PESARESI Martino; DOXSEY-WHITFIELD Erin; MILLS Jane
JRC707582012Development of new Structural Materials for Advanced Fission and Fusion Reactor Systems Book of abstracts of the 2nd Joint IAEA-EC topical meetingZEMAN A.; HAEHNER Peter
JRC469782008The Development of Novel Approaches to the Identification of Chemical and Protein Respiratory AllergensROGGEN Erwin; AUFDERHEIDE Michaela; CETIN Yuksel; DEARMAN Rebecca; GIBBS Sue; HERMANNS Iris; KIMBER Ian; REGAL Jean; ROVIDA Maria; WARHEIT David B., et al
JRC860482013Development of NSDIs in Western Balkan countries in accordance with INSPIRECETL VLADO; SMITS Paul; TOTH Katalin
JRC857302013Development of options for changing REACH requirements for nanomaterials and assessment of their consequences for industry, consumer human health and the environmentASCHBERGER KARIN
JRC156831997Development of Oxidation/Corrosion Resistant Coatings for Ceramic-Ceramic Composites.DIAS Guerreiro antonio; HOFFMANN Michael; COOK Russell lee
JRC432822008Development of Particulate Matter Certified Reference Materials (PM10 CRMs) - Final ReportPEREZ PRZYK ELZBIETA; HELD ANDREA; CHAROUD-GOT JEAN
JRC770162013The development of Product Environmental Footprint Category RulesSCHAU ERWIN; ALLACKER KAREN JOSEE; DE CAMILLIS CAMILLO; PANT Rana
JRC786232012Development of Pyro-processing Fuel Cycle Technology for Closing Actinide CycleKOYAMA Tadafumi; SAKAMURA Y.; IIZUKA M.; KATO T.; MURAKAMI Tsuyoshi; GLATZ Jean-Paul
JRC914772013Development of Pyrochemical Separation Processes for Recovery of Actinides from Spent Nuclear Fuel in Molten LiCl-KClGLATZ Jean-Paul; MALMBECK Rikard; SOUCEK Pavel; CLAUX BENOIT; MEIER ROLAND; OUGIER MICHEL; MURAKAMI Tsuyoshi
JRC304492005Development of Quantitative Analytical Methods for the Control of Actinides in a Pyrochemical Partitioning ProcessABOUSAHL SAID; VAN BELLE PIETER; EBERLE HEINRICH; OTTMAR HERBERT; LYNCH BRIAN; VALLET Patrick; MAYER KLAUS; OUGIER MICHEL
JRC481332010Development of Real-Time PCR Assays for the Detection of Lupin Residues in Food ProductsGOMEZ GALAN Antonio Manuel; BROHEE Marcel; SCARAVELLI Elena; VAN HENGEL Adrianus; CHASSAIGNE Hubert
JRC67201989Development of Realistic Concrete Models Including Scaling EffectsCARPINTERI A.
JRC205502000Development of Reference Materials and Methods for the Detection of GMOs.SCHIMMEL Heinz; KRAMER Gerard nico; LIPP Markus; TRAPMANN Stefanie; ZELENY R.
JRC366982007Development of Reference Materials for Microbiological AnalysisPHILIPP Wolfgang; VAN IWAARDEN Pierre; SCHIMMEL HEINZ; MEEUS NELE; KOLLMORGEN NADINE
JRC336682006Development of Residual Stress Simulation Benchmark for a Single Bead-On Plate WeldmentYOUTSOS Anastasius; EDWARDS Lyndon; DENNIS Roger; BOUCHARD P. John
JRC210912002Development of SIMS Method for Isotopic Measurements in Nuclear Forensic Applications.TAMBORINI Gabriella; WALLENIUS Maria; BILDSTEIN O.; PAJO L.; BETTI Maria