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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC309812005Developments in Satellite Fisheries Monitoring and ControlLEMOINE GUIDO; VAN WIMERSMA GREIDANUS HERMAN; SHEPHERD Iain; KOURTI NAOUMA
JRC220272001Developments in the 'Validation' of Satellite Sensor Products for the Study of the Land Surface.JUSTICE Christopher; BELWARD Alan steven; MORISETTE J.; LEWIS P.; PRIVETTE J.; BARET F.
JRC921492014Developments in the deployment of Ultrasonic Bolt Seals at the storage ponds of a large reprocessing plantLAHOGUE Yves; LITTMANN Francois; SYNETOS Sotiris; LUPO J.; PIRON Vincent; SIRONI Marco
JRC801982013Developments of Turkish Grid System Infrastructure for Integration With EuropeCOLAK ILHAMI; FULLI Gianluca; VITIELLO SILVIA; TEKIN Ibrahim; BAYINDIR Ramazan; DEMIRTAS Kenan
JRC187651999Developments on the PIXE Technique for an Efficient and Accurate Analysis.WAETJEN Uwe
JRC761352013Device for carrying out environmental very high cycle fatigue tests with ultrasonic excitation in asymmetric push–pull modeBRUCHHAUSEN MATTHIAS; HAEHNER Peter; FISCHER Burkhard; CORNU Daniel
JRC974592017The Devil is in the DefinitionRAUSCHER HUBERT
JRC614872011Déterminants des oppositions de brevets - Une analyse micro-économique au niveau belgeCINCERA MICHELE
JRC894912014A DFT Investigation of the Interactions of Pd, Ag, Sn and Cs with silicon carbideRABONE JEREMY; KOVACS ATTILA
JRC892112015DFT-based Metadynamics Simulation of Proton Diffusion in Tetragonal Zirconia at 1500K.RABONE JEREMY; VAN UFFELEN Paul
JRC321302007DG JRC contributes to EU health and consumer protectionNICHOLL CIARAN
JRC316792006DG JRC: The Africa Observatory supporting sustainable development – for Africa, within African networksNICHOLL CIARAN
JRC672922012DGT-TM: A freely available Translation Memory in 22 languagesSTEINBERGER Ralf; EISELE Andreas; KLOCEK Szymon; PILOS Spyridon; SCHLÜTER Patrick
JRC315302005Diagnosis: Toxic! - Trying to Apply Approaches of Clinical Diagnostics and Prevalence in Toxicology ConsiderationsHOFFMANN SEBASTIAN; HARTUNG THOMAS
JRC451642008Diagnostic Assessment of European Gross Primary ProductionJUNG M.; VERSTRAETE MICHEL; GOBRON NADINE; REICHSTEIN M.; PAPALE D.; BONDEAU Alberte; ROBUSTELLI Monica; PINTY BERNARD
JRC1011192017A diagnostic criterion for approximate factor structureGAGLIARDINI PATRICK; OSSOLA ELISA; SCAILLET OLIVIER
JRC765952012A diagnostic evaluation of precipitation 1 in CORDEX models over southern AfricaKALOGNOMOU Evangelia-Anna; LENNARD Christopher; SHONGWE Mxolisi; PINTO Izidine; ALICE Favre; KENT Michael; HEWITSON Bruce; DOSIO Alessandro; NIKULIN Grigory; PANITZ Hans-Juergen, et al
JRC854282015Diagnostic indicators for integrated assessment models of climate policyKRIEGLER Elmar; PETERMANN Nils; KREY Volker; SCHWANITZ Valeria Jana; LUDERER Gunnar; ASHINA Shuichi; BOSETTI Valentina; EOM Jiyong; KITOUS ALBAN GABRIEL; MEJEAN Aurelie, et al
JRC50751988Diagnostic of Oil Pollution by Laser Induced FluorescenceROSSI Guglielmo; CAMAGNI Paolo; COLOMBO Gianni; KOECHLER Claudio; PEDRINI Alfredo
JRC866202014A diagnostic system to assess sustainability at farm level: the SOSTARE modelPARACCHINI Maria-Luisa; BULGHERONI CLAUDIA; BORREANI Giorgio; TABACCO Ernesto; BANTERLE Alessandro; BERTONI Danilo; ROSSI Graziano; PAROLO Gilberto; ORIGGI Roberto; DE PAOLA Claudio