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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC205582001The Equation of State of UO2.IOSILEVSKI I.; HYLAND G.; RONCHI Claudio; YAKUB E.
JRC48681989Equilibrium and Kinetic Controls on the Subsurface Migration of Radioactive ContaminantsBIDOGLIO Giovanni; AVOGADRO Alessandro
JRC463792008Equilibrium Distribution of Actinides Including Cm Between Molten LiCl-KCl Eutectic and Liquid CadmiumKOYAMA T.; KINOSHITA M.; INOUE T.; OUGIER MICHEL; MALMBECK RIKARD; GLATZ JEAN-PAUL
JRC269032003Equilibrium Surface Elevation Distribution in a Baroclinic Ocean with Realistic Bottom Topography.DOBRICIC Srdjan
JRC574142011Equilibrium versus disequilibrium of barchan dunesEL BELRHITI HICHAM; DOUADY Stéphane
JRC685322012Equipment Failure Probability due to the Impact of LightningNECCI A; ANTONIONI Giacomo; RENNI Elisabetta; COZZANI Valerio; BORGHETTI Alberto; NUCCI Carlo Alberto; KRAUSMANN Elisabeth
JRC119141995Equipment for High-Temperature Resistivity MeasurementsGOMEZ MARIN Enrique; FOURNIER J.m.
JRC916382015Equity Crowdfunding: All Regulated but Not Equal.GABISON Garry
JRC1060112017Equity, Emissions Allowance Trading, and the Paris Agreement on Climate ChangeROSE ADAM; WEI DAN; MILLER NOAH; VANDYCK TOON
JRC378542007The Equivalence between Feedback and Dissipation in Impact OscillatorsGUTIERREZ TENREIRO EUGENIO
JRC186181999Equivalence in Radionuclide Metrology.WOODS M.j.; REHER Dietmar fried rich georg; RATEL G.
JRC827352014Equivalence of computer codes for calculation of coincidence summing correction factorsVIDMAR Tim; CAPOGNI M.; HULT Mikael; HURTADO S.; KASTLANDER J.; LUTTER GUILLAUME; LEPY M.-C.; MARTINKOVIC J.; RAMEBÄCK Henrik; SIMA O., et al
JRC1061022016Equivalence of computer codes for calculation of coincidence summing correction factors – Part IIVIDMAR TIM; CAMP A.; HURTADO S.; JÄDERSTRÖM H.; KASTLANDER J.; LÉPY M.-C.; LUTTER GUILLAUME; RAMEBAECK H.; SIMA O.; VARGAS ARTURO
JRC430722008The Equivalence of Diffusive Samplers to Reference Methods for Monitoring O3, Benzene and NO2 in Ambient AirBUZICA DANIELA; GERBOLES MICHEL; PLAISANCE Hervé
JRC476492008Equivalences between Mimo and Physical/Synthetic Radar Arrays and its Implications in the Selection of Imaging AlgorithmsFORTUNY GUASCH Joaquim; MARTINEZ-VAZQUEZ Alberto; MENDEZ DOMINGUEZ Elias
JRC311802005Ergebnisse einer Doppelt Geblindeten Untersuchung zur Akzeptanz von Flaechendesinfektionsmitteln in Unterschiedlichen Bereichen eines GrossklinikumsSTRICKLER Alexander; ZUR NIEDEN Anja; STILIANAKIS NIKOLAOS; GLADISCH-SCHNEIDER Gabriele; EIKMANN Thomas; HERR Caroline
JRC325512005ERM - A New Landmark for Reference MaterialEMONS HENDRIK; MARRIOTT J.; MATSCHAT R.
JRC284312005ERM, a New Landmark for Reference Materials.EMONS H.; MARRIOTT J.; MATSCHAT R.
JRC459632008ERoSC - The Socio-Economic Impact of Emerging Social Computing ApplicationsPASCU CORINA
JRC326102005Erosion of a Surface Vortex by a Seamount on the Beta PlaneHERBETTE Steven; MOREL Yves; ARHAN Michel