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JRC595632010Does computer use make the difference? Some results from PISA 2006LOI MASSIMO; RIZZA CAROLINE
JRC807662014Does controlled electric vehicle charging substitute cross-border transmission capacity?VERZIJLBERGH Remco; BRANCUCCI CARLO; LUKSZO Zofia; DE VRIES Laurens
JRC1019932017Does digital competence and occupational setting influence MOOC participation? Evidence from a cross-course surveyCASTAÑO MUÑOZ JONATAN; KREIJNS KAREL; KALZ MARCO; PUNIE YVES
JRC971232015Does Europe abandon photovoltaics?JAEGER-WALDAU Arnulf
JRC358602010Does Europe Perform Too Little Corporate R&D? A Comparison of EU and non-EU Corporate R&D PerformanceMONCADA PATERNO' CASTELLO PIETRO; CIUPAGEA Constantin; SMITH Keith; TUBBS Mike; TUEBKE ALEXANDER
JRC459832008Does Formal Education Have an Impact on Active Citizenship Behaviour?HOSKINS BRYONY LOUISE; D'HOMBRES BEATRICE; CAMPBELL Joann
JRC502842008Does Formal Education have an Impact on Active Citizenship Behaviour?HOSKINS Bryony Louise; D'HOMBRES Beatrice; CAMPBELL Joann
JRC944242016Does habitual behavior affect the choice of alternative fuel vehicles?VALERI EVA; CHERCHI Elisabetta
JRC661692011Does higher surface temperature intensify extreme precipitation?UTSUMI Nobuyuki; SETO Shinta; KANAE Shinjiro; MAEDA EDUARDO EIJI; OKI Taikan
JRC808232013Does Hospital Ownership Affect Patient Experience? An Investigation Into Public-Private Sector Differences in EnglandPÉROTIN Virginie; ZAMORA TALAYA MARIA BERNARDA; REEVES Rachel; BARTLETT Will; ALLEN Pauline
JRC1007172016Does it take prices to make volumes move? A comparison of timber market functioning in Finland and LithuaniaRINALDI FRANCESCA; JONSSON KLAS
JRC939102016Does living in a community with more educated mothers enhance children's school attendance? Evidence from Sierra LeoneKAMANDA Mamusu; MADISE Nyovani; SCHNEPF SYLKE
JRC844662013Does online trade live up to the promise of a borderless world? Evidence from the EU Digital Single MarketCOWGILL Bo; DOROBANTU Cosmina; MARTENS Bertin
JRC955572015Does Poverty Trap Rural Malagasy Households?THOMAS ANNE-CLAIRE; GASPART Frédéric
JRC573042012Does research applying the DPSIR framework support decision making?TSCHERNING Karen; HELMING Katharina; KRIPPNER Bernd; SIEBER STEFAN; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio
JRC916182014Does size of innovative firms affect their growth persistence?CIRIACI Daria; MONCADA PATERNO' CASTELLO Pietro; VOIGT Peter
JRC740522012Does size or age of innovative firms affect their growth persistence? Evidence from a panel of innovative Spanish firmsCIRIACI DARIA; MONCADA PATERNO' CASTELLO Pietro; VOIGT Peter
JRC524782010Does Social Capital Determine Health? Evidence from Eight Transition CountriesD'HOMBRES Beatrice; ROCCO L.; SUHRCKE M; MCKEE M
JRC502852010Does social capital determine health? Evidence from eight transition countriesD'HOMBRES Beatrice; ROCCO Lorenzo; SUHRCKE Marc; MCKEE Martin