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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC125141996The DYLAM Approach for the Dynamic Reliability Analysis of SystemsCOJAZZI Giacomo giovanni mariano
JRC53091987The DYLAM Approach to Systems Safety and Reliability AssessmentAMENDOLA Aniello
JRC63421989Dynamic and Static Water Leachability of Polychlorinated Biphenyls Immobilized in CementZAMORANI Edmondo; RIAZ Muhammad
JRC846572014Dynamic ballooning analysis of a generic PWR fuel assembly using the multi-rod coupled MATARE codeAMMIRABILE Luca; WALKER Simon
JRC953532015Dynamic Behaviour of "Collapsible" ConcreteCAVERZAN ALESSIO; LAMPERTI TORNAGHI MARCO; PERONI MARCO; SOLOMOS George
JRC951242015Dynamic Behaviour of HPFRCC: The Influence of Fibres DispersionCAVERZAN ALESSIO; DI PRISCO Marco; CADONI Ezio
JRC282462004Dynamic Characterization of a 3-D Full Scale Steel-Concrete Composite Building at ELSA.BURSI Oreste; MOLINA J.; SALVATORE Walter; TAUCER Fabio federico
JRC691962012Dynamic compression behavior of cenosphere aluminum alloy syntactic foamGOEL Manmohan Dass; PERONI MARCO; SOLOMOS George; MONDAL Dehi Pada; MATSAGAR Vasant; GUPTA Anil; LARCHER Martin; MARBURG Steffen
JRC961162015Dynamic context evaluation of human actions in severe accident analysis and managementPETKOV GUEORGUI; KOSTOV E.; FILIPOV K.; STEFANOVA A.; ATANASOVA B.; ANDREEVA M.; GROUDEV P.
JRC903642014Dynamic Context-Aware Scalable and Trust-based IoT Security, Privacy FrameworkBOTTERMAN Maarten; NEISSE RICARDO; BALDINI Gianmarco; NAI FOVINO Igor; STERI GARY; TRAGOS Elias
JRC118121997Dynamic Crowdions, Interstitials and Vacancies in CopperGILHAUS Hinrich; SCHUELE Wolfgang
JRC827472013Dynamic Data Driven Ensemble for Wildfire Behaviour Assessment: A Case StudyDI LEO MARGHERITA; DE RIGO DANIELE; RODRIGUEZ ASERETTO ROQUE DARIO; BOSCO Claudio; PETROLIAGKIS THOMAS; CAMIA Andrea; SAN-MIGUEL-AYANZ Jesus
JRC937872015Dynamic evaluation of air quality models over European regionsTHUNIS Philippe; PISONI ENRICO; DEGRAEUWE BART; KRANENBURG Richard; SCHAAP Martijn; CLAPPIER Alain
JRC185051999Dynamic Fatigue and Fracture Toughness of Si3N4+SiC Nanocomposite at 1350°C.DUSZA Jan; SAJGALIK Pavol; STEEN Marc pierr e gregoire
JRC197162000Dynamic Fatigue of an Si3N4 + SiC Nanocomposite at 1350°C.DUSZA Jan; SAJGALIK Pavol; STEEN Marc pierr e gregoire; SEMERAD Ernst
JRC835272013Dynamic Increase Factor of Masonry Materials: Experimental InvestigationsLARCHER Martin; PERONI Marco; SOLOMOS George; GEBBEKEN Norbert; BIEBER Philipp; WANDELT Jens; TRAN Ngoc Tho
JRC894462015Dynamic labelling of BDD and ZBDD for efficient non-coherent fault tree analysisMATUZAS VAIDAS; Contini Sergio
JRC643082013Dynamic leaching studies of 48 MWd/kgU UO2 commercial spent nuclear fuel under oxic conditionsSERRANO PURROY Daniel; CASAS I.; GONZALES-ROBLES Ernesto; GLATZ Jean-Paul; WEGEN Detlef; CLARENS Federic; GIMENEZ J.; DE PABLO J.; MARTINEZ-ESPARZA A.
JRC401422008Dynamic LES Modeling of a Diurnal CycleBASU Sukanta; VINUESA JEAN; SWIFT Andrew
JRC311982005Dynamic Load Balancing in Parallel Numerical Simulations of Reactive Gas FlowsBARALDI DANIELE; KRANZLMUELLER Dieter; WILKENING HEINZ; VOLKERT Jens; TROYER Christoph