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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC639502011Dysfunctional mitochondria contain endogenous high-affinity human Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) ligands and induce TLR4-mediated inflammatory reactionsA. NICHOLAS Sally; COUGHLAN Karen; YASINSKA Inna; S. LALL Gurprit; F. GIBBS Bernhard; CALZOLAI LUIGI; SUMBAYEV Vadim
JRC1012342016Dyslipidemia, diet, and physical exercise in children under treatment with anti-retroviral medication in El Salvador: a cross-sectional study.SONEGO Michela; SAGRADO Maria Jose; ESCOBAR Gustavo; LAZZERINI Marzia; RIVAS Estefanie; MARTÍN-CAÑAVATE Rocio; PÉREZ DE LÓPEZ Elsy; AYALA Sandra; CASTANEDA Luis; APARICIO Pilar, et al
JRC257202004Dziesecioletni Program Rewizyjny Unii Europejskiej dotyczacy substancji czynnych stosowanych w produkcie biobòjczum. Ten Years European Union Review Programme for Existing Biocidal Active Substances.SOBANSKA M. a.
JRC763772013E pluribus unum: Ensemble Air Quality PredictionsGALMARINI Stefano; KIOUTSIOUKIS IOANNIS; SOLAZZO EFISIO
JRC1042752016e-BLAST simulator: final design, setup improvements and demonstration testsPERONI MARCO; CAVERZAN ALESSIO; SOLOMOS George; PEGON Pierre
JRC284902004The e-Business Readiness Composite Indicator for 2003. A Pilot StudyNARDO Michela; TARANTOLA Stefano; SALTELLI Andrea; ANDROPOULOS C.; BUESCHER R.; KARAGEORGOS G.; LATVALA A.; NOEL F.
JRC643262011e-Governance for Development: designing an operational roadmap for ICT-enabled Public Administration ReformMISURACA GIANLUCA; VISCUSI Gianluigi
JRC513122009E-Inclusion Policies and Initiatives in Support of Employability of Migrants and Ethnic Minorities in EuropeKLUZER Stefano; RISSOLA Gabriel
JRC467632008e-Participation: Promoting Dialogue and Deliberation between Institutions and Civil SocietyVALENTE DE JESUS ROSA Paulo; MARTINHO GUIMARAES PIRES PEREIRA Angela
JRC648892011E-Passports and automated border crossing: a view on interoperability issuesRANA Antonia
JRC233142002e-Payment Systems Database. Trends and Analysis.CARAT Gerard
JRC335252006The e-Public Sector as an Active Partner in the Innovation SystemOSIMO DAVID; NYIRI Lajos; BIANCHI Anna Flavia; CENTENO MEDIAVILLA ISABEL CLARA
JRC715882012e-Scouts: Intergenerational Learning in Blended Environments and Spaces (ILBES) for Social InclusionKALETKA Christoph; PELKA Bastian; DIAZ Andrea; RISSOLA Gabriel Julio; RASTRELLI Milvia
JRC715852012e-Scouts: Intergenerational Learning in Blended Environments and Spaces (ILBES) for Social InclusionKALETKA Christoph; PELKA Bastian; DIAZ Andrea; RISSOLA Gabriel Julio; RASTRELLI Milvia
JRC923942014E-TRACK/RWM 2014 Annual Activity Report: Collect, Connect and ShareFERRARO GIANLUCA
JRC593852010An E/M-Learning Architecture based on Adaptive TestingKOZOVSKA Kornelia; DE CASTRO Cristina; TOPPAN Paolo
JRC313332005E2Focus Group - the virtual ways of debateLOBO Goncalo; MARTINHO GUIMARAES PIRES PEREIRA ANGELA
JRC40671985EAC - European Accident CodeCLUSAZ Alberto; NGUYEN Hung; SOLA Alain; VAN GOETHEM Goerges
JRC1018032016Early assessment of seasonal forage availability for mitigating the impact of drought on East African pastoralistsVrieling A.; MERONI MICHELE; MUDE Andrew; CHANTARAT Sommarat; UMMENHOFER Caroline; DE BIE Kees