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JRC359412006Differences in Innate Immune Responses upon Stimulation with Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative BacteriaTIETZE Konrad; DALPKE Alexander; MORATH SIEGFRIED; MUTTERS Reinier; HEEG Klaus; NONNENMACHER Claudia
JRC362752006Differences in Survivor Functions According to Different Competitive StrategiesORTEGA ARGILES Raquel; MORENO Rosina
JRC208802001Differences in Trace Element Concentrations between Alzheimer and "Normal" Human Brain Tissue Using Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis (INAA).PANAYI Antonia; SPYROU N.m.; PART Peeter
JRC597042010Different Approaches for IDP Camp Analyses in West Darfur (Sudan) - a status reportKRANZ Olaf; GSTAIGER Veronica; LANG Stefan; TIEDE Dirk; ZEUG Gunter; KEMPER Thomas; VEGA EZQUIETA Pablo; CLANDILLON Stephen
JRC779782012Different chromium content and thermal annealing influence on ions implanted Fe-Cr model alloysSOJAK Stanislav; SLUGEN Vladimir; KRSJAK Vladimir; EGGER Werner; RAVELLI L.; PETRISKA Martin; STANCEK S.; SKARBA M.; PRIPUTEN P.; VITAZEK K., et al
JRC884742015Different mechanisms are involved in oxidative DNA damage and genotoxicity induction by ZnO and TiO2 nanoparticles in human colon carcinoma cellsZIJNO Andrea; DE ANGELIS Isabella; DE BERARDIS Barbara; ANDREOLI Cristina; RUSSO Maria Teresa; PIETRAFORTE Donatella; SCORZA Giuseppe; DEGAN Paolo; PONTI Jessica; ROSSI Francois, et al
JRC593872010Differential Area ProfilesOUZOUNIS GEORGIOS; SOILLE Pierre
JRC593882012Differential area profiles: decomposition properties and efficient computationOUZOUNIS GEORGIOS; PESARESI Martino; SOILLE Pierre
JRC315902005Differential effects of Preservation on the Estimation of Biomass of two Common Mayfly SpeciesVON SCHILLER D.; SOLIMINI ANGELO
JRC524362010Differential Gene Expression Triggered by Highly Cytotoxic a- Emitter-immunoconjugates in Gastric Cancer CellsSEIDL C.; PORT M.; APOSTOLIDIS Christos; BRUCHERTSEIFER Frank; SCHWAIGER M.; SENEKOWITSCH-SCHMIDTKE R.; ABEND M.
JRC759352012Differential Item Functioning (DIF): What Functions Differentlyfor Immigrant Students in PISA 2009 Reading Items?DINIS MOTA DA COSTA PATRICIA; DE SOUSA LOBO BORGES DE ARAUJO LUISA
JRC567012010Differential Morphological Decomposition Segmentation: A Multi-Scale Object Based Image DescriptionGUEGUEN LIONEL; SOILLE Pierre; PESARESI Martino
JRC631452011Differential Scanning Calorimetry Method for Purity Determination: A Case Study on Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and ChloramphenicolKESTENS Vikram; ZELENY Reinhard; AUCLAIR Guy; HELD Andrea; ROEBBEN Gert; LINSINGER Thomas
JRC343172007Differential Scanning Calorimetry to Measure the Purity of Polycyclic Aromatic HydrocarbonsDROZDZEWSKA Katarzyna; KESTENS VIKRAM; HELD ANDREA; ROEBBEN GERT; LINSINGER THOMAS
JRC178302000A Differentially Pumped Particle Inlet for Sampling of Atmospheric Aerosols into a Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer. Characterization and Initital Results.PETRUCCI Giuseppe; CAVALLI Paolo; OMENETTO Nicolo'; FARNSWORTH P.b.
JRC945812015Differentiation of coccidiostats-containing feed additives by Mid and Near Infra-Red MicroscopyOMAR ONAINDIA JONE; BOIX SANFELIU Ana; VON HOLST Christoph
JRC886962014Differentiation of meat and bone meal from fishmeal by near-infrared spectroscopy: Extension of scope to defatted samplesTENA PAJUELO NOELIA; FERNANDEZ PIERNA Juan Antonio; BOIX SANFELIU Ana; BAETEN Vincent; VON HOLST Christoph
JRC262212002Differentiation of Natural and Synthetic Phenylacetic Acids by 2H NMR of the Derived Benzoic Acids.ALEU Josephina; FRONZA Giovanni; FUGANTI Claudio; SERRA Stefano; FAUHL Carsten; GUILLOU Claude gualbert; RENIERO Fabiano
JRC239542002Differentiation of the Geographical Origin of Durum Wheat Semolina Samples on the Basis of Isotopic Composition.BRESCIA Maria antonietta; DE MARTINO Giuliano; GUILLOU Claude gualbert; RENIERO Fabiano; SACCO Antonio; SERRA Francesca
JRC922302015Differentiation-Promoting Medium Additives for Hepatocyte Cultivation and CryopreservationGOULIARMOU VARVARA; PELKONEN Olavi; COECKE Sandra