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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC707662012Ecological mapping and data quality assessment for the needs of ecosystem-based marine spatial management: case study Greek Ionian Sea and the adjacent gulfsISSARIS Yiannis; KATSANEVAKIS STYLIANOS MARIOS; PANTAZI Maria; VASSILOPOULOU Vassiliki; PANAYOTIDIS Panayotis; KAVADAS Stefanos; KOKKALI Athina; SALOMIDI Maria; FRANTZIS Alexandros; PANOU Aliki, et al
JRC365102006Ecological Processes in Macrophyte- and Phytoplankton-Dominated Shallow LakesNOGES PEETER
JRC367572007Ecological Quality Ratios for Ecological Quality Assessment in Inland and Marine WatersVAN DE BUND WOUTER; SOLIMINI ANGELO
JRC781192013Ecological status assessment of European lakes: a comparison of metrics for phytoplankton, macrophytes, benthic invertebrates and fishLYCHE SOLHEIM Anne; FELD Christian; BIRK Sebastian; PHILLIPS Geoff; CARVALHO Laurence; MORABITO Giuseppe; MISCHKE U; WILLBY Nigel; SONDERGAARD Martin; HELLSTEN Seppo, et al
JRC915982015An ecological-economic approach to the valuation of ecosystem services to support biodiversity policy. A case study for nitrogen retention by Mediterranean rivers and lakesLA NOTTE Alessandra; LIQUETE GARCIA MARIA DEL CAMINO; GRIZZETTI Bruna; MAES JOACHIM; EGOH Benis; PARACCHINI Maria-Luisa
JRC315672005The Ecology and Conservation of Mountain Ponds in Central Apennines, ItalyRUGGIERO A.; SOLIMINI ANGELO; CARCHINI G.
JRC674022011Econometric Analysis of European Carbon Dioxide Emissions Based on Rectargular Supply-use TablesRUEDA CANTUCHE JOSE
JRC622482012Economic Allocation in Life Cycle Assessment: The State of the Art and Discussion of ExamplesARDENTE FULVIO; CELLURA Maurizio
JRC769332012Economic analysis of a low carbon path to 2050: a case for China, India and JapanSAVEYN Bert; PAROUSSOS Leonidas; CISCAR MARTINEZ Juan Carlos
JRC733712012Economic analysis of greenhouse gas emissions in the Spanish economyCANSINO Jose Manuel; CARDENETE FLORES MANUEL ALEJANDRO; ORDOÑEZ Manuel; ROMAN R.
JRC676252011Economic analysis of the climate pledges of the Copenhagen Accord for the EU and other major countriesSAVEYN Bert; VAN REGEMORTER Denise; CISCAR MARTINEZ Juan Carlos
JRC683582012Economic and agronomic impact of commercialised GM crops: A meta-analysisAREAL Francisco; RIESGO Laura; RODRIGUEZ CEREZO Emilio
JRC550382009Economic and Cost-Effectiveness Considerations for Pharmacogenetics Tests: An Integral Part of Translational Research and Innovation Uptake in Personalized MedicinePACI Daniele; IBARRETA RUIZ Dolores
JRC992522016The economic and environmental assessment of electricity storage investments. Any need for policy incentives?SPISTO AMANDA; HRELJA NIKOLA; FULLI Gianluca
JRC1052062016The economic and environmental assessment of electricity storage investments. Any need for policy incentives?SPISTO AMANDA; HRELJA NIKOLA
JRC1025192016Economic and Environmental Impacts of CAP Greening: CAPRI Simulation ResultsGOCHT Alexander; CIAIAN PAVEL; BIELZA DIAZ-CANEJA Maria; TERRES Jean; RODER Norbert; HIMICS MIHALY; SALPUTRA GUNA
JRC603592011Economic and environmental impacts of milk quota reform in EuropeKEMPEN Markus; WITZKE Heinz Peter; PÉREZ DOMÍNGUEZ Ignácio; TORBJÖRN Jansson; SCKOKAI Paolo
JRC316902005Economic and Social Benefits of PhotovoltaicsJAEGER-WALDAU ARNULF
JRC1064212017Economic and thermal evaluation of different uses of an existing structure in a warm climateD'AGOSTINO DELIA; ZACÀ ILARIA; BAGLIVO CRISTINA; CONGEDO PAOLO MARIA
JRC979042016Economic Assessment of Climate, Energy and Air Quality Policies in the EU with the GEM-E3 model: An overviewSAVEYN Bert; PAROUSSOS Leonidas; SZEWCZYK WOJCIECH; VANDYCK TOON; CISCAR MARTINEZ Juan Carlos; KARKATSOULIS P; FRAGKIADAKIS C; FRAGKOS P.; VRONTISI ZOI; CAPROS P, et al