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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC781372012The EU publishing industryDE PRATO GIUDITTA; SIMON Jean Paul
JRC1066402017EU Raw Materials Information System and Raw Materials Scoreboard: addressing the data needs in support of the EU policies – an example for water use in miningVIDAL LEGAZ BEATRIZ; LATUNUSSA CYNTHIA; BLENGINI GIOVANNI; HAMOR TAMAS; MANFREDI SIMONE; PENNINGTON DAVID
JRC651112011EU Research and Innovation (R&I) in renewable energies: The role of the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan)HERVAS SORIANO FERNANDO; MULATERO FULVIO
JRC525402009EU Shipping and the Ballast Water Management IssueDAVID Matej; PERKOVIC Marko
JRC961982016The EU societal awareness of landscape indicator: a review of its meaning, utility and performance across different scalesJONES Philip; ANDERSEN Erling; CAPITANI Claudia; CARVALHO RIBEIRO Sonia; GRIFFITHS Geoff; LOUPA-RAMOS Isabel; MADEIRA Luis; MORTIMER Simon R; PARACCHINI Maria-Luisa; PINTO CORREIA Teresa, et al
JRC348822006EU-UN Cooperation for Sustainable DevelopmentJESINGHAUS JOCHEN
JRC466442008EU-US Differences in the Size of R&D Intensive Firms: Do they explain the overall R&D Intensity Gap?ORTEGA ARGILES Raquel; BRANDSMA Andries
JRC576662010EU-US Differences in the Size of R&D-intensive Firms: Do they Explain the Overall R&D Intensity Gap?ORTEGA-ARGILÉS Raquel; BRANDSMA Andries
JRC1038872017EU-US evaluation of range extended electric vehicle performance at varying ambient temperaturesSTUTENBERG KEVIN; GALASSI MARIA CRISTINA; OTURA GARCIA MARCOS; TRENTADUE GERMANA; SCHOLZ HARALD; CARRIERO MASSIMO; LOHSE-BUSCH H.
JRC1060642017EU-wide Economic and Environmental Impacts of CAP Greening with High Spatial and Farm-type DetailGOCHT ALEXANDER; CIAIAN PAVEL; BIELZA DIAZ-CANEJA MARIA; TERRES JEAN; RODER NORBERT; HIMICS MIHALY; SALPUTRA GUNA
JRC593602010EU-wide Enviromental and Exposure Monitoring of Dioxins, PCBS and Other Persistent Organic Pullutants (POPs) in Butter and Correlations to Published Air DataUMLAUF Gunther; MARIANI Giulio; AMALFITANO Lara; VIVES I.; MUELLER Anne; SKEJO Helle; WEISS JANA
JRC619202011EU-wide environmental monitoring of Persistent Organic Pollutants using butter as biomonitoring matrixWEISS JANA; MARIANI Giulio; AMALFITANO Lara; VIVES-RUBIO Ingrid; MUELLER Anne; SKEJO Helle; UMLAUF Gunther
JRC1094792017EU-wide income inequality in the era of the Great RecessionBENCZUR PETER; CSERES-GERGELY ZSOMBOR; HARASZTOSI PETER
JRC583112009EU-Wide Lake Ecological Classification Based on PhytoplanktonPOIKANE Sandra
JRC802602013EU-wide monitoring survey on emerging polar organic contaminants in wastewater treatment plant effluentsLOOS Robert; NEGRÃO DE CARVALHO RAQUEL; CONDUTO ANTÓNIO DIANA SOFIA; COMERO Sara; LOCORO Giovanni; TAVAZZI SIMONA; PARACCHINI Bruno; GHIANI Michela; LETTIERI Teresa; BLAHA Ludek, et al
JRC270142003EU. Dritter Report der EU zu Versuchstierzahlen liegt vor.CASATI Silvia; HARTUNG Thomas
JRC607502010EULER - The First Pan-European SDR-based Public Safety Communications Platform ProjectBALDINI Gianmarco; STURMAN Taj; VERGARI Fabrizio; LUISE Marco; PICCOLI Ottavio; BOLZAN Emilio; BRÄYSY Timo
JRC654862011The EULER project: application of software defined radio in joint security operationsBALDINI Gianmarco; PICCHI Ottavio; LUISE Marco; STURMAN Taj; VERGARI Fabrizio; BRÄYSY Timo; MOY Cristophe; DOPICO Raul
JRC364212006Euoropean Photovoltaic RTD and Demonstration ProgrammeMENNA Pietro; GAMBI Roberto; YORDI AGUIRRE BEATRICE; GILLETT William; TONDI Gianluca; DESCHAMPS Georges; GUIU ETXEBERRIA Garbine; OSTROM Rolf; ANDERSON David; SCHOLZ HARALD