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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC960422016Effect of Good Agricultural and Environmental Conditions on erosion and soil organic carbon balance: A national case studyBORRELLI PASQUALE; PAUSTIAN Keith; PANAGOS Panagiotis; JONES Arwyn; SCHÜTT Brigitta; LUGATO EMANUELE
JRC364412007The Effect of Harmonized Emissions on Aerosol Properties in Global Models - An AeroCom ExperimentTEXTOR C.; SCHULZ M.; GUIBERT S.; KINNE S.; BALKANSKI Y.; BAUER S.; BERNTSEN T.; BERGLEN T.; BOUCHER O.; CHIN M., et al
JRC400402007The Effect of Harmonized Emissions on Aerosol Properties in Global Models an AeroCom ExperimentTEXTOR Christiane; DENTENER FRANCISCUS
JRC354392007Effect of Heat Treatment on the Detection of Intact Bovine Beta-Lactoglobulins by LC Mass SpectrometryMONACI LINDA; VAN HENGEL ADRIANUS
JRC1014282016The effect of heat treatment on the microstructure and diffusion of silver in pyrolytic carbon coatingsCANCINO TREJOA F.; SÁENZ PADILLA M.; LOPEZ HONORATO Eddie; CARVAJAL NUNEZ URSULA; BOSHOVEN Jacobus; SOMERS Joseph
JRC166841999Effect of High Temperature Heat Treatments on the Strenght of Molybdenum Disilicide.DUSZA Jan; STEINKELLNER Walter; KROMP Karl; STEEN Marc pierr e gregoire
JRC272942003The Effect of Histogram Discontinuities on Spectral Information and Non-Supervised Classifiers.SALVADOR R.; SAN MIGUEL AYANZ Jesus
JRC166271998The Effect of Hold-Times on the Fatigue Behaviour of Type AISI 316L Stainless Steel under Deuteron Irradiation.SCHOLZ Reinhard; MUELLER Robert
JRC124121995The Effect of Hold-Times on the Fatigue Life of 20% Cold-Worked Type 316 Stainless Steel under Deuteron IrradiationSCHOLZ Reinhard
JRC908932014Effect of Humidity on Carbon Monoxide Desorption KineticsDUNDAR FURKAN; PITOIS Aurelien; PILENGA Alberto; TSOTRIDIS Georgios
JRC236302002Effect of Hydrogenation on Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties of UTSi (T = Pd, Ni) Intermetallics.KOLOMIETS A.; HAVELA L.; ANDREEV A.v.; WASTIN F.; SEBEK J.; MARYSKO M.
JRC561312009Effect of Hydrogenation on Fracture Mode of a Reactor Pressure Vessel SteelNYKYFORCHYN H; TSYRULNYK O; STUDENT O; TAYLOR Nigel
JRC546202009Effect of Impulse Radio-Ultra Wideband Based on Energy Collection on MAC Protocol PerformanceHAAPOLA Jussi; RABBACHIN ALBERTO; GORATTI Leonardo; POMALAZA-RAEZ Carlos; OPPERMANN Ian
JRC120721996Effect of Infills on the Global Behaviour of R/C Frames. Energy Considerations from Pseudodynamic TestsNEGRO Paolo; VERZELETTI Guido
JRC834002013The effect of innovative SMEs' growth to the structural renewal of the EU economy - A projection to the year 2020 -MONCADA PATERNO' CASTELLO Pietro; VOIGT Peter
JRC612052010Effect of Input Power and Gas Pressure on the Roughening and Selective Etching of SiO2 /Si Surfaces in Reactive PlasmasZHONG X. X.; TAM E.; HUANG X. Z.; COLPO Pascal; ROSSI Francois; OSTRIKOV K.
JRC317072006Effect of intraperitoneal identification on productive performance of Sardinia suckling lambsPINNA Walter; SEDDA Patrizio; DELOGU Gianmichele; MONIELLO Giuseppe; CAPPAI Maria Grazia; SOLINAS IRENE
JRC317052005Effect of Intraperitoneal Transponder on the Productive Performances of Suckling PigletsPINNA Walter; SEDDA Patrizio; DELOGU Gianmichele; MONIELLO Giuseppe; CAPPAI Maria Grazia; SOLINAS IRENE
JRC651262011The Effect of Ionic Liquid Cation and Anion Combinations on the Macromolecular Structure of LigninsGEORGE Anthe; TRAN Kim; MORGAN TREVOR; BENKE Peter; BERRUECO Cesar; LORENTE ROYO Esther; WU Ben; KEASLING Jay D. Keasling; HOLMES Blake; SIMMONS Blake
JRC689762012Effect of Irradiation on Thermophysical Properties of Oxide Fuels: Experimental and Theoretical StudiesSTAICU Dragos; NICHENKO SERGII; KONINGS Rudy