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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC922672014Euratom Safeguards: Improving Safeguards by Cooperation in R&D and ImplementationSCHWALBACH Peter; SCHOOP K.; ANCIUS Darius; SMEJKAL Andreas; MARSZALEK Yvan; MATLOCH Lukasz; VACCARO Stefano; DE BAERE Paul; KOUTSOYANNOPOULUS C.; MEYLEMANS Paul, et al
JRC590902010EURATOM's contribution to the IAEA Safeguards by Design processSEVINI Filippo; PEERANI Paolo; JANSSENS Willem; COJAZZI Giacomo; BOELLA Maurizio; KOUTSOYANNOPOULOS Christos; CHARE Peter; KILLEEN Thomas
JRC40091984Eurelios, the 1 - MW (el) Helioelectric Power Plant of the European Community ProgramBORGHESE D; DINELLI G.; FAURE J.j.; SCHOBER G.
JRC349192007The EURITRACK Concept for Cargo Inspection with Tagged NeutronsPEERANI PAOLO; SEQUEIRA VITOR; SALVATO MARTINO; PEROT Bertrand; CARASCO C.; BERNARD S.; MARIANI A.; LUNARDON Marcello; MORETTO S.; VIESTI G., et al
JRC346202006The EURITRACK Project: Development of a Tagged Neutron Inspection System for Cargo ContainersPEROT Bertrand; PEERANI PAOLO; SEQUEIRA VITOR; SALVATO MARTINO
JRC50901987Euro Cooperation towards Validated Models Procedures and Data for PSAAMENDOLA Aniello; BESI Andrea; MANCINI Giuseppe; POUCET Andre
JRC971432015Euro-Med trade integration in agriculture and food: social accounting matrix analysesAIT EL MEKKI Abdelkader; BEN ABDALLAH Mohamed; BOULANGER PIERRE; CARDENETE Manuel Alejandro; DELGADO LOPEZ Maria Del Carmen; SIAM Gamal
JRC143461997Euro-Mediterranean Policies and Olive Oil. Competition vs Job-Sharing (Reprint from IPTS Report No. 8, October 1996)BONAZZI Matteo
JRC565042010EUROCODES: EU Policy Issues, Implementation and Further DevelopmentGERADIN Michel; PINTO VIEIRA Artur; DIMOVA Silvia; TSIONIS Georgios
JRC846842014Eurocodes: opportunity for cross-border science, education and business cooperationKIRILLOV Igor; DIMOVA Silvia; LYAPIDEVSKAYA Olga; PINTO VIEIRA Artur
JRC488322008EuroGentest: A Collaborative Network Aimed at Improving the Quality of Genetic Testing in Europe and BeyondDEQUEKER Elisabeth; BARTON David; BERWOUTS Sarah; BRADY Christine; CAMAJOVA Jana; CORBISIER Philippe; CORVELEYN Anniek; DESMET Lieve; ELLES Rob; FOWLER Brian, et al
JRC447232008EuroGentest: Quality Management and Accreditation of Genetic Testing ServicesBARTON David; HASTINGS Ros; BERWOUTS Sarah; BRADY Christine; CORBISIER PHILIPPE; CORVELEYN Anniek; ELLES Rob; FOWLER Brian; GANCBERG DAVID; LITYNSKI Piotr, et al
JRC729872012EuroGEOSS contributions to the Global Earth Observation System of SystemsSCHADE SVEN
JRC774582012EuroGEOSS Towards a Framework for Harmony - Part ICRAGLIA Massimo; NATIVI Stefano
JRC634142011EuroGEOSS: an interdisciplinary approach to research and applications for forestry, biodiversity and droughtPEARLMAN Jay; CRAGLIA Massimo; BERTRAND Francis; NATIVI Stefano; GAIGALAS Gerimantas; DUBOIS Gregoire; NIEMEYER Stefan; FRITZ Steffen
JRC259172003The EUROHARP Information System, an Example of Efficient and Effective Data Management within a Large European Project in Support of EU Policies.PANAGOS P.; VAN LIEDEKERKE Marc henri
JRC226812001Europa desatenta: a mitigacao dos risco sìsmico. Desafios e oportunidades.PINTO A. v.
JRC226032001Europa harmoniseert de toelating van drinkwatermaterialen.HOEKSTRA Eddo; VAN DE MEENT Wim; CRAMER Wennemar
JRC593022010Europa Wüst und Leer?VOGT Juergen; AKHTAR-SCHUSTER Mariam
JRC655552012EUROPAIRS - The European Project on Coupling of High Temperature Reactors with Industrial ProcessesANGULO Carmen; BOGUSCH Edgar; BREDIMAS Alexandre; DELANNAY Nicolas; VIALA Céline; RUER Jacques; MUGUERRA Philippe; SIBAUD Elvire; CHAUVET Vincent; HITTNER Dominique, et al