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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
2008European Union Summary Risk Assessment Report - Nitrobenzene - Part I - EnvironmentPAKALIN SAZAN; ASCHBERGER KARIN; COSGROVE ORNA; PAYA PEREZ ANA; VEGRO STEFANIA
2007European Union Summary Risk Assessment Report - Part I - Environment - Propan-1-olPAKALIN SAZAN; MUNN Sharon; ASCHBERGER Karin; COSGROVE ORNA; PAYA PEREZ ANA; VEGRO STEFANIA
2008European Union Summary Risk Assessment Report - Sodium HydroxideASCHBERGER KARIN; COSGROVE ORNA; DE COEN WIM; LUND Bert-Ove; PAKALIN SAZAN; PAYA PEREZ ANA; VEGRO STEFANIA
2007European Union Summary Risk Assessment Report - Sodium PerborateMUNN Sharon; ASCHBERGER Karin; COSGROVE ORNA; DE COEN WIM; LUND Bert-Ove; PAKALIN SAZAN; PAYA PEREZ ANA; VEGRO STEFANIA
1996European Union's Environmental Risk Assessment and Management Policies as Realised in the Control of Major Accident Hazards at Industrial Sites in GreeceLOUPASIS Stylianos
2009European Union-Summary Risk Assessment Report-Existing Substances - 4th Priority List-2,4-DinitrotolueneASCHBERGER KARIN; MUNN SHARON; OLSSON Heidi; PAKALIN Sazan; PAYA PEREZ Ana; PELLEGRINI Grazia; VEGRO Stefania
2011European university funding and financial autonomy. A study on the degree of diversification of university budget and the share of competitive fundingDE DOMINICIS LAURA; ELENA PÉREZ SUSANA; FERNÁNDEZ ZUBIETA ANA
2003European Validation of the Integral Code ASTEC (EVITA).ALLELEIN H.j.; NEU K.; VAN DORSSELAERE J. p.; MUELLER Karl; KOSTKA P.; BAMAK M.; MATEJOVIC P.; BUJAN A.; SLABY J.
2003European Vegetation Activity from Space. CarboEurope Sites.GOBRON Nadine; PINTY Bernard; TABERNER Malcolm; MELIN Frederic; HIRTZ Barbara; VERSTRAETE Michel m.; WIDLOWSKI Jean-luc
2010The European Water Framework Directive at the Age of 10: A Critical Review of the Achievements with Recommendations for the FutureHERING Daniel; BORJA Angel; CARSTENSEN J.; CARVALHO Laurence; ELLIOTT Mike; FELD Christian; HEISKANEN Anna-Stiina; JOHNSON Richard K.; MOE Jannicke; PONT Didier, et al
2004European Workshop on the Applications of Nanotechnology in Environment and Health.RICKERBY David george; LARSEN Bo richter; ROSSI Francois
2007The (European) HTR Technology Network (HTR-TN) and the development of HTR technology in EuropeBOGUSCH Edgar; BESSON Daniel; BUCKTHORPE Derek; CHAUVET Vincent; FUETTERER MICHAEL; VAN HEEK Aliki; LANSIART Sylvie; VON LENSA Werner; PHÉLIP Mayeul; PIRSON Jacques, et al
2012The EuropeanResearch on Severe Accidents inGeneration-II and -III Nuclear Power PlantsDORSSELAERE J.-P.; AUVINEN A.; BERAHA D.; CHATELARD P.; KLJENAK Ivo; MIASSOEDOV Alexei; PACI Sandro; TROMM Th. W.; ZEYEN Roland
2007Eurorisk/Preview Report on the Technical Quality, Functional Quality and Forecast Value of Meteorological and Hydrological ForecastsBUIZZA Roberto; BOGNER KONRAD; BARTHOLMES JENS; DE ROO ARIE; THIELEN DEL POZO JUTTA; RAMOS M-H.
2001EUROSOILS, a Set of CRMs for Comparability of Soil-Measurements.GAWLIK Bernd manfred; LAMBERTY Andre; MUNTAU Herbert wilhelm; PAUWELS Jean
2009Eutectic Crystallization in the FeO1.5¿UO2+x¿ZrO2 SystemALMJASHEV V. I.; BARRACHIN M.; BECHTA S. V.; BOTTOMLEY Paul; DEFOORT F.; FISCHER M.; GUSAROV V. V.; HELLMANN S.; KHABENSKY V. B.; KRUSHINOV E. V., et al
2001Eutrophication in Europe's Coastal Waters.AERTEBJERG Gunni; CARSTENSEN Jacob; DAHL Karsten; HANSEN Joergen; NYGAARD Kari; RYGG Brage; SOERENSEN Kai; SEVERINSEN Gunnar; CASARTELLI Sara; SCHRIMPF Wolfram, et al
2008Eutrophication in Transitional Waters: An OverviewZALDIVAR COMENGES Jose'; CARDOSO ANA; VIAROLI P.; NEWTON Alice; DE WIT Rutger; IBAÑEZ Carles; REIZOPOULOU Sofia; SOMMA FRANCESCA; RAZINKOVAS Arturas; BASSET Alberto, et al
2014Evaluación de seguridad de FFHH en Angra-1 para la preparación e incorporación de un capitulo 18 a su informe final de seguridadTRUEBA ALONSO Pedro; VALVIDIA MARTIN Juan Carlos; FERNANDEZ ILLOBRE Luiz; CELSO OLIVEIRA Luiz; HULSMANS Mark
2010Evaluated Nuclear Data for Nuclides within the Thorium-Uranium Fuel CycleCAPOTE R.; LEAL L.; LIU Ping; LIU Tingjin; SCHILLEBEECKX Peter; SIN M.; SIRAKOV I.; TRKOV A.
Showing results 6313 to 6332 of 19912


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