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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC120211995An Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometer In-Plane System Applied to the Evaluation of mechanical Characteristics of MasonryFACCHINI Mauro; ZANETTA Paolo
JRC131091997Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry Applied to the Study and Conservation of PaintingsLUCIA Alfredo carlo; ZANETTA Paolo; FACCHINI Mauro
JRC177691999Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry Instruments Development, Optimisations and ApplicationsALBRECHT Daniel jacques
JRC438832008Electronic State of PuCoGa5 and NpCoGa5 as Probed by Polarized NeutronsHIESS A.; STUNAULT A.; COLINEAU ERIC; REBIZANT JEAN; WASTIN FRANCK; CACIUFFO ROBERTO; LANDER G.h.
JRC284592005Electronic Structure and Cohesive Energies of Actinde Mononitrides.SEDMIDUBSKY D.; KONINGS R. j. m.; NOVAK Petar
JRC795282013Electronic Structure and Magnetic Properties of NpFaAsO and PuFeAsOSHIK ALEXANDER; KLIMCZUK Tomasz; ELOIRDI Rachel; COLINEAU Eric; GRIVEAU Jean-Christophe; CACIUFFO Roberto
JRC305952006Electronic Structure and Magnetism in Actinide CompoundsDURAKIEWICZ T.; JOYCE J.j.; LANDER Gerard; OLSON C.g.; BUTTERFIELD M.t.; GUZIEWICZ E.; BATISTA C.d.; ARKO A.j.; MORALES L.a.; MATTENBERGER K., et al
JRC336052006Electronic Structure and Nonmagnetic Character of Delta-Pu-Am AlloysSHICK A.b.; HAVELA Ladislav; KOLORENC J.; DRCHAL V.; GOUDER THOMAS; OPPENEER P.m.
JRC300242005Electronic Structure and Optical Properties of Americium MonopnictidesGOSH D.b.; DE S.k.; OPPENEER P.m.; BROOKS Michael
JRC377892007Electronic Structure and Thermodynamic Stability of Double-layered SrTiO3(001) Surfaces - Ab initio SimulationsHEIFETS Eugene; PISKUNOV S.; KOTOMIN Eugene; ZHUKOVSKII Y.; ELLIS D.e.
JRC273682004Electronic Structure of Actinide Antimonides and Tellurides from Photoelectron SpectroscopyDURAKIEWICZ T.; JOYCE J.j.; LANDER Gerard heath; OLSON C.g.; BUTTERFIELD M.; GUZIEWICZ E.; ARKO A.j.; MORALES L.; REBIZANT Jean; MATTENBERGER K., et al
JRC303792005Electronic Structure of Actinide Hydrides Studied by Photoelectron SpectroscopyGOUDER THOMAS; ELOIRDI RACHEL
JRC206452000Electronic Structure of alpha- and delta-Pu from Photoelectron Spectroscopy.ARKO A.j.; JOYCE J.j.; MORALES L.; WILLS J.; LASHLEY J.; WASTIN F.; REBIZANT Jean
JRC700982012Electronic Structure of Compressed Americium MetalKOLORENC J.; SHIK ALEXANDER; CACIUFFO Roberto
JRC306022006Electronic Structure of Delta-Pu - Theories and PES ExperimentsHAVELA Ladislav; GOUDER THOMAS; SHICK A.b.; DRCHAL V.
JRC273852005Electronic Structure of delta-Pu Studied by AM Doping.GOUDER Thomas; REBIZANT Jean; HAVELA L.
JRC625802011Electronic Structure of Elemental Curium Studied by PhotoemissionGOUDER Thomas; VAN DER LAAN G.; SHICK A. B.; HAIRE R.g.; CACIUFFO Roberto
JRC344022006Electronic Structure of High Oxidation State Actinide Species - Theoretical and Experimental ApproachesHILAIRE S.; GUILLAUMONT D.; GUITIEREZ F.; DENAUWER C.; WASTIN FRANCK; COLINEAU ERIC; GOUDER THOMAS; REBIZANT JEAN; BERTHET J.-C.; MEYER D., et al
JRC359002006Electronic Structure of Molecular Actinide Compounds through Spectroscopic Experiments Combined with Theoretical ModellingHILAIRE S.; GUILLAUMONT D.; FOUCHARD S.; WASTIN FRANCK; COLINEAU ERIC; GOUDER THOMAS; REBIZANT JEAN; BERTHET J.-C.; EPHRETIKHINE, M. M.; MEYER D.j.m.
JRC183042000Electronic Structure of Plutonium Monochalcogenides.OPPENEER P.m.; KRAFT T.; BROOKS M.s.s.