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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC470312008The Effect of Oil Prices on Transport Policies for EuropeSHEPHERD Simon P.; PFAFFENBICHLER Paul; MARTINO Angelo; FIORELLO Davide; CHRISTIDIS Panayotis
JRC52231988The Effect of Oxygen Impurities on the Behaviour of Type 316 Stainless Steel in Pb-17LiCOEN Vittorio; ORECCHIA Luigi; BARKER Marten g.; LEES J.; SAMPLE A.t.
JRC610662011The Effect of Particle Chemical Composition on the Activation Probability in n-Butanol Condensation Particle CountersGIECHASKIEL Barouch; WANG Xiaoliang; GILLILAND Douglas; DROSSINOS Ioannis
JRC325362005The Effect of Particle leaking and its Implications for Measurements of the (n,alpha) reaction on Light Elements Using Ionisation ChambersGIORGINIS GEORGIOS; KHRIATCHKOV Vitali
JRC252502005The Effect of Particle Leaking and its Implications for Measurements of the (n,alpha) Reaction on Light Elements Using Ionisation Chambers.GIORGINIS Georgios; KHRIATCHKOV Vitali
JRC603242011Effect of pesticides on neuronal and Glial cell differentiation and maturation in primary culturePRICE Anna; HOGBERG Helena
JRC112781995The Effect of Phase Inversion during Semibatch Aromatic NitrationsALOS M.a.; HERNANDEZ Guevara hector javier; WESTERTERP K.r.
JRC548412009The Effect of Post-irradiation Annealing on VVER-440 RPV Materials Mechanolocal Properties and Nano-structure under Re-irradiationROGOZKIN Sergey; CHERNOBAEVA Anna; ALEEV Andrey; NIKITIN Aleksandr; ZALUZHNYI Alexander; ERAK Dmitry; SHTROMBAKH Yaroslav; ZABUSOV Oleg; DEBARBERIS Luigi; ZEMAN Andrej
JRC930432015Effect of precooled inlet gas temperature and mass flow rate on final state of charge during hydrogen vehicle refuelingORTIZ CEBOLLA RAFAEL; ACOSTA IBORRA Beatriz; DE MIGUEL ECHEVARRIA NEREA; MORETTO Pietro
JRC278732004Effect of Processing History and Buffer-Composition on Peanut and Hazelnut Protein Extraction Efficiency.CAPELLETTI Claudia; POMS Roland; ANKLAM Elke
JRC55401987Effect of Proton Irradiation on Tensile Properties and Microhardness of Cu-Cr-Zr AlloyFENICI Paolo
JRC48481988Effect of Proton Irradiation on Tensile Properties of Cu and a Cu-Cr-Zr AlloyFENICI Paolo; APPELLO Mario
JRC183892000The Effect of Pulse Operation on Tritium Permeation and Inventory in ITER's Plasma-Facing Components.HOUSIADAS Christos; PERUJO Adolfo
JRC886462014Effect of rapeseed methylester blending on diesel passenger car emissions – Part 1: Regulated pollutants, NO/NOx ratio and particulate emissionsFONTARAS GEORGIOS; KALOGIROU Maria; GRIGORATOS THEODOROS; PISTIKOPOULOS Panagiotis; SAMARAS Zissis; ROSE Kenneth D.
JRC898372014Effect of rapeseed methylester blending on diesel passenger car emissions – Part 2: Unregulated emissions and oxidation activityGRIGORATOS THEODOROS; FONTARAS GEORGIOS; KALOGIROU Maria; COSTANTINI Samara; SAMARAS Zissis; ROSE Kenneth D.
JRC940072016The effect of reference climatology on global flood forecastingHIRPA FEYERA AGA; SALAMON Peter; ALFIERI LORENZO; THIELEN DEL POZO Jutta; ZSOTER Ervin; PAPPENBERGER Florian
JRC310302006Effect of Roasting on the Radical Scavenging Activity of Cocoa BeansSUMMA Carmelina; CORDEIRO RAPOSO FERNANDO; MCCOURT JOSEPHINE; ANKLAM ELKE; LO SCALZO Roberto; WAGNER Karl-Heinz; ELMADFA Ibrahim
JRC161602000Effect of Sea Breeze on Air Pollution in the Greater Athens Area. Part 2. Analysis of Different Emission Scenarios.GROSSI Paola; THUNIS Philippe; MARTILLI A.; CLAPPIER Alain
JRC161592000Effect of Sea Breeze on Air Pollution in the Greater Athens Area. Part I. Comparison between Field Measurements and Numerical Results for the MEDCAPHOT Campaign.CLAPPIER Alain; MARTILLI A.; GROSSI Paola; THUNIS Philippe; PASI F.; KRUEGER B.; CALPINI B.; GRAZIANI Giovanni; VAN DEN BERGH H.