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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC376382007Embryotoxicity Hazard Assessment of Methylmercury and Chromium Using Embryonic Stem CellsSTUMMANN TINA; HARENG Lars; BREMER SUSANNE
JRC453432008The Emergence of Social Computing: Implications for GovernmentOSIMO DAVID; PUNIE YVES
JRC914222014An emergency communication system based on software-defined radioSTURMAN Taj; BALDINI Gianmarco; DALODE Albert; KROPP Andrea; SACCHI Claudio
JRC235792002Emergency Decay Heat Removal by Reactor Vessel Auxiliary Cooling System from an Accelerator-Driven System.CARLSSON J.; WIDER Hartmut ulric h
JRC122631996Emergency Pressure RELIEF Calculations Using the Computer Package RELIEFNIJSING Reinier; BRINKHOF Norbert albert
JRC1000312015Emergency Response Planning for Chemical Accident Hazards. Key points and conclusions for Seveso enforcement and implementation.DOHERTY Alice; WOOD Maureen
JRC328852006Emergent Disservices in Interdependent Systems and System-of-SystemsNAI FOVINO IGOR; MASERA MARCELO
JRC912122014Emergent phenomena in actinides: Multipolar order, correlation effects, and unconventional superconductivity Phénomènes émergents dans les actinides: ordre multipolaire, effets de corrélation et supraconductivité non conventionnelleCACIUFFO Roberto
JRC763402012The emerging energy webAJMONE-MARSAN Marco; ARROWSMITH David; BREYMANN Wolfgang; FRITZ Oliver; MASERA Marcelo; MENGOLINI Anna Maria; CARBONE Anna
JRC205922001An Emerging Ground-Based Aerosol Climatology. Aerosol Optical Depth from AERONET.HOLBEN B.n.; TANRE D.; SMIRNOV A.; ECK T.f.; SLUTSKER I.; ABUHASSEN N.; NEWCOMB W.w.; SCHAFER J.; CHATENET B.; LAVENUE F., et al
JRC903342014Emerging ICT for Citizens’ Veillance: Theoretical and Practical InsightsTALLACCHINI MARIACHIARA; BOUCHER PHILIP; FIGUEIREDO DO NASCIMENTO SUSANA
JRC337802006Emerging Issues for natech Disaster Risk Management in EuropeCRUZ NARANJO ANA-MARIA; STEINBERG Laura J.; VETERE ARELLANO ANA LISA
JRC345202006The Emerging Nanomedicine LandscapeBOCK ANNE-KATRIN
JRC960472015Emerging pollutants in the environment: a challenge for water resource managementGEISSEN Violette; MOL Hans; KLUMPP Erwin; UMLAUF Gunther; NADAL Marti; VAN DER PLOEG Martine; VAN DE ZEE Sjoerd E.a.t.m.; RITSEMA Coen J.
JRC949552015Emerging reputation mechanisms for scholars. A literature-based theoretical framework of scholarly activities and a state-of-the-art appraisal of the social networking services used by scholars, to build, maintain and showcase their reputationNICHOLAS David; HERMAN Eti; JAMALI Hamid R.
JRC829652013The Emilia earthquakes: Report and analysis on the behavior of precast industrial buildings from a field missionBOURNAS Dionysios; NEGRO Paolo; TAUCER Fabio
JRC766552011Emisiones territoriales y fuga de emisiones. Análisis del caso españolARTO OLAIZOLA IGNACIO; ROCA Jordi; SERRANO Mónica
JRC920642014Emission Factors for new and upcoming technologies in road transportNTZIACHRISTOS Leonidas; GALASSI MARIA CRISTINA; DILARA Panagiota
JRC175501998Emission Fluxes of Voc by Orange Trees Determined by both Eddy Accumulation and Vertical Gradient Approaches.DARMAIS S.; DUTAUR Laure; SIMON V.; TORRES L.