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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC659312012Effects of Temperature, Salinity and Fish in Structuring the Macroinvertebrate Community in Shallow Lakes: Implications for Effects of Climate ChangeBRUCET SANDRA; BOIX Dani; NATHANSEN Louise; QUINTANA Xavier D.; JENSEN Elisabeth; BALAYLA D.; MEERHOFF Mariana; JEPPESEN Erik
JRC379392007Effects of Temperature, Swimming Speed and Body Mass on Standard and Active Metabolic Rate in Vendace (Coregonus albula)OHLBERGER Jan; STAAKS Georg; HOELKER FRANZ
JRC727992013Effects of the Fuel Price Crisis on the Energy Efficiency and the Economic Performance of the European Union Fishing FleetsCHEILARI Anna; GUILLEN Jordi; DAMALAS DIMITRIOS; BARBAS Thomas
JRC685212012Effects of time-series length and gauge network density on rainfall climatology estimates in Latin AmericaMAEDA EDUARDO EIJI; AREVALO TORRES JUAN; CARMONA MORENO Cesar
JRC499452009Effects of Toluene and Benzene Air Mixtures on Human Lung Cells (A549)PARISELLI Fabrizio; SACCO Maria-Grazia; PONTI Jessica; REMBGES Diana
JRC176821999Effects of Trace Metal Compounds on HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase. An in Vitro Study.SABBIONI Enrico; BLANCH Neus; BARICEVIK C.; SERRA BELTRAN Miguel angel
JRC94151993Effects of Trace Metals in Mouse B16 Melanoma Cells in CultureSABBIONI Enrico; BASSLEER Roger
JRC603822010Effects of Transport Infrastructure Plans on Climate Change. Application to the Spanish Strategic Transport and Infrastructure Plan 2005¿2020 (PEIT)LOPEZ Elena; MONZON Andrés; CHRISTIDIS Panayotis
JRC127151997Effects of Uncertainties in Meteorological Inputs on Urban Airshed Model Predictions and Ozone Control StrategiesSISTLA G.; ZHOU N.; HAO W.; KU J.-y.; RAO S.t.; BORNSTEIN R.; FREEDMAN F.; THUNIS Philippe
JRC681292012Effects of Variable Power on a Country-scale Electricity System: High Penetration of Hydro Power Plants and Wind Farms in Electricity GenerationPURVINS ARTURS; PAPAIOANNOU IOULIA; OLEINIKOVA Irina; TZIMAS Evangelos
JRC273762004Effects of Water Availability on the Isotopic Carbon Fluxes in a Beech Forest Ecosystems.SCARTAZZA Andrea; MATA Catarina; MATTEUCCI Giorgio; SCARASCIA MUGNOZZA Giuseppe; BRUGNOLI Enrico
JRC223032001Effects on Injection Position and Transponder Size on the Performance of Passive Injectable Transponders Used for the Electronic Identification of Cattle.CONILL Cristina; CAJA G.; NEHRING R.; RIBO Arboledas josep oriol
JRC232242002Effetti Tossicologici e Potenziale Cancerogeno di Metalli in Tracce. Studi in vitro mediante Colture Cellulari (Tesi di laurea presentata ...)PONTI Jessica
JRC283112004Effetto della Qualità del Fuel e della Tecnologia Motoristica sulle Caratteristiche Fisiche del Particolato da Veicoli DieselMARTINI G.; COLOMBO Rinaldo; KRASENBRINK Alois; COLLIA Despina; GIAVAZZI F.
JRC317522005Effetto Delle Emulsioni Gasolio/Acqua Sulle Emissioni di Veicoli DieselMARTINI GIORGIO; DE SANTI GIOVANNI; KRASENBRINK ALOIS; FARFALETTI CASALI ARIANNA
JRC623612010Efficience Technique des Institutions de Microfinance: Le Cas du Réseau des Mutuelles Communautaires de Croissance (MC2) au CamerounNZONGANG Joseph; KALA KAMDJOUG Jean Robert; PIOT-LEPETIT Isabelle; OMENGUELE Guy René; NISHIMIKIJIMANA Éloge
JRC630602011Efficiency and Evaluation Analysis of a Network of Technology Transfer BrokersAMICO ROXAS Salvatore; PIROLI GIUSEPPE; SORRENTINO Mario
JRC817842014Efficiency assessment of using satellite data for crop area estimation in UkraineGALLEGO PINILLA Francisco; KUSSUL Natalia; SKAKUN Sergii; KRAVCHENCKO Oleksii; SHELESTOV Andrii; KUSSUL Olga
JRC343512006Efficiency Gains from "What"-Flexibility in Climate Policy: An Integrated CGE AssessmentLOESCHEL Andreas; RUTHERFORD Thomas F.; BOEHRINGER Christoph
JRC281092005Efficiency of Algorithms for Shear Stress Amplitude Calculation in Critical Plane Class Fatigue Criteria.PAPADOPOULOS Ioannis v.; BERNASCONI Andrea