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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC582012010EU Clearinghouse on Operational Events for Nuclear Power Plants - International Operational Experience on In-Core Fuel Related EventsMARTIN RAMOS MANUEL; NOEL MARC; BRUYNOOGHE Christiane
JRC335732006The EU Codes of Conduct: What Have They Achieved and What are the Challenges?BERTOLDI PAOLO; HARRISON Robert; SIDERIUS Hans Paul; DALE Ken; JAEKEL Michael
JRC627022010EU Crisis Management: uitagingen en oplossingenAL KHUDHAIRY Delilah; DE ROO Arie; ANNUNZIATO Alessandro; VAN DER GOOT Erik; DE GROEVE Tom; LINGE Jens
JRC922762014The EU Dual-Use Trade Control System for GreeceCHARATSIS CHRISTOS
JRC651662012EU enlargement to Turkey: Potential impacts on agricultural markets and how they are shaped by changes in macroeconomic conditionsFELLMANN THOMAS; VAN LEEUWEN Myrna; SALAMON Petra
JRC373132007EU Enlargement: Economic Development and the Information SocietyBOGDANOWICZ MARC; TURLEA Geomina
JRC1012612016EU Exports to the World: Overview of the effects on employment and incomeRUEDA CANTUCHE JOSE; SOUSA Nuno
JRC971042016The EU greenhouse gas inventory for LULUCF sector: I. Overview and comparative analysis of methods used by EU member statesBLUJDEA Viorel; ABAD VIÑAS RAÚL; FEDERICI Sandro; GRASSI Giacomo
JRC1032962016EU Harmonised Test Protocols for Automotive Polymer Exchange Membrane Fuel CellsTSOTRIDIS Georgios
JRC345052009EU Information Policies: A Case-Study in the Environmental SectorCRAGLIA MASSIMO; ANNONI ALESSANDRO
JRC169321999EU Initiative on the Control of Major Accident Hazards Arising from Pipeline.PAPADAKIS Georgios; PORTER Sam; WETTIG Juergen
JRC561372009EU Land Markets and the Common Agricultural PolicyCIAIAN Pavel; KANCS D'ARTIS; SWINNEN Johan F.m.
JRC852042013EU management of risks associated to the use of nanoparticlesSOKULL-KLUETTGEN Birgit
JRC925782015EU marker polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in food supplements: analytical approach and occurrenceWENZL Thomas; ZELINKOVA ZUZANA
JRC721362012EU market access for agricultural products in the Doha Development Round: A sensitive issueBURRELL Alison; FERRARI EMANUELE; GONZALEZ MELLADO Aida; MICHALEK Jerzy
JRC1056972017EU Methodology for Critical Raw Materials Assessment: Policy Needs and Proposed Solutions for Incremental ImprovementsBLENGINI GIOVANNI; NUSS PHILIP; DEWULF JO; NITA VIOREL; TALENS PEIRO LAURA; VIDAL LEGAZ BEATRIZ; LATUNUSSA CYNTHIA; MANCINI LUCIA; BLAGOEVA DARINA; PENNINGTON DAVID, et al
JRC925042014EU mitigation potential of harvested wood productsPILLI ROBERTO; FIORESE GIULIA; GRASSI Giacomo
JRC844732013The EU noise policy after the second round of noise maps and action plansPAVIOTTI Marco; DODDS Michael; KEPHALOPOULOS Stylianos; RAPACZ Piotr; DE VOS Koen
JRC317532005EU Perspective - Sampling for Testing of GM-ImpuritiesPAOLETTI Claudia; DONATELLI Marcello; HEISSENBERGER Andreas; GRAZIOLI EMANUELE; LARCHER SARA; VAN DEN EEDE GUY
JRC574942009EU Policies on Indoor Air QualityDE OLIVEIRA FERNANDES Eduardo; CARRER Paolo; SEPPÄNEN Olli; KEPHALOPOULOS Stylianos; JANTUNEN Matii