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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC197162000Dynamic Fatigue of an Si3N4 + SiC Nanocomposite at 1350°C.DUSZA Jan; SAJGALIK Pavol; STEEN Marc pierr e gregoire; SEMERAD Ernst
JRC835272013Dynamic Increase Factor of Masonry Materials: Experimental InvestigationsLARCHER Martin; PERONI Marco; SOLOMOS George; GEBBEKEN Norbert; BIEBER Philipp; WANDELT Jens; TRAN Ngoc Tho
JRC894462015Dynamic labelling of BDD and ZBDD for efficient non-coherent fault tree analysisMATUZAS VAIDAS; Contini Sergio
JRC643082013Dynamic leaching studies of 48 MWd/kgU UO2 commercial spent nuclear fuel under oxic conditionsSERRANO PURROY Daniel; CASAS I.; GONZALES-ROBLES Ernesto; GLATZ Jean-Paul; WEGEN Detlef; CLARENS Federic; GIMENEZ J.; DE PABLO J.; MARTINEZ-ESPARZA A.
JRC401422008Dynamic LES Modeling of a Diurnal CycleBASU Sukanta; VINUESA JEAN; SWIFT Andrew
JRC311982005Dynamic Load Balancing in Parallel Numerical Simulations of Reactive Gas FlowsBARALDI DANIELE; KRANZLMUELLER Dieter; WILKENING HEINZ; VOLKERT Jens; TROYER Christoph
JRC623952010Dynamic Mapping of Cropland Areas in Sub-Saharan Africa Using Modis Time SeriesVANCUTSEM CHRISTELLE; PEKEL JEAN-FRANÇOIS; KAYITAKIRE Francois
JRC654582011Dynamic mapping of cropland areas in Sub-Saharan Africa using MODIS time seriesVANCUTSEM CHRISTELLE; PEKEL JEAN-FRANÇOIS; KAYITAKIRE Francois
JRC951212015Dynamic Methodology for the Evaluation of Occupant Behaviour and Residential Energy ConsumptionMADSEN Henrik; KLOPPENBORG Jan; LIISBERG Jon; CIPRIANO J.; MOR Gerard; BLOEM Johannes
JRC321152005Dynamic Modelling of the Fate of DDT in Lake Maggiore: Preliminary ResultsDUERI SIBYLLE; ZALDIVAR COMENGES JOSE'; OLIVELLA Angels
JRC191671999Dynamic Nonlinear Analyses for the 4-Storey Infilled R/C Frame. Study of a Retrofitting Solution.VARUM Humberto; PINTO A.v.; COELHO Ema; CARVALHO Eduardo
JRC900972015A dynamic runoff co-efficient to improve flash flood early warning in Europe: evaluation on the 2013 Central European floods in GermanyRAYNAUD Damien; THIELEN DEL POZO Jutta; SALAMON Peter; BUREK PETER ANDREAS; ANQUETIN Sandrine; ALFIERI LORENZO
JRC51121987Dynamic Testing of Large AISI-316L Steel Specimens Behaviour Using LDTFCASADEI Folco; HALLEUX Jean-pierre; VERZELETTI Guido; MAGONETTE Georges; DELZANO Carlo
JRC1027542016Dynamic testing of large concrete specimens with large modified Hopkinson bar apparatusesSOLOMOS George; CADONI Ezio; PERONI MARCO
JRC168191998Dynamic Tests on the Ductility of Composite Steel-Concrete Beams.PLUMIER C.; DONEUX C.
JRC519562009Dynamic visualization of outliers and mixtures in trade data through robust methodsPERROTTA Domenico; TORTI Francesca
JRC427182008Dynamical Barrier for the Formation of Solitary Waves in Discrete LatticesKEVREKIDIS P. G.; ESPINOLA-ROCHA J. A.; DROSSINOS IOANNIS; STEFANOV A.
JRC457032008Dynamical Behaviour of a Nonlinear Single-Degree-Of-Freedom System with Negative Viscous and Positive Frictional DampingJAKSIC NIKOLA
JRC900192014Dynamical downscaling of CMIP5 1 Global Circulation Models over CORDEX-Africa with COSMO-CLM: evaluation over the present climate and analysis of the added value.DOSIO Alessandro; PANITZ Hans-Juergen; SCHUBERT-FRISIUS Martina; LUETHI Daniel
JRC642902011Dynamical Patterns of Cattle Trade MovementsBAJARDI Paolo; BARRAT Alain; NATALE Fabrizio; SAVINI Lara; COLIZZA Vittoria