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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC376842007The European Flood Alert System: Early Flood Warning Based on Ensemble Prediction System ProductsTHIELEN DEL POZO JUTTA; BARTHOLMES JENS; KALAS MILAN; DE ROO ARIE
JRC253012003A European Flow Network and Catchment DatasetHIEDERER Roland; DE ROO Ad
JRC675572012The European Food Sustainable Consumption and Production Round Table Working Group 1 Workshop - Towards the ENVIFOOD Protocol: deriving scientifically-sound rules from exisiting methodological alternatives - Summary ReportDE CAMILLIS CAMILLO; BLIGNY Jean-Christophe; PENNINGTON David; BAUER Christian; PONSIOEN Tommie; SCHENKER Urs; SUEYS Rudi; UNGER Nicole; LUNDQUIST Lars; BRANDAO MIGUEL, et al
JRC435702008European Forest Cover Mapping with High Resolution Satellite Data: the Carpathians Case StudyKOZAK Jacek; ESTREGUIL CHRISTINE; OSTAPOWICZ Katarzyna
JRC859472013The European Forest Fire Information System in the context of environmental policies of the European UnionSAN-MIGUEL-AYANZ Jesus; SCHULTE Ernst; SCHMUCK Guido; CAMIA Andrea
JRC473442008The European Forest Fire Information System NewsletterCAMIA Andrea; SAN-MIGUEL-AYANZ Jesus; KUCERA Jan; LIBERTA' Giorgio; AMATULLI Giuseppe; BOCA Roberto; GIOVANDO Cristiano; WHITMORE Ceri James
JRC183322005The European Forest Information System, an Internet Based Interface between Information Providers and the User Community.BORELLA ALESSANDRO
JRC934502014The European Forestry Dynamics Model: Concept, design and results of first case studiesPACKALEN Tuula; SALLNAES PETTER; SIRKIA Seija; KOHONEN Kari; SALMINEN Olli; VIDAL CLAUDE; ROBERT Nicolas; COLIN Antoine; BELOUARD Thierry; SCHADAUER Klemens, et al
JRC268152005The European Geo-Portal. One Step towards the Establishment of a European Spatial Data Infrastructure.BERNARD Lars; KANELLOPOULOS Ioannis; ANNONI Alessandro; SMITS Paul c.
JRC318622005The European Geoportal - one Step Towards the Establishment of a European Spatial Data Infrastructure.BERNARD Lars; KANELLOPOULOS IOANNIS; ANNONI ALESSANDRO; SMITS PAUL
JRC786072013The European Green Building Programme 2010 EvaluationBERTOLDI PAOLO; CUNIBERTI Barbara
JRC782942013The European GreenBuilding Programme - 2011 - EvaluationBERTOLDI PAOLO; CUNIBERTI Barbara
JRC581352010The European Greenbuilding Programme 2006-2009 - EvaluationBERTOLDI Paolo; VALENTOVA Michaela
JRC618792011The European GreenBuilding Projects Catalogue - January 2006-June 2010BERTOLDI Paolo; SANCHIS HUERTAS Ana
JRC927742014The European GreenBuilding Projects Catalogue 2014BERTOLDI PAOLO; CUNIBERTI Barbara; DE LUCA Andrea
JRC782932013The European GreenBuilding Projects Catalogue July 2011– August 2012BERTOLDI PAOLO; CUNIBERTI Barbara
JRC695992012The European GreenBuilding Projects Catalogue June 2010-October 2011BERTOLDI PAOLO; CUNIBERTI Barbara
JRC898892014The European GreenBuilding: Projects Catalogue: September 2012– December 2013BERTOLDI PAOLO; CUNIBERTI Barbara; DE LUCA Andrea
JRC623172011The European GreenLight Programme - Efficient Lighting Project Implementation - Catalogue 2005-2009BERTOLDI Paolo; CUNIBERTI Barbara
JRC695982012The European GreenLight Programme - Efficient Lighting Project Implementation - Catalogue 2010BERTOLDI PAOLO; ELLE Marion