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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC324052006Full-Scale PsD Testing of the Torsionally Unbalanced SPEAR Structure in the 'As-Built' and Retrofitted ConfigurationsMOLA Elena; NEGRO PAOLO
JRC282952005FULLSPECTRUM, a New PV Wave of more Efficient Use of the Solar Spectrum.LUQUE A.; MARTI A.; BETT A.; ANDREEV V.m.; JAUSSAUD C.; VAN ROOSMALEN J.; ALONSO J.; RAEUBER A.; STROBL G.; STOLZ W., et al
JRC317252005Fullspectrum: A New PV Wave of More Efficient Use of Solar SpectrumLUQUE Antonio; KENNY ROBERT
JRC654742011Functional analysis of the integration host factor site of the sigma54 Pu promoter of Pseudomonas putida by in vivo UV imprintingVALLS Marc; SILVA-ROCHA Rafael; CASES Ildefonso; MUNOZ-PINEIRO MARIA AMALIA; DE LORENZO Victor
JRC438512008Functional Food in the European UnionSTEIN Alexander Jivraj; RODRIGUEZ CEREZO EMILIO
JRC661542011Functional integration for the observation webSCHADE SVEN; OSTERMANN FRANK; SPINSANTI LAURA
JRC362652006Functional Machine Vision Utilizing Full-Field Low-Coherence InterferometryEGAN Patrick
JRC320822006Functional Micropatterned Surfaces by Combination of Plasma Polymerization and Lift-Off ProcessesBRETAGNOL FREDERIC; CERIOTTI LAURA; LEJEUNE Michael; PAPADOPOULOU ANDRI; HASIWA MARINA; GILLILAND DOUGLAS; CECCONE GIACOMO; COLPO Pascal; ROSSI FRANCOIS
JRC612072010Functionality of Porous Silicon Particles: Surface Modification for Biomedical ApplicationsGALLACH D.; RECIO SÁNCHEZA G.; MUNOZ NOVALA A.; MANSO SILVAN Miguel; CECCONE Giacomo; MARTÍN PALMAA R.j.; TORRES COSTA V.; MARTÍNEZ DUART J.m.
JRC550672010Functionality of Porous Silicon Particles; Surface Modification for Biomedical ApplicationsGALLACH D.; RECIO SÁNCHEZ G.; MUÑOZ NOVAL Alvaro; MANSO SILVAN Miguel; CECCONE Giacomo; MARTÍN PALMAA R.j.; TORRES COSTA V.; MARTÍNEZ DUART J.m.
JRC828622013Functionalized NaA nanozeolites as carriers for alpha emitting radionuclides.PIOTROWSKA A; LESZCZUK Edyta; BRUCHERTSEIFER Frank; MORGENSTERN Alfred; BILEWICZ Aleksander
JRC808262013Functionalized NaA Nanozeolites Labeled with 224,225Ra for Targeted Alpha TherapyAGATA Piotrowska; EDYTA Leszczuk; BRUCHERTSEIFER Frank; MORGENSTERN Alfred; BILEWICZ Aleksander
JRC422482008Functionally Distinct Nucleosome-free Regions in Yeast Require Rad7 and Rad16 for Nucleotide Excision RepairLETTIERI TERESA; KRAEHENBÜHL Rolf; CAPIAGHI Christoph; LIVINGSTONE-ZATCHEJ Magdalena; THOMA Fritz
JRC166551999The Functioning and Status of the EC's Major Accident Reporting System on Industrial Accidents.KIRCHSTEIGER Christian
JRC75081990The Functions and the Structure of Systems for Computer Supported Cooperative WorkENDRIZZI Adriano; RUGELJ Joze
JRC585302010Functions of LiBH4 in the Hydrogen Sorption Reactions of 2LiH-Mg(NH2)2 SystemHU Jianjiang; HOELZEL Markus; FICHTNER Maximilan; WEIDNER Eveline
JRC647312011Fund experiments on atmospheric hazardsGALMARINI Stefano; STOHL Andreas; WOTTAWA Gerhard
JRC754772013Fungal infections of rice, wheat, and grape in Europe in 2030–2050BREGAGLIO Simone; DONATELLI Marcello; CONFALONIERI Roberto
JRC379592007Further Development of Laser System for Design Verification Inside and Outside Nuclear FacilitiesSEQUEIRA VITOR; BOSTROEM Gunnar; FIOCCO MARCO; GONCALVES JOAO; POIRIER Stéphanie; WISHARD Bernard
JRC491672008Further Development of the ENSEMBLE SystemGALMARINI Stefano; BIANCONI Roberto; POTEMPSKI Slawomir