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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC853002013Fuzzy Logic and Panel Logistic Models for EU Smart Specialisation StrategiesDEL SORBO MARIA; BORBON GALVEZ Yari
JRC56421988Fuzzy Measures of Uncertainty for Evaluating Non-Destructive Crack InspectionLUCIA Alfredo; VOLTA Giuseppe; GARRIBBA Sergio; SERVISA Andrea
JRC550272010Fuzzy-logic based procedures for GMO AnalysisBELLOCCHI Gianni; SAVINI Cristian; VAN DEN BULCKE MARC; MAZZARA Marco; VAN DEN EEDE Guy
JRC473092010Fuzzy-logic based strategy for validation of multiplex methods: example with qualitative GMO assaysBELLOCCHI Gianni; BERTHOLET Vincent; HAMELS Sandrine; MOENS William; REMACLE José; VAN DEN EEDE Guy
JRC837272013G-tech supports a Common Agriculture Policy in EuropeLOUDJANI Philippe
JRC1062642017G3 Multi-constellation and FDE Synergies for GNSS Navigation in Signal Degraded ScenariosGIOIA CIRO; BORIO DANIELE
JRC926452014The gabbro and serpentinized peridotite of Bonassola (Bracco-Levanto ophiolite, Italy) – An extremely low natural radiation area to improve in situ gamma spectrometryBRAGA Roberto; CINELLI GIORGIA
JRC867272014Gadoid dynamics: differing perceptions when contrasting stock vs. population trends and its implications to managementHOLMES STEVEN; MILLAR COLIN PEARSON; FRYER Rob J.; WRIGHT Peter
JRC149531997The Gadolinium(III) Chelate of 1-oxa-4,7,10-triazacyclododecane-4,7,10-triacetic Acid. Formation of Polymeric Chains in the Solid State and Relaxivity Properties.SPIRLET M.r.; REBIZANT Jean; WANG X.; JIN T.; GILSOUL C.; COMBLIN V.; MATON F.; MULLER R.n.; DESREUX J.f.
JRC640472011GAEC implementation in the EU: situation and perspectivesANGILERI Vincenzo; LOUDJANI Philippe; SERAFINI Francesco
JRC147901998Gain Stabilisation of Gas-Flow Proportional Counters.DENECKE Bruno willi heinrich; GROSSE Gustav werner; SZABO T.
JRC894332014The Galaxy Serpent Exercise: Methodology, Experience and Findings of the Institute for Transuranium ElementsWALLENIUS Maria; VARGA ZSOLT; MAYER Klaus
JRC893862015A Galileo IOV Assessment: Measurement and Position DomainGIOIA CIRO; BORIO DANIELE; ANGRISANO Antonio; GAGLIONE Salvatore; FORTUNY GUASCH Joaquim
JRC984462016Galileo: the added value for integrity in harsh environmentsBORIO DANIELE; GIOIA Ciro
JRC883952014The game of trading jobs for emissionsARTO OLAIZOLA IGNACIO; RUEDA CANTUCHE JOSE; ANDREONI Valeria; MONGELLI IGNAZIO; GENTY Aurelien
JRC611872010The Gamma Efficiency of the GAINS SpectrometerDELEANU D.; BORCEA Catalin; DESSAGNE Philippe; KERVENO M.; NEGRET A.; PLOMPEN Arjan; THIRY J.-C.
JRC364552007Gamma Production Cross Sections for Inelastic Scattering and (n,2n) ReactionsPLOMPEN ARJAN
JRC126061996Gamma Spectrometry of Spent Nuclear Fuel Using a Miniature CdTe DetectorABBAS Kamel; NICOLAOU George; PELLOTTIERO Didier; SCHWALBACH P.; KOCH Lothar winfried
JRC740912012GAMMA-1: Emission of prompt gamma-rays in fission and related topicsOBERSTEDT Stephan
JRC738662012Gamma-ray measurements with LaBr3: Ce detectors - thinking outside the boxOBERSTEDT A.; BILLNERT ROBERT; OBERSTEDT Stephan