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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC319702006Findings of the DECLIMS Project - Detection and Classification of Marine Traffic from SpaceVAN WIMERSMA GREIDANUS HERMAN; KOURTI NAOUMA
JRC51071988Fine Coal Desulfurization by Leaching with Bromine Containing Hydrobromic AcidSERRINI Giorgio; SCHUETZ Guenther
JRC117511995Fine Particle Generation in Thermal Plasma for Resuspension Studies in the STORM ProjectHUMMEL Rudolf; BACHLER Johann
JRC977792015Fingerprint identification technology for its implementation in the Schengen Information System II (SIS-II)BESLAY Laurent; GALBALLY HERRERO JAVIER; NORDVIK Jean Pierre
JRC851452013Fingerprint Recognition for ChildrenSCHUMACHER Guenter
JRC611452010Finite Element Analysis on the Meppen Slab Tests - Modelling Approach & First ResultsMARTIN Oliver; CENTRO Vincent; SCHWOERTZIG Thierry
JRC660862012Finite element analysis on the Meppen-II-4 Slab TestMARTIN Oliver; CENTRO Vincent; SCHWOERTZIG Thierry
JRC676842012Finite Element Analysis on the VTT-IRSN Flexural Failure TestMARTIN Oliver; CENTRO Vincent; SCHWOERTZIG Thierry
JRC481532009Finite Element Modelling of the One Meter Drop Test on a Steel Bar for the CASTOR CaskJAKSIC Nikola; NILSSON Karl-Fredrik
JRC772382012Finite element models of progressive failure of grain boundariesUPLAZNIK Mihaela Irina; CIZELJ Leon; SIMONOVSKI IGOR
JRC336752006Finite Element Simulation of a Welding in Pipes: A Sensitivity AnalysisOHMS CARSTEN; YOUTSOS Anastasius; KATSAREAS D.
JRC158671998Finite Element theory for Curved and Twisted Beams on Basis Exact Solutions for Three-Dimensional Solids. Part 1. Beam Concept and Geometrically Exact Nonlinear Formulation.PETROV E.; GERADIN Michel
JRC160051998Finite Element Theory for Curved and Twisted Beams on Exact Solutions for Three-dimensional Solids. Part 2: An Isotropic and Advanced Beam Models.GERADIN Michel; PETROV E.
JRC335442006Finite Element Variational Formulation for Bending Elements with and without DiscontinuitiesJUAREZ Gelacio; AYALA Gustavo; CASADEI FOLCO
JRC494022009Finite-State Methods and Natural Language ProcessingPISKORSKI Jakub; WATSON Bruce; YLI-JYRA Anssi
JRC361312006Fino a che età le Foreste Accumulano Carbonio?GRASSI GIACOMO
JRC568522010Fire Activity Inside and Outside Protected Areas in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Continental Analysis of Fire and its Implications for Biodiversity and Land ManagementPALUMBO ILARIA; GREGOIRE Jean-Marie; SIMONETTI Dario; PUNGA Mihkel; DUBOIS Gregoire
JRC937932015Fire evolution in the radioactive forests of Ukraine and Belarus: future risks for the population and the environmentEVANGELIOU Nikolaos; BALKANSKI Yves; COZIC A.; HAO Wei Min; MOUILLOT D.; THONICKE K; PAUGAM Ronan; ZIBTSEV Sergiy; MOUSSEAU T.a.; WANG T., et al
JRC314042005Fire Hot Spot Areas in Southern Europe - Detection of Large-Scale Wildland Fire Occurrence Patterns by Adaptive Kernel Density InterpolationALLGOEWER Britta; CAMIA ANDREA; FRANCESETTI Annalisa; KOUTSIAS Nikos
JRC643072013Fire in the air biomass burning impacts in a changing climateKEYWOOD Melita; KANAKIDOU M.; STOHL Andreas; DENTENER Franciscus; GRASSI Giacomo; MEYER C.p.; TORSETH K.; EDWARDS David; THOMPSON Anne M.; LOHMANN Ulrike, et al