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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC859092014Face Anti-Spoofing Based on General Image Quality AssessmentGALBALLY HERRERO JAVIER; MARCEL Sebastien
JRC887872014Face recognition on Android smartphonesRANA Antonia; CIARDULLI ANDREA
JRC687032012Facilitating an area-based development approach in rural regions in the Western BalkansSANTINI Fabien; SARAVIA MATUS SILVIA; LOUWAGIE Geertrui; GURI Gert; BOGDANOV Natalija; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio
JRC914572015Facilitating an entrepreneurial discovery process for smart specialisation. The case of PolandMIESZKOWSKI KRZYSZTOF; KARDAS Marcin
JRC819222013Facilitating assessments of alien invasions in the Mediterranean: the European Alien Species Information Network (EASIN)KATSANEVAKIS STYLIANOS MARIOS; SUMARES DA CRUZ NUNES ANA LUISA; TROMBETTI MARCO; DERIU IVAN; CARDOSO Ana
JRC912602014Facilitating EU-Russian Scientific and Societal Engagement: Joint Efforts to Tackle Grand ChallengesSOKOLOV Alexander; HAEGEMAN Karel; SPIESBERGER Manfred; BODEN John Mark
JRC888472014Facilitating innovation in European research area through pre-competitive EU-funded COST ActionsRAKHMATULLIN RUSLAN; BRENNAN Louis
JRC486812009Facilitating Reliability and Traceability of Measurement Results in Laboratory Medicine by Certified Reference MaterialsTOUSSAINT Brigitte; SCHIMMEL Heinz; EMONS Hendrik
JRC58071988Facilities for Testing Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Films in the JRC-IspraGISSLER Wolfram; HAUPT Justus
JRC340802006A Facility for Hydrogen Sensors Characterization and TestingSALYK Ota; CASTELLO PAOLO; HARSKAMP FREDERIK
JRC260492004Facility for Neutron Multiplicity Measurements in Fission.DUSHIN V. n.; HAMBSCH F.-j.; JAKOVLEV V.a.; KALININ V.a.; KRAEV I.s.; LAPTEV A.-b.; NIKOLAEV D.v.; PETROV B. f.; PETROV G.-a.; PETROVA V.i., et al
JRC528792009Facing decoupling: use of payments and investment reaction to decoupling in the EUVIAGGI Davide; RAGGI Meri; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio
JRC694852012Facing the Future: Scanning, Synthesizing and Sense-Making in Horizon ScanningKONNOLA Totti; SALO Ahti; CAGNIN Cristiano; CARABIAS Vicente; VILKKUMAA Eeva
JRC363432007Facing the Future: Strategies and Investment Behaviour of Polish FarmersGOMEZ Y PALOMA SERGIO; MAJEWSKI E.; RAGGI Meri; VIAGGI Davide
JRC568732010Facing the Future: Time for the EU to meet Global ChallengesBODEN John Mark; CAGNIN CRISTIANO; CARABIAS BARCELO VICENTE; HAEGEMAN Karel; KÖNNÖLÄ Timo-Topias Totti
JRC972722015Fact sheet: the Global Forest Trade Model (GFTM) in the Bioeconomy modelling frameworkRINALDI FRANCESCA; JONSSON KLAS; SAN-MIGUEL-AYANZ Jesus
JRC586012010Factor content of bilateral trade: the role of firm heterogeneity and transaction costsKANCS D'ARTIS; CIAIAN Pavel
JRC674152012The factor content of heterogeneous firm tradeKANCS D'ARTIS; CIAIAN PAVEL
JRC561472009The Factor Content of Heterogeneous Firm TradeKANCS D'ARTIS; CIAIAN Pavel
JRC376922007Factor Mapping and MetamodellingRATTO MARCO; PAGANO ANDREA; YOUNG PETER