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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC210142001Estimation of the Minimum Uncertainty of DNA Concentration in a Genetically Modified Maize Sample Candidate Certified Reference Material.PROKISCH Joszef; ZELENY R.; TRAPMANN Stefanie; LE GUERN L.; SCHIMMEL Heinz; KRAMER Gerard nico; PAUWELS Jean
JRC208562001Estimation of the Standard Entropies of Some Am(III) and Cm(III) Compounds.KONINGS R. j. m.
JRC199972000Estimation of the Uncertainty of CRMs in Accordance with GUM. Application to the Certification of Four Enzyme CRMs.LINSINGER T.; PAUWELS Jean; SCHIMMEL Heinz; LAMBERTY Andre; VAN DER VEEN A.; SCHUMANN Gerhard; SIEKMANN Lothar
JRC680552011Estimation of trade flows related to export-controlled dual-use items. Data sources, methodology and toolsVERSINO Cristina; COJAZZI Giacomo
JRC126971995Estimation of Tropical Forest Area from Coarse Spatial Resolution Data. A Two-Step Correction Function for Proportional Errors Due to Spatial Aggregation.MAYAUX Philippe; LAMBIN Eric f.
JRC463672008Estimation of Vegetation LAI from Hyperspectral Reflectance Data: Effects of Soil Type and Plant ArchitectureDARVISHZADEH Roshanak; SKIDMORE Andrew; ATZBERGER CLEMENT; VAN WIEREN Sip
JRC617632010Estimation of Water Fluxes Into the Mediterranean SeaBOURAOUI Faycal; GRIZZETTI B.; ALOE ALBERTO
JRC796002013Estimation of Water Requirements by Livestock in EuropeMUBAREKA Sarah; MAES JOACHIM; LAVALLE Carlo; DE ROO Arie
JRC82081991Estimations of Aqueous Solubility from n-Octanol/Water Partition Coefficients Analysed by the Bootstrap MethodKARCHER Walter; HALFON Efraim; ALTSCHUH Joachim; BRUEGGEMANN Rainer
JRC686102011Estimations of isoprenoid emission capacity from enclosure studies: measurements, data processing, quality and standardized measurement protocolsNIINEMETS U.; KUHN U.; C. HARLEY P; STAUDT M.; ARNETH A.; CESCATTI Alessandro; CICCIOLI P.; COPOLOVICI L.; GERON C.; Guenther A., et al
JRC691182013Estimators of discards using fishing effort as auxiliary information with an application to Iberian hake (Merluccius merluccius) exploited by the Portuguese trawl fleetsGAMITO JARDIM JOSÉ ERNESTO; FERNANDES Ana Cláudia
JRC176661997Etching of Boron Nitride in R.F. Plasmas.SCHAFFNIT Catherine; THOMAS Laurent; ROSSI Francois
JRC982472016The Etesians: from observations to reanalysisDAFKA Styliani; XOPLAKI Elena; TORETI ANDREA; ZANIS Prodromos; TYRLIS Evangelos; ZEREFOS C.; LUTERBACHER Juerg
JRC153191998ETEX: A European Tracer Experiment; Observations, Dispersion Modelling and Emergency Response.VAN DOP H.; ADDIS R.; FRASER G.; GIRARDI Francesco; GRAZIANI Giovanni; INOUE Y.; KLUG Werner; KULMALA A.; NODOP Katrin; PRETEL J.
JRC360952006Ethical and Legislative Issues with Regard to Ambient IntelligenceDELAITRE Sabine; KEMPPAINEN Erkki; ABASCAL Julio; GIOVANNINI Chiara; SOEDE Mathijs; ALLEN Bob
JRC212652001Ethical Investment. What is it, and what are the Implications for Industry Funding of Research into Alternatives?COMBES Robert d.; BALLS Michael
JRC931622014Ethics dialogues. Experiencing Ethics through ‘things’: Open IoT, Civil Drones and Wearable SensorsBOUCHER PHILIP; FIGUEIREDO DO NASCIMENTO SUSANA; VESNIC ALUJEVIC LUCIA; MARTINHO GUIMARAES PIRES PEREIRA Angela
JRC894052014The Ethics of Forgetting and Remembering in the Digital World through the Eye of the MediaMARTINHO GUIMARAES PIRES PEREIRA Angela; VESNIC ALUJEVIC LUCIA; GHEZZI Alessia
JRC873962014The Ethics of Memory in a Digital Age: Interrogating the Right to be ForgottenSZKELY Ivan; HOSKINS Andrew; DE ANDRADE Norberto; DE TERWANGNE Cécile; KOOPS Bert Jaap; KORENHOF Paulan; BRIGHINI Daniela; VAN HOBOKEN Joris V.j.; BREEMEEN Vicky; MARTINHO GUIMARAES PIRES PEREIRA Angela, et al
JRC857642013Ethics of Social Networks for Special Needs Users - EditorialRIZZA Caroline; MARTINHO GUIMARAES PIRES PEREIRA Angela