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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC505082008Expected Mean in an Environmental Noise Measurement and its Related UncertaintyPAVIOTTI Marco; KEPHALOPOULOS Stylianos
JRC335772006Experience and Lessons Learned on NPP Maintenance Optimization in EuropeBIETH MICHEL; PLA Patricia; RIEG Claude; SCHOELS Hubert; RANGUELOVA VESSELINA
JRC931652015Experience feedback for safer outage planningPEINADOR VEIRA MIGUEL; EL KANBI SAMIR; STEPHAN Jean-Luc; MARTENS Johannes
JRC920262015Experience Feedback from Nuclear CogenerationAURIAULT Camille; FUETTERER Michael; BAUDRAND Olivier
JRC550452009The experience of Environmental Impact Assessment of marine harbours in Estonia: legal aspects, methods used and main outcomesJAERVIK A.; RAID Tiit
JRC676362011Experience with Nuclear Inspector Training at JRC, IspraBERNDT Reinhard; MORTREAU Patricia
JRC729842012Experience with Small Punch (SP) Creep Testing at the JRC since the launch of the CEN Code of PracticeHURST Roger christopher; TURBA KRYSTOF; BLAGOEVA Darina; HAEHNER Peter
JRC792162013Experiences and issues with the implementation of microscreen multilevel groundwater samplers in glaciofluvial aquifers in Southern NorwayKRACHT OLIVER; DAGESTAD Atle
JRC954552015Experiences from Large Scale Testing of Systems using Biometric Technologies. ERNCIP thematic group - Applied Biometrics for CIP. Deliverable: Experiences from Large Scale Testing of Systems using Biometric Technologies Task 2WAGGETT Peter
JRC376192007Experiences in Analysis of Pressures and Impacts from Agriculture on Water Resources and Developing a Related Programme of Measures - Report of the Pilot River Basin Group on Agriculture, Phase II September 2005-December 2006CHERLET MICHAEL
JRC780042013Experiences in Uranium Abundance Analysis Using the MTE MethodologyBLACK CLAUDIE KATE; ZULEGER Evelyn; HORTA DOMENECH Joan; VARGAS ZUNIGA Martin
JRC785932012Experiences on Integrated Personal Health Systems—evidence from eight European countriesLLUCH MARIA
JRC314492005Experiences with the NUSAP System for Multidimensional Uncertainty AssessmentCRAYE MATTHIEU; FUNTOWICZ SILVIO
JRC463372009Experiencias de gestion de riesgos y crisis en la Union Europea (Experiences of Risk and Crises Management in the EU)BIELZA DIAZ-CANEJA MARIA; CONTE COSTANZA; DITTMANN Christoph; GALLEGO PINILLA FRANCISCO; STROBLMAIR Josef
JRC518162009Experimental Analysis of 3.5 GHz WiMAX 802.16e Interference in WiMedia-defined UWB Radio TransmissionsLLORENTE Roberto; ZEISBERG Sven; PIESIEWICZ Radoslaw; BISWAS Abdur Rahim; COTTON Michael; FUEHRER Detlef; BUCAILLE Isabelle; SELVA Bruno; PEREZ Joaquin; BELTRAN Marta, et al
JRC523142009Experimental analysis of the interference from WiMAX 802.16d and WiMAX 802.16e to WiMedia UWB communication linksBALDINI Gianmarco; FUEHRER Detlef
JRC312822005Experimental Analysis of the Shear Transfer Mechanism in a Composite Bridge Beam Manufactured from Advanced Polymer CompositesGUTIERREZ TENREIRO EUGENIO
JRC552262010Experimental and ab Initio Volume Compressibility Curves of NpCoGa5HEATHMAN Stephen; HEINES P.; SURBLE SUZY; GRIVEAU Jean-Christophe; MAGNANI Nicola; CACIUFFO Roberto; ELGAZZAR S.; OPPENEER P. M.
JRC282942004Experimental and Computational Validation of BDTPS Using a Heterogeneous Boron Phantom.DAQUINO Giuseppe; CERULLO N.; MAZZINI M.; MOSS Raymond lloyd; MUZI L.