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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC524552009European List of Notified Chemical Substances - In support of Directive 92/32/EEC, the 7th amendment to Directive 67/548/EECBARAIBAR FENTANES Joaquin; OLSSON Heidi; SOKULL-KLUETTGEN Birgit
JRC270682004European Manufacturing in Transition - the Challenge of Sustainable Development: Four Scenarios 2015-2020.GEYER Anton; SCAPOLO Fabiana
JRC685812012The European map of indoor radon concentrations: status and questions of quality assuranceBOSSEW Peter; GRUBER VALERIA; TOLLEFSEN Tore; DE CORT Marc
JRC774392012A European map of living forest biomass and carbon stock - Executive reportBARREDO CANO JOSE IGNACIO; SAN-MIGUEL-AYANZ Jesus; CAUDULLO GIOVANNI; BUSETTO LORENZO
JRC694792013The European map of the geogenic radon potentialGRUBER VALERIA; BOSSEW Peter; DE CORT Marc; TOLLEFSEN Tore
JRC378622008The European Marginal and Enclosed Seas: an OverviewBARALE VITTORIO
JRC420552008European Measurement Comparison of 137Cs, 40K and 90Sr in Milk PowderSPASOVA YANA; WAETJEN UWE; ALTZITZOGLOU TIMOTHEOS
JRC446892008European Measurement Comparisons of Environmental RadioactivityWAETJEN UWE
JRC896422014European meteorological data: contribution to research, development and policy supportBIAVETTI Irene; KARETSOS SOTIRIOS; CEGLAR ANDREJ; TORETI ANDREA; PANAGOS Panagiotis
JRC586932010European Methodology for Inspection Qualification - An Overview for the Non-specialistKELSEY Peter; SELDIS Thomas; GANDOSSI Luca
JRC379082007European Methodology for Qualification of Non-destrutive Testing (Third Issue)SELDIS THOMAS; ERIKSSON ARNE
JRC1008802016European Module for Crisis Management A Crisis Room on the field Design of a ready-to-deploy mobile module for Crisis ManagementGALLIANO Daniele
JRC581362010The European Motor Challenge Programme - Evaluation 2003-2009BERTOLDI Paolo; ELLE Marion
JRC581372010The European Motor Challenge Programme Catalogue 2003 to 2009BERTOLDI Paolo; ELLE Marion
JRC665982011European Nanometrology 2020BURKE Theresa; LEACH Richard; BOYD Robert; GEE Mark; ROY D.; YACOOT Andrew; DANZEBRINK H.-U.; DZIOMBA Thorsten; KOENDERS Ludger; DEPERO Laura, et al
JRC838222013The European network for inspection and qualification (ENIQ)MARTIN Oliver; MARTIN Etienne; BOOLER R.; WALKER Tony
JRC236372003A European Network for Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy: EMIR.JEHENSON Pierre; LEWINGTON V.; FALLAIS C.; LARTIGAU E.; GUIDEZ Joel
JRC281632004European Network of GMO Laboratories Activity ReportSPERONI Rossella; VAN DEN EEDE Guy louis marie
JRC998352015European Network of GMO Laboratories: Working Group “Seed Testing” (WG-ST): Working Group ReportHOCHEGGER Rupert; BASSANI NICCOLO; BELTER Anke; GOERLICH Ottmar; GROHMANN Lutz; KREYSA JOACHIM; DE LOOSE Marc; MAZZARA Marco; MACARTHUR Roy; PERRI Elena, et al
JRC417192007The European Network of National Air Quality Reference Laboratories (AQUILA): Its Roles and ActivitiesFRÖHLICH Marina; PFEFFER Ulrich; BOROWIAK ANNETTE; KOBE Andrej; WOODS Peter; MARELLI LUISA