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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC955902015EU agricultural domestic support in GTAP: a proposal for an alternative approachBOULANGER PIERRE; PHILIPPIDIS GEORGE; JENSEN Hans Grinsted
JRC527332009EU Agricultural Trade Relations with Asian CountriesABLER David; BANSE Martin; KUIPER Marijke; ROZA Pim; SANTUCCIO Federica
JRC157041997The EU and the Mediterranean Region : a Future Dilemma?BONAZZI Matteo
JRC150661997EU and the Mediterranean Region. A Future Dilemma?BONAZZI Matteo
JRC906492014EU assistance to Ukraine in the last ten yearsBATANDJIEVA BORISLAVA; FARRAR Brian; DAURES Pascal; MAIER Eddie
JRC1003572016The EU bio-based industry: Results from a SurveyNATRASS Lucy; BIGGS Clifford; BAUEN Ausilio; PARISI CLAUDIA; RODRIGUEZ CEREZO Emilio; GOMEZ BARBERO Manuel
JRC584882010EU Biofuel Policies: What are the Effects on Agricultural Markets?KAVALLARI AIKATERINI; GAY Stephan
JRC917052015The EU Budget Battle: Assessing the Trade and Welfare Impacts of CAP Budgetary ReformBOULANGER PIERRE; PHILIPPIDIS GEORGE
JRC1018952015EU Clearinghouse Activities on Operating Experience FeedbackBALLESTEROS AVILA ANTONIO; PEINADOR VEIRA MIGUEL; HEITSCH MATTHIAS
JRC663722011EU Clearinghouse for NPP OEFMUEHLEISEN ARTUR
JRC602192010EU Clearinghouse on NPP OEF Summary Report on Fuel Related EventsMARTIN RAMOS MANUEL
JRC567412011EU Clearinghouse on Operational Events for Nuclear Power Plants - Analysis of Fuel Related EventsMARTIN RAMOS MANUEL; NOEL MARC; BRUYNOOGHE Christiane; ZERGER BENOÎT
JRC582012010EU Clearinghouse on Operational Events for Nuclear Power Plants - International Operational Experience on In-Core Fuel Related EventsMARTIN RAMOS MANUEL; NOEL MARC; BRUYNOOGHE Christiane
JRC1060392017EU Code of Conduct on Energy Consumption of Broadband Equipment: Version 6BERTOLDI PAOLO
JRC335732006The EU Codes of Conduct: What Have They Achieved and What are the Challenges?BERTOLDI PAOLO; HARRISON Robert; SIDERIUS Hans Paul; DALE Ken; JAEKEL Michael
JRC1041012016EU commodity market development: Medium-term agricultural outlookCHATZOPOULOS THOMAS; FELLMANN THOMAS; JENSEN HANS
JRC1094512017EU commodity market development: Medium-term agricultural outlook. Proceedings of the October 2017 workshop.PEREZ DOMINGUEZ IGNACIO; FELLMANN THOMAS; CHATZOPOULOS THOMAS; PIERALLI SIMONE; JENSEN HANS; BARREIRO HURLE JESUS; MICALE FABIO
JRC1080432017EU Competitiveness in Advanced Li-ion Batteries for E-Mobility and Stationary Storage Applications – Opportunities and ActionsSTEEN MARC; LEBEDEVA NATALIA; DI PERSIO FRANCO; BRETT LOIS
JRC627022010EU Crisis Management: uitagingen en oplossingenAL KHUDHAIRY Delilah; DE ROO Arie; ANNUNZIATO Alessandro; VAN DER GOOT Erik; DE GROEVE Tom; LINGE Jens