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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC412182007Foresight on Biopharmaceuticals: Designing Foresight Methods for Spanish BiopharmaceuticalGUTIERREZ DE MESA Emma; MUÑOZ Emilio
JRC652692011Foresight tackling societal challenges: Impacts and implications on policy-makingKONNOLA Totti; SCAPOLO Fabiana; DESRUELLE Paul; MU Rongping
JRC121841996Forest Classification of Southeast Asia Using NOAA AVHRR DataACHARD Frederic; ESTREGUIL Christine mary
JRC892332014Forest conversion to poplar plantation in a Lombardy floodplain (Italy): effects on soil carbon stockFERRE Chiara; COMOLLI Roberto; LEIP Adrian; SEUFERT Guenther
JRC346512007Forest Cover and Pattern Changes in the Carpathians over the Last DecadesKOZAK Jacek Wladyslaw; ESTREGUIL CHRISTINE; VOGT PETER
JRC220532001Forest Cover Change Assessment at the Pan-Tropical Scale Using Earth Observation Satellite Data.STIBIG H.-j.; ACHARD Frederic; EVA Hugh douglas; MAYAUX Philippe; RICHARDS Tim
JRC382212007Forest Cover Change in Southeast Asia - Regional Change PatternSTIBIG HANS-JURGEN; STOLLE Fred; DENNIS Rona; FELDKOETTER Christoph
JRC285022004Forest Cover Changes in the Carpathians over the Last Decades.KOZAK Jacek; ESTREGUIL Christine mary; VOGT Peter
JRC435002007Forest Cover Changes in the Northern Carpathians in the 20th Century: A Slow TransitionKOZAK Jacek; ESTREGUIL CHRISTINE; TROLL Mateus
JRC706042012Forest Cover Changes in Tropical South and Central America from 1990 to 2005 and Related Carbon Emissions and RemovalsEVA Hugh; ACHARD Frederic; BEUCHLE Rene'; DE MIRANDA Evaristo Eduardo; SELIGER Roman; VOLLMAR MICHAEL; HOLLER Wilson Anderson; OSHIRO Osvaldo Tadatomo; BARRENA ARROYO Victor; GALLEGO PINILLA Francisco, et al
JRC228252001Forest Cover Monitoring in the Humid Tropics.ACHARD Frederic; EVA Hugh douglas; MAYAUX Philippe; STIBIG H.-j.
JRC235572003Forest Cover of Insular Southeast Asia Mapped from Recent Satellite Images of Coarse Spatial Resolution.STIBIG H.-j.; MALINGREAU Jean-paul
JRC272922002Forest Cover Type Mapping in Central Spain with IRS-WiFS Images and Multiextent Textural-Contextual Measures.SAURA S.; SAN MIGUEL AYANZ Jesus
JRC778342012Forest Fire Damage in Natura 2000 sites 2000-2012SAN-MIGUEL-AYANZ Jesus; DURRANT Tracy; BOCA Roberto; CAMIA Andrea
JRC859432014Forest fire danger projections in the Mediterranean using ENSEMBLES regional climate change scenariosBEDIA Joaquin; HERRERA Sixto; CAMIA Andrea; MORENO Jose Manuel; GUTIERREZ Jose Manuel
JRC201992000Forest Fire Monitoring and Mapping. A Component of global Observation of Forest Cover. Report of a WorkshopAHERN Frank; GREGOIRE Jean-marie; JUSTICE Christopher
JRC628562010Forest FiresSAN-MIGUEL-AYANZ Jesus; CAMIA Andrea
JRC844232014Forest Fires and Adaptation Options in EuropeKHABAROV Nikolay; KRASOVSKII Andrey; OBERSTEINER Michael; SWART Rob; DOSIO Alessandro; SAN-MIGUEL-AYANZ Jesus; DURRANT Tracy; CAMIA Andrea; MIGLIAVACCA M.
JRC551462009Forest Fires at a Glance: Facts, Figures and Trends in the EUSAN-MIGUEL-AYANZ Jesus; CAMIA Andrea