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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC158521997Examination of Samples from a Simulated Reactor Accident (Phebus FP FPT0 Test).BOTTOMLEY Paul david william; STALIOS Achilleas; GLATZ Jean paul; SAETMARK Birgit; COQUERELLE Michel clement
JRC712942012Examination of the Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) model performance over the North American and European domainsAPPEL Wyat; CHAMEL Charles; RESELLE Shawn; RONG-MING H; RAO St; GALMARINI Stefano; Sokhi Ranjeet S.; FRANCIS X.v.
JRC81931991Examination of the Defects of the Ispra Vessel ADUGUE C.
JRC958582015Examination of the irradiated mixed carbide and nitride fuels as part of their safety evaluationBOTTOMLEY Paul; PAPAIOANNOU Dimitrios; NASYROW Ramil; DE WEERD Wim; RONDINELLA Vincenzo
JRC188892000Examination of the Performance Exhibited by a High Resolution Magnetic Sector ICPMS for uranium isotope Abundance Ratio Measurements over almost 2 orders of magnitude and down to pg.g-1 Amount Content Level.QUETEL Christophe; PROHASKA T.; HAMESTER Meike; KERL Wolfgang; TAYLOR P.d.p.
JRC264672004Examination of the Plenum and Deposition Coupon of the PHEBUS FPT4 Test by Scanning Electron Microscopy and Photoemission Spectroscopy.BOTTOMLEY Paul david william; GOUDER Thomas; HUBER F.; PAPAIOANNOU Dimitrios; PELLOTTIERO Didier
JRC77791991Examination of Thermal Detonation Codes and Included Fragmentation Models by Means of Triggered Propagation Experiments in a Tin/Water MixtureZEYEN Roland; MUELLER Karl; HOHMANN Hermann; BUERGER M
JRC581412011Examining the Determinants of Olive Oil Demand in Nonproducing Countries: Evidence from Germany and the UKKAVALLARI AIKATERINI; MAAS Sarah; SCHMITZ P. Michael
JRC849322014Examining the possibility of using ratios of element mass fractions as markers for origin determination of soya and canola based biodiesels. Measurement procedure validation to underpin this studyPAREDES Eduardo; CAN Suleyman; QUETEL Christophe
JRC255172003Examining the Potential of Using Remotely Sensed Fire Data to Predict Areas of Rapid Forest Change in South America.EVA Hugh douglas; FRITZ S.
JRC595412011Examining the regulatory value of multi-route mammalian acute systemic toxicity studiesSEIDLE Troy; PRIETO PERAITA Maria Del Pilar; BULGHERONI Anna
JRC51301987Examples of Integrated Use of the ECDIN Data Bank and Development of a Mathematical Model for Behaviour of Xenobiotic Compounds in an Activated Sludge ReactorJACOBSEN B. n.
JRC219862002Examples of quantification in XPS on 5f Materials.GOUDER Thomas; HAVELA L.
JRC960322015Excellence in Cohesion: Exploring Synergies between Smart Specialisation Strategies and Knowledge and Innovation CommunitiesHAEGEMAN Karel; KONNOLA Totti
JRC979502015Excellence mapping: Bibliometric study of the productivity and the impact of scientific publications of the JRC: Mapping of scientific areas and application areas: Volume 1: General analysis and benchmarkingBOBEICA MIHAELA; BORDIN Guy; FEDERICO Grazia; HRISTOVA Mayya; CALENBUHR Vera
JRC984072015Excellence Mapping: Bibliometric study of the productivity and the impact of scientific publications of the JRC: Mapping of scientific areas and application areas: Volume 2: Analysis of the JRC collaborations with world academic institutionsBOBEICA MIHAELA; BORDIN Guy; FEDERICO Grazia; HRISTOVA Mayya; CALENBUHR Vera
JRC735332013Excess heat capacity in liquid binary alkali-fluoride mixturesBEILMANN Markus; BENES ONDREJ; CAPELLI ELISA; REUSCHER Vivien; KONINGS Rudy; FANGHAENEL Thomas
JRC909142015Excess heat capacity of the (Li1-x, Cax )F1+x liquid solution determined by Differential Scanning Calorimetry and drop calorimetryCAPELLI ELISA; BENES ONDREJ; KONINGS Rudy
JRC470742008Excess Properties of the (Ln2-2xCaxThx)(PO4)2 (Ln = La, Ce) Solid SolutionsKONINGS Rudy; WALTER Marcus; POPA Karin
JRC906292014Exchange bias in UO2/Fe3O4 thin films above the Néel temperature of UO2TERESHINA Evgenia; BAO ZHAOHUI; HAVELA L.; DANIS S.; KUEBEL Christian; GOUDER Thomas; CACIUFFO Roberto