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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC330242005Framework to Evaluate the Worth of Hydraulic Conductivity Data for Optimal Groundwater Resources Management in Ecologically Sensitive AreasFEYEN LUC; GORELICK Steven
JRC339542006Framework van standaarden voor de Nederlandse GIISMITS PAUL; BREGT A.; BULENS J.; GROTHE M.; JANSSEN P.; VAN OOSTEROM P.; QUAK W.; REUVERS M.; DE RINK M.
JRC731602012A framework, with embedded FTA, to enable business networks to evolve towards sustainable developmentCAGNIN Cristiano; LOVERIDGE Denis
JRC800752013Framing ICT-enabled Innovation for Learning: the case of one-to-one learning initiatives in EuropeBOCCONI Stefania; KAMPYLIS PANAGIOTIS; PUNIE Yves
JRC798912013Free and Open Source Software underpinning the European Forest Data CentreRODRIGUEZ ASERETTO ROQUE DARIO; DI LEO MARGHERITA; DE RIGO DANIELE; CORTI Paolo; MCINERNEY Daniel; CAMIA Andrea; SAN-MIGUEL-AYANZ Jesus
JRC909642015Free and Open-Access Satellite Data Are Key to Biodiversity ConservationSZANTOI ZOLTAN; TURNER Woody; RONDININI Carlo; PETTORELLI Nathalie; MORA Brice; LEIDNER Allison; BUCHANAN Graeme, M.; DECH S; DWYER John; HEROLD Martin, et al
JRC831252013Free form source representation for a VR dosimetry training applicationMOLTO CARACENA Teofilo; GONCALVES Joao; PEERANI Paolo; VENDRELL VIDAL Eduardo
JRC912802015Free surfaces in open capillary channels - Parallel platesBRONOWICKI P.m.; CANFIELD P.j.; GRAH ALEKSANDER; DREYER M.e.
JRC652202012A free trade agreement between Ukraine and the European Union: potential effects on agricultural markets and farmers' revenuesNEKHAY OLEXANDR; FELLMANN THOMAS; GAY Stephan Hubertus
JRC369622007Freeze-drying for the Stabilisation of Shellfish Toxins in Mussel Tissue (Mytilus Edulis) Reference MaterialMCCARRON Pearse; EMTEBORG HAKAN; HESS Philipp
JRC532592009Frequency Distribution, Isotopic Composition and Physical Characterization of Plutonium-Bearing Particles from the Fig-Quince Zone on Runit Island, Enewetak AtollHAMILTON T. F.; JERNSTROEM J.; MARTINELLI R.e.; KEHL S.r.; ERIKSSON M.; WILLIAMS R.; BIELEWSKI Marek; RIVERS A; BROWN T.a.; TUMEY S.j., et al
JRC564402013Frequency Diverse MIMO Techniques for RadarSAMMARTINO PIER FRANCESCO; BAKER Christopher; GRIFFITHS Hugh
JRC324622006Frequency Effect in Fretting Wear of Co-28Cr-6Mo Versus Ti-6Al-4V Implant AlloysSCHAAFF Petra; HOLZWARTH UWE; DALMIGLIO M.
JRC643162011Frequent and dependent connectivitiesGUEGUEN LIONEL; SOILLE Pierre
JRC230752002Frequent RET Rearrangements in Thyroid Papillary Microcarcinoma Detected by Interphase in situ Hybridization.CORVI Raffaella; MARTINEZ-ALFARO Minerva; ROMEO Giovanni; HARACH H. ruben; ZINI Michele; PAPOTTI Mauro
JRC253592003Fresh Air in the 21st Century?PRATHER Michael; GAUSS M.; BERNTSEN Terje; ISAKSEN Ivar; SUNDET Jostein; BEY Isabelle; BRASSEUR Guy; DENTENER F.; DERWENT Richard; STEVENSON David, et al
JRC206882001Freshwater Contamination in China. Current Topics of Research.GAWLIK Bernd manfred; PLATZER Bernhard; MUNTAU Herbert wilhelm
JRC919972014Friction Coefficient and Mobility Radius of Fractal-Like Aggregates in the Transition RegimeMELAS Anastasios D.; ISELLA LORENZO; KONSTANDOPOULOS A.; DROSSINOS Ioannis
JRC756002012The Friction Coefficient of Fractal Aggregates in the Continuum and Transition RegimesMELAS ANASTASIOS; KONSTANDOPOULOS A.; ISELLA Lorenzo; DROSSINOS Ioannis
JRC487302008From A Large To A Small Scale Soil Map: Top-Down Against Bottom-Up Approaches. Application To The Aisne Soil Map (France)CARRE' Florence; REUTER Hannes I.; DAROUSSIN Joel; SCHEURER Olivier